Video: Bernie Sanders announces plan to prosecute oil execs over climate change

Sen. Bernie Sanders suggested at Wednesday’s Democratic debate that he would consider prosecuting oil companies for supposedly contributing to climate change.

“What we have to do is tell the fossil fuel industry that their short-term profits are not more important than the future of this planet,” the Vermont senator said in response to a back and forth with billionaire Tom Steyer.

Sanders added: “The fossil fuel industry is probably criminally liable, because they have lied and lied and lied when they had the evidence that their carbon products were destroying the planet.”

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11 thoughts on “Video: Bernie Sanders announces plan to prosecute oil execs over climate change

  1. Comrad Sanders has lost his mind, he know wants to prosecute heads of business that our main economy survives on, this guy needs to be locked up himself, and not in prison, but yet an asylum.
    Have it his way, and Bernie would implement gulags across the nation such as his heroes ( Lennin, Stalin, and Hitler ) once did
    Disgraceful and disgusting, Vermonters should be ashamed of allowing this assclown into congress

  2. All,

    Related to below numbers Vermont’s role to reduce CO2 is as if a fly, or a flea, landed on an elephant’s butt.
    It is laughable to the nth degree.

    Make sure to READ THE URL

    Since Paris COP21 in 2015, the gigaton of CO2eq/y have increased due to NON-OECD countries increasing their emissions.

    To achieve the purely politically contrived and scientifically unsupported UN IPCC phony 1.5 Degrees C “temperature limit” scam year 2018 global emissions of 37.887 billion metric tons of CO2 would have to be reduced to about 19 billion metric tons of CO2 (a 45% reduction from year 2010 levels) by year 2030. This level of global CO2 emissions was last seen in year 1977 over 40 years ago.

    So the UN IPCC and its climate alarmist “scientists” apparently believe that although it required more than 40 years for the world’s nations to create and build the infrastructure, institutions, resources, capital investment, knowledge and skills to achieve the year 2018 global energy and economic accomplishments the world can simply “undo” all that and create an entirely new set of ways for global societies to achieve the economic and energy benefits we now enjoy in just 12 years.

    This is absolute lunacy particularly in light of the phony and scientifically unsupported justification regarding the 1.5 Degree C “temperature-limit” political scheme.

    But the UN IPCC CO2 future reduction demands are even more onerous and absurd than presented above because the world’s developing nations are forecast to significantly increase their CO2 emissions beyond year 2018 outcomes with EIA data showing increases of more than 1 billion metric tons by year 2030 and on top of that an additional increase of 6.7 billion metric tons by year 2050.

    The developed nations will not be increasing CO2 emissions at all during the period 2018 through 2050 but will not be seeing declines anything close to the 45% below year 2010 levels by year 2030 that the UN IPCC climate alarmist politically driven schemers are demanding,

  3. Fully abandoning hydrocarbons in the energy sector may lead to the fall of civilization and mankind going back to dwelling in caves.

    A responsible country works to make its energy balance as green as possible.

    Such a country should be using hydropower generation, nuclear generation and gas generation to a significant degree.

    In this sense, discarding the purest hydrocarbon like gas seems utterly bizarre. When these types of ideas [the complete abandonment of hydrocarbons] are promoted, it seems the human race may find itself again in caves, just because it won’t be consuming anything.

    Technologies are such that right now mankind cannot survive and preserve its civilization without hydrocarbons, without nuclear energy, and without hydropower.

    By the same token, resources should be concentrated on developing renewable energy sources, hydrogen sources and other clean sources that will preserve nature for many millennia to come and for future generations.

  4. Un-American, Socialist/Communist Bernie, who celebrated his honeymoon in his pajamas with a bunch of Russians in the USSR, is totally off his rocker regarding fossil fuels.

    He will 80 years old, if sworn in as President, with a history of heart problems and a heart attack.
    The US deserves much better.

    Look out the window: NO WIND and NO SUN
    The RE folks are pure wackos.
    They know nothing about energy
    They inanely mouth anything that sounds good.
    They irresponsibly befuddle lay people.

    There is no way the world could support 10 billion people without fossil fuels.

    Despite the growth of wind and solar, etc., the world’s PRIMARY energy has remained about 78% from fossil fuels for the past 45 YEARS.

    The developing countries have little reason to meaningfully move away from fossil, because they need low cost energy and electricity to develop their economies.

    COP21 promised these countries tens of $billions EACH YEAR, but all fell flat, because Obama never could get approval of his excessive Paris promises from Congress.

    That money was to come out of a $100 billion/year SLUSH FUND, ADMINISTERED BY THE UN!!!!

    COP 21 was designed by Europe to be a bad deal for the US.

    Most folks did not understand that at that time, and many of them still do not, primarily because they are not curious, or prefer to believe otherwise.

    Europe has no interest to give the US ANY advantage in international trade, and that includes climate change.
    Europe wants to burden the US as much as possible with climate expenses, the main reason EUROPEANS are pushing EXPENSIVE Offshore Wind, because THEY have all the expertise.

    Europe was giving China and India a free pass regarding CO2 reduction, PLUS $billions/y, until decades later, just to get them to sign the COP21 accords.

    When US money disappeared because the US withdrew from COP21, there was panic. Who was going to pay?
    Obama had foolishly agreed the US would pay.

    NOTE: The same panic occurred when the UK announced Brexit. Who will pay the very sizable UK contribution to Brussels?

  5. This idiot doesn’t deserve any attention. He accomplished nothing as Mayor, Congressman or Senator. He just collected his money and expended his breath on every negative aspect of the United States that he could think of (or make up). It has worked for him and now he wants to share the “American Dream” with everyone. Stay home and get your monthly stipend. For those who do work, we will take a huge chunk of their earnings and distribute to those non workers. Bernie’s American dream.

    He is a joke!

  6. NOW? How will Bernardo fuel his current personal jet, or his use of Air Force 1 ??????????

    BIG Batteries ?????????????/

  7. Hey Bernie, I’ve got news for you, in order to prosecute someone, the individual has to commit a crime. If I’m not mistaken, they teach that in law school 101. Stop making redicu.ous promises.

  8. Perhaps Jane should be prosecuted for her real misdeeds,not the imaginary miss deeds of fuel development executives in a imaginary climate crisis called the weather.

    • Ya, That Burlington College she bankrupted and made $300K to walk. That couple has “looser” tattooed permanently. So much for intelligence in trying to control others.

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