Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign cash haul is not slowing down

By Evie Fordham

Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s 2020 campaign is already hauling in massive amounts of cash less than a week after he announced his presidential bid, and his fundraising shows no sign of slowing down.

Sanders has raised $10 million from 359,914 donors since he officially entered the race on Feb. 19, campaign officials told The New York Times. Fundraising by other 2020 contenders pales in comparison.

U.S. Senate

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

Sanders raised over $1 million in just hours after announcing his campaign, a spokesperson said. Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar raised her first million “within 48 hours” of declaring her candidacy on Feb. 10. Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris boasted raising approximately $1.5 million in a day.

“Our second day was bigger than anybody else’s first day,” Ari Rabin-Havt, a Sanders senior adviser, told The Times.

Nearly 40 percent of Sanders’s 2020 donors “used an email address that had never before been used to give” to him, his campaign said according to the Monday story in The Times. In addition, roughly 48,000 donors have agreed to make recurring donations to Sanders’s campaign that will be “worth a combined more than $1 million each month,” his campaign said.

Sanders can tout his popularity among small donors, something that’s coveted in the Democratic primary, as his average overall contribution hovers around $25. The Independent senator’s donors also tend to be young: More than 108,000 of his first-day donors were 39 and under, according to The Times. They contributed $2.5 million of the $5.9 million he raised during that initial 24-hour period.

The Times compared Sanders’s 2015 fundraising to 2019’s, reporting that he might make it to “a $100 million haul” this year because he entered the race more than two months earlier and raised quadruple the amount on his first day.

Sanders raised a total of $73 million in 2015 — that’s enough to buy 24 private jets at a price of $3 million each. Coincidentally, Sanders has been dinged for his habit of flying private on the campaign trail.

A former Hillary Clinton staffer mocked “his Royal Majesty King Bernie Sanders” for his penchant for flying private when he could have flown commercial, Politico reported Monday. Sanders’s Senate re-election campaign spent just under $300,000 on private jet use in October 2018, Federal Election Commission (FEC) records showed.

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12 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign cash haul is not slowing down

  1. Anybody notice that all the comments on Bernie’s announcement were removed yesterday from the Vermont Digger site and a new batch is on there? Too funny. Guess somebody didn’t like people calling out his lame excuse that snow and weather is unusually lame excuse for Vermont resident not to show up. We have gyms, churches, fields all sorts of places to host.

    DELETE……..what was really interesting, it was deleted AFTER it was up.

    • Hey Neil, didn’t notice that but I have noticed clicking the “uptick” on your comments tends to caused a “down tick” at the same time. Some other comments as well were negated buy entering both when one is clicked. Controlling speech is just as important to the leftarded Fascist faction as taking away your guns…

    • Vermont digger isn’t news, it’s just a puppet publication raking in cash from the teachers union and other far left sources. Digger has to censor comments, after all they wouldn’t want to upset the funders who control them.

  2. Think of all those millions Bernie and his lovely wife Jane will get to keep!!! Yes! And he knows he isn’t going to win, either the Democrat primary or the Presidency. Yet he gets to keep all that money! This fraudulent welfare recipient learned early on how to play the game. He won! No wonder half the country wants Socialism. Only they can’t figure out that it won’t work for them!

  3. Proving again that fools and their moneys are soon parted….and we know there is at least
    65,844,610 fools out there that voted for the criminal hag. Sad for the country that there’s
    that many… and all the younin voters were brought up with commie core and
    socialist edumacation.

    • Those 65,844,610 million people are not fools! They wanted change and a business person would shock the career politicians into representing the American People! It appears instead they have lost their mind. His business sense is doing better then the last president and we are seeing great results. The American people are benefiting from it!

  4. It looks like ” Social Sanders ” has a following as he has collected $10M so far with his
    2020 bid………………I can’t believe people listen to this blowhard and his rhetoric, but
    then again, minions will walk to the edge.

    I guess these fools figure it’s like playing the lottery for a few dollars spent ( donated) they
    may win the lotto ( Feel The Bern ) ……………… Free Stuff !!!

    I cannot wait to see this buffoon destroyed on the DNC stage with the other power hungry
    liberal DemocRATs. Oh yeah, Bernie your not a DemocRAT good luck on getting that nod !!

    Vermont, you deserve better

  5. “Sanders has raised $10 million from 359,914 donors since he officially entered the race on Feb. 19”
    Boy that’s better than working, might be tax free. Get into politics spin sh–t and the pot of gold is in your lap. With three houses (from poverty), and possibly more, he might run again in four more years after this. May be he’ll be able to buy VT. The statement shows the illiterate followers.

    • He already bought Vermont with his free money, free this, free that and promotion of envy. Envy is the easiest way to turn people on each other, one of the oldest tricks in the book. He’s following the Maduro play book, the same book so many others have used, doubt you’ll find him bringin peace or prosperity, he’s of a different spirit.

  6. I wonder if Bernie will re-distribute 70% of his campaign contributions to the other deserving presidential candidates less fortunate than he.

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