Bernie rally features Trotskyist Seattle council member whose party wants to seize control of banks

By Peter Hasson

Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, a socialist who belongs to a Trotskyist organization that wants to seize control of America’s banks, was a featured speaker at Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s 2020 campaign rally in Seattle on Monday.

In her speech to Sanders’s supporters, Sawant called for a “powerful socialist movement to end all capitalist oppression and exploitation.”

Sawant is a member of Socialist Alternative, a fringe Trotskyist group that is open about its goal of a “socialist United States and a socialist world,” according to its website.

The Trotskyist group’s platform includes taking control of the “top 500 corporations and banks that dominate the U.S. economy” and paying compensation “on the basis of proven need to small investors, not millionaires.”

Additionally, in order to put an end to layoffs, the socialist group calls for taking “bankrupt and failing companies into public ownership.”

Sawant was formerly an activist in the progressive Occupy Wall Street movement. Following Trump’s election, she used government resources to help organize anti-Trump “Occupy Inauguration” protests.

Neither the Sanders campaign nor Sawant returned a request for comment.

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Image courtesy of Seattle City Council

9 thoughts on “Bernie rally features Trotskyist Seattle council member whose party wants to seize control of banks

  1. Socialist progs are so focused on their agenda that they have no qualms about stating their desires to destroy the US and state’s constitutions. They’re openly promoting communism.
    The first and critical reaction to the socialists takeover of the banks would be a Wall Street crash, similar in proportion to the one in 1929. Wall Street and the banks are like twins joined at the hips. What happens to one happens to the other. Socialistic government’s have been tried all over the world and have been proven good for only a few of the most powerful citizens who are usually the wealthiest. They are almost always autocratic. These progs should be run out of the US for treason against the Constitution. Let them go to true socialist countries and try spewing their venom.

  2. These guys never had it so good yet they think their system is better??? Before they get too carried away have a suggestion: live in Cuba, Venezuela, China, and Russia for a year or two. Bet they come home (if allowed) with their collective tails between their legs crying for mercy.

    • Yes, just like these stupid girls that ran away to become isis brides then wanted to come back to USA dragging their innocent children, hoping to get back in so they can get on welfare and train up new isis terrorists.

  3. The movement to Communism seems to be very overt now. Freedom loving Americans had better wake up and pay attention.

  4. Socialist & Communist……………. we see it all, and then you have Vermont’s,
    Barking Buffoon the leader of the pack.

    Vermont should hang its head in shame !!

  5. So trotskyist is a commie who don’t call themselves commie because they
    believe you need capitalism and true democracy but controlled by the government..
    Which in my book isn’t much different then communism, you get to vote for the 1 government official on the ballot and be a “Workers Party” card carrier.. Since burnee has done exactly nothing in his pathetic public service worker existence I’ll pass on
    the recommendation of a commie from Seattle Pravda east..

  6. How will socialism work in harmony with the Constitution and Bill of Rights? I’m guessing Trotskyists and Sawant have no well thought out plans for after seizing control of all the banks and ending capitalist oppression and exploitation. How about socialist oppression and exploitation. The left is all about making big changes immediately. How will they deal with a stock market crash and subsequent economic depression? VT is already staring such a future in the face if GWSA, TCI, become realities.

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