Ben and Jerry struggle to defend company’s boycott Israel policy

Ben & Jerry’s announced over the summer it would no longer sell ice cream in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, calling the lands “Occupied Palestinian Territory.” In this brief interview clip, co-founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield struggle to explain why they are boycotting Israel but not Texas and Georgia, whose policies on voting rights and abortion they detest.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
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4 thoughts on “Ben and Jerry struggle to defend company’s boycott Israel policy

  1. While Ben & Jerry defend the ice cream company they founded and its political positions, the company continues to manufacture undeniably delicious but some would say unhealthy products…….Ice cream loaded with saturated fat, cholesterol, added sugar and carbohydrates. Maybe its time to take a look at Ben & Jerry’s ice cream……..Could it be that more suffer on the West Bank and east Jerusalem from eating Ben & Jerry’s than from the long smoldering conflict?

    Heart disease, stroke and diabetes are among the top of causes of death as people eat food loaded with saturated fat, cholesterol, added sugar and carbohydrates……..Seems as if Ben & Jerry’s ice cream needs to be looked at from a health prospective……..Some could even say that Ben & Jerry’s needs the same scrutiny as fossil fuels.

    Perhaps the United Nations and the Vermont legislature need to create a Ben & Jerry’s Council to come up with a comprehensive plan to bring saturated fat, cholesterol, added sugar and carbohydrate levels down……..A mandate that only skim milk be served at birthday parties starting in 2025 should be a requirement.

  2. It’s fine to sell ice cream, but hypocrisy sucks.
    These guys don’t care though, just posing for their public image.
    I learned that back in the last millennium, working a temp job briefly at their Springfield plant, on the midnight shift.
    They made bulk ice cream and Peace Pops there, but they also manufactured and packaged Haagen-Dazs ice cream pops.
    I thought that was funny when I saw it, considering the hype they used to make about the Pilsbury dog boy. “What’s the dog boy afraid of?” Sorry, dough boy.
    Yeah, they are just ad men. This shows how brainless they really are!

  3. Who is the interviewer? She deserves a Pulitzer Prize for articulating in one question the false dichotomies inherent in socialism – which are, in this case, more accurately characterized as ‘Fascism’.

    Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield epitomize the corrupt tyranny that inevitably harms the general society. Let them eat ice cream!

    P.S. They even look like Bernie Sanders. 🙂

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