Ballot Integrity: How to report problems with your mail-in ballot in Vermont


Having problems with your mail-in ballot?

Voting irregularities have increased dramatically as a result of expanded mail-in voting measures in various states. If you have experienced problems with your mail-in ballot or discovered suspicious activity such as “ballot harvesting,” report it here on our form at

Watch this video below to see what you should be on the lookout for:

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10 thoughts on “Ballot Integrity: How to report problems with your mail-in ballot in Vermont

  1. True North Reports has a category at the top of the page, called BALLOT INTEGRITY

    Make sure to click on it, to find out the details.

    In case you SUSPECT any irregularity, report it as soon as possible, such as:

    A ballot mailed to a DEAD PESRON
    A ballot mailed to SOMEONE WHO MOVED AWAY
    Someone coming to the door to “HELP” YOU FILL OUT YOUR BALLOT
    Someone coming to the door to “TAKE” YOUR BALLOT TO THE TOWN CLERK

    If people can be shopping for food since MARCH, without getting the virus, and if people can go to work since MARCH, without getting the virus, and if children can go to school in SEPTEMBER, without getting the virus, then it absolutely safe for EVERYONE to go to the polling booths and APPEAR IN PERSON, WITH IDs. That would achieve the maximum INTEGRITY of the VOTE. That would achieve MINIMAL FRAUD

    NINETY-FIVE PERCENT of voting should have nothing to do with the POST OFFICE

    Hair-do Pelosi, without mask, had the nerve to demand $25 billion for the POST OFFICE, as part of her $3.5 TRILLION COVID bill.
    Pelosi is a scare-mongering, rabble rouser, a totally unserious person.

    • I received my mail-in ballot in the mail.
      I opened it, took one look, ripped in half, and threw it in the trash.
      I will be voting IN PERSON, as usual.

      Condos should immediately admit he has caused a state-wide brouhaha regarding mail-in.
      What could go wrong, has gone wrong IN SPADES, ALL OVER THE US.

      Think of it: Vermont could be a leader regarding NO mail-in voting

      Condos should immediately reverse course
      Condos should announce people must IGNORE any ballots mailed to them.
      Condos should instruct all people to GO TO THE POLLS, to minimize confusion and fraud.

      Going to the polls is just as safe as going shopping for food, etc.

      Going to the polls is just as safe as children going to school, and people going to work.

      The scare-mongering absurdity of it all by legislators and the VT Media has been going on far too long.

      The only solution is to vote OUT EN MASSE the scare-mongers in November

    • Ballot does not need to be mailed – can be brought to polling station Nov 3. If a ballot was mailed to you – will need to sign affadavit that it was not received or was mistakenly trashed.

      • I heard that as well. I received mine yesterday. I completed it and put it into the unsealed return envelope for safekeeping. I will bring it to the polls in person on November 3rd.

  2. Hey! There’s a good chance I’ll be getting at least two unrequested ballots in the mail, one at the house I’m trying to sell and one at the house I’m moving into. And then there’s the ballots for my dead cats,
    Ms. Fluffy and Mr. Furball. And I plan to vote in person! So, what’s the going sale price for a pristine ‘Mail In Ballot?’ Can I put them up on eBay? Maybe Craig’s List?
    Yes, there will be chaos and confusion, fraud and abuse. Hang on, folks, this ride is going to get rough…

  3. Ballot Integrity, now that’s funny……… but shouldn’t be !!

    If you want integrity you need to request a ” mail-in ballot ” or go to the polls,
    I expect to see the result on November 3rd, if not, then there is no ” Integerity ”
    and with ” bulk ballots ” I bet we will be seeing chaos & confusion, but I hope
    I’m Wrong………..

    Wake up people, they’ll steal the election if we let them.

    • EDIT*******************

      Replace ” mail-in ballot ” with ABSENTEE BALLOT. The two are NOT the same.

      And yes, if at all possible, vote in person.

      • A BTV nursing home requested my dad’s absentee ballot without his consent in 2016 elections, and As POA I requested it be mailed to his legal residence (just there for rehab only). The clerk told me at the Town offices that the nursing home requested his ballot be mailed there. My dad didn’t even know they did that, nor did I as his POA. That is a clear issue that needs to be remedied to prevent FRAUD!! My dad did receive his ballot and proudly voted HIS conscience as he did for every election since he was of voting age. It was his last ballot cast, and I am proud that I protected his RIGHT to do so.

      • I see no difference in the ballot itself. Appears precisely the same as any I have used in the past – envelope is preaddressed to local town clerk office. Plan to take it to my polling station Nov 3.

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