As Supreme Court ponders Louisiana abortion case, Sanders promises to ban state regulation of abortion

By Mary Margaret Olohan

2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders released a reproductive health care plan Saturday that promises to ban state regulations of abortion as the Supreme Court hears a case pertaining to the same issue.

The Vermont senator’s plan promises to not only codify Roe v. Wade and to undo “all the damage” that President Donald Trump has done through pro-life legislation, but also to ban Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP) laws.

There has been no time in the history of this country when women, especially Black women, have had the reproductive freedom and justice that they deserve,” Sanders tweeted Saturday. “In my administration, that will finally change.”

Sanders would “ban state Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (TRAP) laws that put undue and unnecessary burdens and regulations on doctors who provide abortion services, with the goal of restricting access.”

He also promised that he will “require preclearance for state abortion laws” to make sure that states cannot “impose undue restrictions” on abortion providers.

Sanders’s plan draws on an abortion case that is before the Supreme Court: June Medical Services v. Russo, in which an abortion provider is challenging a 2014 Louisiana state law that requires abortion providers to have admitting privileges in a hospital within 30 miles of the abortion facility. These admitting privileges would allow a woman to go directly to the hospital if she were to need urgent care.

Opponents say the law would hinder and potentially eliminate abortion access in Louisiana. Louisiana lawmakers and pro-life activists maintain that the law protects women from unsanitary or unsafe abortion clinic practices.

Sanders also criticized 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden on Saturday for the former vice president’s record on abortion, pointing out that Biden once said, “I don’t like the Supreme Court decision on abortion. I think it went too far.”

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8 thoughts on “As Supreme Court ponders Louisiana abortion case, Sanders promises to ban state regulation of abortion

  1. Vermont’s very own ” Barking Buffoon ” will support any agenda if he feels he can
    reel in a vote…. Pretty Pathetic.

    Bernie will feel the burn when the DNC elects a real ” Democrat ” and not the poser
    at the convention…….. Oh well, Sanders will never learn, blinded by his ambition and
    not reality. Socialist Sanders making a living with Capitalism promoting Socialism ??

    The really sad part is, that Vermont elects this fool as our Senator year after year !!

  2. If Bernie Sanders and the Vermont Legislature really cared about women’s health, they would want rules and regulations. No rules, no regulations equals back-alley abortions.

  3. Its time to stop reporting the whining of this communist that will not be elected. However, I’m sure a lot would like to read his obit someday soon. It should include some of that perfect health report he refereed to when asked for his medical records.

  4. Sanders, like a good COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST, wants to have the federal government determine a PRIVATE matter between the mother and the doctor.

    He wants the federal government to take over the entire US healthcare system and have it run by the FEDERAL government; FREE HEALTHCARE FOR ALL, INCLUDING ILLEGALS.

    He wants the federal government to take over the entire US electric power sector and have it run by the FEDERAL government; FREE ELECTRICITY FOR ALL

    He wants the federal government to take over the entire US education sector and have it run by the FEDERAL government; FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL

    Sanders should go to Venezuela and Cuba and be a consultant to the national governments, AND STAY THERE until they have their Socialist paradise.

  5. Bernie’s going to do this, Bernie’s going to do that. If he ever got elected, he couldn’t do squat if he didn’t bring both houses along with him. And that’s a real heavy load.

    • In all his time on We The People of Vrmont’s dime he has named 2 post offices and joined John McStain in a failed VA health care bill, rather a waste of effort, actually a flash in the pan

  6. It would be out of character for a dedicated Fascist like Bernie to permit any level of state autonomy, but how would “undue and unnecessary burdens and regulations” apply to Act 620 which doesn’t regulate abortions but is clearly in the best interest of women undergoing them by requiring the provider to insure immediate access to a hospital in the event of a medical emergency? Gives me some idea of how his government medical care will work for me if I need it.

  7. The Burnmeister going to have a full plate, when the DNC denies him the nomination and the Burneister Bros. riot, and cause mayhem in the street across this nation,because their premier was denied from his rightful position as premier. That’s when DEMOcratic Socialism goes full Commie !

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