Is Brattleboro racist? Student alleges racist death threat, helps spur Black Lives Matter flag event

On Friday, student activists in Brattleboro hoisted the Black Lives Matter flag up the flagpoles of Brattleboro Area Middle School and Brattleboro Union High School while administrators and students looked on and listened to singer Taina Asili offer up a rendition of “For Our Children.”

The event is captured on YouTube, as is the April 23 BUHS School Board Meeting in which the students behind the flag-raising made startling claims about their fellow Vermonters. As seen in the video below, one BUHS 10th-grader told school board members that within six months of becoming a new student she received death threats over her skin color:

I am one of the newest students at BUHS, and when I first came in I immediately felt targeted because of my skin color. I felt like I wasn’t wanted in the school. I’ve been here for almost six months now and I’ve gone through racial harassment, I’ve gone through threats because of my skin color, I’ve had people threatening to kill me because of my skin color, and school for me every day is a very hostile environment.

It is not clear from the video whether the alleged threats were reported to school authorities or the Brattleboro Police Department. The testimony nevertheless helped persuade the board to approve the Black Lives Matter flag.

Watch death threat speech at April 23 BUHS School Board Meeting (start time at 9:49):

Image courtesy of Michael Bielawski/TNR

8 thoughts on “Is Brattleboro racist? Student alleges racist death threat, helps spur Black Lives Matter flag event

    • Oh, Let me add: Most likely the black person who claimed threats on her life is lying! That’s what they do, and that is why she is here – To cause exactly what is going on! Foolish, foolish people who are allowing this to happen.

  1. Targeted, shmargeted. They wish somebody would discriminate against them so they can feel special. In my primary school years, there were kids of Italian and Greek heritage who were darker than the darkest kids here. Those ethnic groups were historically discriminated against too, hard as that is to imagine today. It’s just pathetic. If racism didn’t exist they’d have to invent it. Racial discrimination is illegal in this land. It’s the law. These kids and their teachers need to be educated in George Soros, and how every conceivable difference between people needs a wedge pounded in, to destroy civilizations, and empower his gang. I went to school in the ’60’s, and saw society change, to reject racism. It is really obsolete. BLM seeks to bring back the bad old days, by empowering stupid people, and insulting everybody else. It’s a scam. Try telling that to these ignorant youts, and starry-eyed liberal teachers.

    • Basically, it’s a SHAKEDOWN. You know, the Jesse Jackson/ Al Sharpton kind of shakedown. Wonder if any money was exchanged.

    • Well stated sir! If it weren’t such a dire situation, you’d have to sit back and laugh at all the hand-wringing nonsense and profoundly gullible dupes. Unfortunately, while the masses are asleep, the cunning manipulators are pushing all the buttons behind the curtain. One day we will awaken and realize we’re literally slaves to the people who rage against slavery.

  2. On Friday “student activists” in Brattleboro hoisted the Black Lives Matter flag up the flagpole, it’s just part of the Liberal agenda and five minutes of fame.

    Does anyone really believe that Flying a BLM flag will amount to anything ?? If there is such a disparity in the school, then the school should be held accountable and these issues should be addressed. This School Board has no backbone, as they will follow the crowd.

    These snowflakes are well part of the old adage “Squeaky Wheel Gets The grease” they have been taught well, one student stated they have been at the school for 6 months, it sounds more like a new kid in a new school syndrome to me.

    Any of these issues that they stated, should be addressed within the school and the facility, all this flag ( BLM ) means is it’s a statement, If the school really wanted to make a difference
    they should be flying ” All Lives Matter ” Flag! NOW That’s a statement. The world is a cruel place, better grow up.

    • The student who claims to have had her life threatened needs to be taken seriously, and needs to provide all the details of the threat to law enforcement officials. If it is discovered to be a bogus claim there should be severe legal consequence for such disruptive shenanigans.

  3. So if I, as a gay white guy felt intimidated, can I have the AMERICAN Flag raised? Or the rainbow flag? I don’t want my widdle feelings hurt now would I.

    What a bunch of snowflakes our schools are cranking out. Real life for them, in a few years, is gonna get really bad. I hope they can keep their therapy puppies with them when they apply for a job.

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