Acting ICE director talks top enforcement priorities, crackdown on sanctuary cities

The acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Thomas Homan, spoke earlier this month about how the Trump administration is cracking down on illegal immigration.

Among other issues, Homan defends ICE’s decision to prioritize the crackdown on so-called sanctuary cities.

“When ICE cannot arrest a significant public safety threat in the safety, privacy and security of a jail, that means we have to go knock on a door, which is a significant officer safety issue,” Homan said.

“It’s a community safety issue also. If you look, anyone can Google the recitizen rights in this country. These criminals are being released back into the communities. Over half of them will reoffend the first year; 75 percent of them will reoffend in five years. So, sanctuary cities was my first out-of-the-gate policy ask.”

Watch full interview here:

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2 thoughts on “Acting ICE director talks top enforcement priorities, crackdown on sanctuary cities

  1. Crackdown on sanctuary cities , there should be no such thing as a sanctuary city for ILLEGALS.
    If the country from where they come from does not take them back , then the US needs to impose
    sanctions on these countries be it Mexico or any others in Central American country ,as far as
    any US City not enforcing our laws , ALL Federal Funding should be withheld !!

    As a Tax Payer and law abiding Citizen, I am annoyed by the way elected officials only follow the
    laws that benefit there agenda. If they don’t follow the laws imposed by Congress then they need
    to be removed from office.

    There are tons of laws I don’t like , but I do follow them. No one is above the law including
    elected officials , if you don’t like the laws then have congress change them !!

    It’s a shame law enforcement has there hands tied and No respect ……Shameful !!

    • C. Henry
      What I find shameful is a former Bellows Falls police SGT who molested many underage girls some as young as 12 including his own stepdaughter and became a federal homeland security ICE AGENT .

      In his official duty’s he bagged child molesters and drug dealers in the state of Maine. Wemasy as his is called by his own classmates’ from Chester Vermont got am award from the US attorney of the state of Maine for catching creeps like himself.

      HSI SAC Maine caught this federal ICE agent reaching out to Add to underage girls even downloading child pornography onto HSI laptops . He was told to stop by his superiors and get help for his sexual deviant behavior . He still went on reaching out to underage girls . He was forced out of SAC HIS Maine. Sick slick Will transferred to SAC Boston / Springfield HSI ICE in Mass. You can read all about him in the Brattleboro reformer and Mass Live. Com. Will has been investigated by the Vermont state police for his pedophilia . Homeland security assigned Will to project Safechild to teach children all about Perverts like himself.

      The good news is after many years of chasing pedophile Will Homeland security fired his ass a few months go. The bad news is Will; never was charged for all his sex crimes even knocking up 14 year old girl . HSI allowed him to leave and he is back living in Vermont free to roam the very streets his sanctuary . Will isn’t the only pedophile cop from Bellows Falls police dept now with HSI ICE in Boston MASS

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