Abortion rights and pro-life leaders debate abortion in Vermont

Mary Beerworth is executive director of the Vermont Right to Life Committee. In addition to working to protect human life in the womb, she seeks legal remedies to protect babies against infanticide and to stop euthanasia for the elderly and others.

Lucy Leriche, vice president of Public Policy for Planned Parenthood New England, works to promote the image of her organization, not just as an outlet for abortions, but for women’s health, including cancer screening, counseling and distribution of contraceptives.

In this episode of Vote for Vermont, Pat McDonald and Ben Kinsley interview Beerworth and Leriche to debate the controversial issue of abortion.

Beerworth and Leriche note that Vermont has no restrictions on abortion during all nine months of a woman’s pregnancy. Beerworth notes that at just three weeks from conception, the fetus has an established heartbeat and is well along in its development. Leriche argues that any restriction on abortion compromises the health and overall well-being of the mother.

With 70 percent of Vermont in favor of abortion rights, neither speaker anticipates a change in state policy. One area of ongoing discussion, however, is whether to require parental notification for an abortion.

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Image courtesy of Vote for Vermont/Pat McDonald

One thought on “Abortion rights and pro-life leaders debate abortion in Vermont

  1. First off, Planned Parenthood does NOT provide cancer screening. They send the women off to another facility; they don’t have x-ray machines. Second, it is really sick that anybody would perform an abortion on a viable fetus…a BABY….! They are killing a human being!! Sorry, no woman has that right. She should have gotten that abortion before 6 weeks. Not waited. This is evil at its worst. And Leahy, Sanders, and Welch are just fine with it! So are half the good Christians who vote Democrat, for when you vote for Democrats THIS is what you are voting for. Hypocrites.. Something about sticking those scissors in the back of a baby’s neck and scrambling its brains WHILE IT FEELS IT! And then, selling its body parts. Sick. Twisted. Evil. Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit.

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