A top physicist and a military fraud detector each say election fraud prevalent

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ELECTIONS ANALYST: Dr. Douglas Frank, Ph.D., spoke to about 50 attendees Saturday at the Vibrant Church in South Burlington.

SOUTH BURLINGTON — A world-renowned physicist and a military fraud detector on Saturday took turns on the stage at Vibrant Church to discuss what they see as a prevalence of election fraud involving both electronic and mail-in ballot manipulation.

Dr. Douglas Frank, Ph.D., who is a Nobel Prize-nominated physicist, has become an election fraud expert and data analyst who has worked with 45 states — including legislatures and secretaries of state — to expose fraud.

“Not natural” statistical anomalies

Speaking to an audience of about 50 attendees, Frank repeated the catchphrase “that’s not natural” to emphasize that statistical anomalies are often red flags for fraud.

For example, he emphasized that all states’ voter rolls — including Vermont’s — are growing at a faster pace than the actual population. In some cases, the rolls are now larger than the listed population.

Efforts to clean the rolls have failed

He also demonstrated that all over the nation, including in Vermont, there’s a pattern that voter rolls are substantially purged right after each election, but then before the next election almost that same number of voters is restored. Frank claimed social justice groups sue states to get the voter rolls restocked.

Online-capable hardware from overseas

Col. Shawn Smith, an expert in fraud detection for the military, has spent his career focusing on weapons, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems, and has 25 years of active duty in space and missile operations. After observing the 2020 presidential election, he said he became alarmed that something was not right about the voter counts. He’s now applying his background in fraud detection to scrutinize U.S. election systems.

Smith noted that voting machine hardware typically comes from overseas, and is often made using Chinese labor while owned by Asian countries. He says there are currently insufficient security protocols that deal with “supply chain security.”

Smith said that major voting machine brands have wifi capabilities, and town clerks usually are either unaware of it, or have been instructed that hackers can’t easily access it.

“Dozens of cyberthreat teams and organizations, some of them as large as 10,000 or 12,000 people, these people are dedicated to the compromise of western technology systems and organizations,” Smith said. “They are embedding supply chain compromises into hardware, and they are manufacturing the hardware that goes into our voting systems.”

He has even spoken with machine manufacturers about safeguards against compromised components and parts, and learned that few safeguards exist.

“When I asked [an election machine company representative] what do they do for supply-chain security at the voting systems testing labs, he laughed,” Smith said. “He laughed because they do nothing, they have no standards. The elections system commissioners didn’t even start talking about supply chain security until 2021.”

Legislatures not taking action

According to Frank, state lawmakers are little help. “All the legislatures are bad,” Frank said multiple times while recalling stories about presenting top state lawmakers with hundreds of documented cases of fraud and getting no useful response. As an example he cited his interactions with the Pennsylvania General Assembly after the 2020 election.

“Both committees in both houses made a recommendation to the legislature that they throw out the entire state voter rolls in Pennsylvania,” he recalled. “They did, they threw their entire voter rolls because we proved that they had been abused and manipulated. And they hired a firm to rebuild the state voter rolls, that contract was rewarded for $10 million on Nov. 21 after the election.”

So far so good. But then one of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s firms bought the company selected to redo the rolls for $13 million.

“That was the moment I woke up,” Frank said. “Because at first I was like, ‘Wait a minute, me and my team had just proved that Zuckerberg was a big part of the manipulation.’ The legislature was complicit, the legislature knew this was going to happen, it was a whitewash.”

Only hand counts can be trusted?

According to Smith, the only solution to compromised election systems is to hand count the ballots.

“It’s only where we do hand counts that we get real counts of the election totals,” Smith said.

But he added that hand counts aren’t foolproof if massive numbers of mail-in ballots are floating around with no chain of custody and system of signature verification.

Sheriffs to fight election fraud?

Frank said sheriffs must play a key role in ending election fraud. He said local communities should assemble small teams who to obtain election records and compare them with data from home-to-home canvassing to see who actually voted. He said this activity will expose at least 50 to 100 fraud cases that enable a sheriff to get involved. Sheriffs in turn have the ability to confiscate election machines, among other actions involving fraud.

Frank is coming back

Frank told TNR he is currently analyzing Vermont’s voting data and expects to return to speak some time this year to present his findings.

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24 thoughts on “A top physicist and a military fraud detector each say election fraud prevalent

  1. We the common Vermonter-people and legal US citizens KNOW there is fraud and voter manipulation by the Democrats and Progressives to ensure they “win” all elections. We can’t prove it, but we sure do believe it because we can see for ourselves the fallout by companion means. For example, letting non citizens vote in local (for now!) elections. Wanting to give the vote to 16 and 17 year olds. These are policies so wrong-headed that they beggar the imagination. Of course there is election fraud and corruption, even in Vermont. It stems from the same mindset that brings us the two examples I cited above. But ordinary Vermonters are partly to blame when they will not even bother to vote any more. They share blame with the corrupt socialist legislators we have in Montpelier.

    • Kay, listen closely to Col. Shawn Smith and Dr. Douglas Frank and you will see that we can prove voter fraud. As someone who can be trusted, you are a perfect candidate to help uncover and prove it.

  2. Dr. Frank the Fraud has been pitching this nonsense for 2 years and has absolutely no results. He came here to pitch evidence of voter fraud and then came the bait and switch, the numbers look fishy. What the heck is fishy? Is that our level of desperation that we accept fishy as probable cause? Put that person in jail, they look fishy. Yet, desperate Voters soaked it up.
    The Fraudster has been to 40+ states and has no tangible conclusive evidence of voter fraud.
    And then the voter machine nonsense, this is going to be one big ostrich egg on the faces of Republicans.
    Frankly, the folks lining up behind this nonsense have no interest in winning elections.
    This small group of malcontents is grasping for life rings they punctured themselves to spite everyone.
    Here are some better titles:
    “Dr. Frank’s Big Lie: Selling Snake Oil to the Desperate”
    “The 2020 Election: Not Stolen, Just Frankly Bogus”
    “Douglas Frank’s Phony Equation: The Math of a Fraud”
    “Dr. Frank: The Unproven Con Man”
    “Dr. Frank: Preying on the Hopes of Desperate Voters”
    “Dr. Frank’s Fraudulent Claims: More Believable than UFOs”
    “Election Conspiracies? Dr. Frank’s Got Nothing”
    “Dr. Frank’s Bogus Election Theories: All Hat, No Cattle”
    “The 2020 Election: Not Rigged, Just Frankly Ridiculous”
    “Dr. Frank: The Con Artist with No Evidence”

    • There are many American’s seeking to ensure we have fair and honest elections. There is irrefutable evidence of vulnerabilities in our election process that have been highlighted by both political parties over the years, yet it remains a serious problem.

      In December of 2019 Democrat’s Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Ron Wyden, and Mark Pocan expressed their concerns with electronic voting machines in a letter which reads in part; “We are particularly concerned that secretive and trouble-plagued companies, owned by private equity firms and responsible for manufacturing and maintaining voting machines and other election administration equipment, have long skimped on security in favor of convenience, leaving voting systems across the country prone to security problems.”

      The wide spread use of mail in ballots has flung the doors wide open to exploitation, which needs to be fixed. One of the problems America faces is our ability, on widely used public platforms like twitter, to have open and honest debate. Government agencies have actively had honest differences of opinion stifled, controlled and outright banned, under the “claim” of misinformation. It’s abundantly clear the misinformation by in large, comes from main stream media and sources that used to be trustworthy. Our three letter agencies have become politicized! A perfect example is Hunter Biden’s laptop. During the last presidential debate Biden falsely told America it was Russian disinformation. The FBI sat on that information and did nothing about it, why not? To bolster his claim then candidate Biden said 50 former intelligence officers asserted and signed a letter it was Russian disinformation. Later voter poles indicate had it been known the laptop was in point of fact Hunter’s and the information it contained was authentic, would have concerned enough Biden voters, they would have chosen Trump. Or how about the similar situation that the FBI knew Biden had classified documents in multiple unsecured locations, prior to this latest midterm election but withheld that from the public. Then there was the FBI lawyer who was caught and pled guilty to altering documents that allowed them to obtain FISA warrants which unjustly and needlessly humbled Trumps allowed them to spy on Trump’s campaign and early administration and cost us taxpayers millions and millions of dollars and years of the Muller probe, again based on knowingly false information.

      Probable cause:
      In the latest Arizona midterm election solid evidence of administrative malfeasance was introduced at trial. Within a limited ballot sample size granted for review, it’s reported that 42% of the ballots (48 out of 113 ballots) were 19-inch ballots produced on 20-inch paper when examined by investigators in the Kari Lake election challenge. These ballots all jammed when fed into the tabulators on Election Day in Maricopa County. It also came out in cross examination this has happened in numerous Arizona elections going back to 2020, yet the person responsible for ballot image integrity, had no explanation as to root cause of how this could happen.

      Voting machines are not secure:
      Refer to Mesa County Colorado Voting Systems Report #3 Election Database and Data Process Analysis Findings and Implications:
      1)There was an unauthorized creation of new election databases during early voting in the 2020 General Election on October 21, 2020, followed by the digital reloading of 20,346 ballot records into the new election databases, making the original voter intent recorded from the ballots unknown. In addition, 5,567 ballots in 58 batches did not have their digital records copied to the new database, although the votes from the ballots in those batches were recorded in the Main election database. (this is one of 7 vulnerabilities highlighted)

      As we all were taught in school, there was a small group of ‘malcontents’ that threw some tea overboard In Boston harbor. That spirit ushered in the greatest blueprint to self-governance ever conceived in human History. Years later in our history as the delegates to the Constitutional Convention were leaving Independence Hall, having decided on the general structure for the new United States; a woman approached Benjamin Franklin and asked him, “well, Doctor, what do we have, a republic or a monarchy?” Franklin replied sagely, “a republic, if you can keep it.” It is that spirit which motivates my desire to have honest elections in which an individual of legal voting status is able to cast a single vote and the tally is beyond reproach. I hope we can agree on that principle, the truth is out there, our Republic is under siege.

      • We can’t live in a world where fishy is the standard. Probable cause doesn’t do it for me.
        We live in a world of complexity and the things we do daily have remote possibilities of catastrophic issues, airplanes, medicine, and surgery. There are no perfect systems or solutions.
        Is this proof of fraud? “Refer to Mesa County Colorado Voting Systems Report #3 Election Database and Data Process Analysis Findings and Implications:
        1)There was an unauthorized creation of new election databases during early voting in the 2020 General Election on October 21, 2020, followed by the digital reloading of 20,346 ballot records into the new election databases, making the original voter intent recorded from the ballots unknown.” By no stretch. I would believe this is everyday people doing a job poorly. You know, government workers.

        Is this fraud? In addition, 5,567 ballots in 58 batches did not have their digital records copied to the new database, although the votes from the ballots in those batches were recorded in the Main election database. (this is one of 7 vulnerabilities highlighted). By no stretch. By no stretch. I would believe this is everyday people doing a job poorly. You know, government workers.

        • Don’t know what else can be said or offered as input to our discussion. When someone says, “probable cause doesn’t do it for me”, as if that’s somehow the end of the story instead of the beginning, it doesn’t make sense to me. Say a police officer is driving down the road and notices the car in front is weaving and not able to stay between the lines. In my book that’s “probable cause” to pull the driver over and investigate further. How about you? Would you pull the driver over and determine why that was happening? Is that driving behavior normal? Does that strike you as “fishy”? What do you do… simply say “fishy” can’t be a standard to investigate further?
          Let’s keep our discussion very narrowly focused to see if we can arrive at a meeting of the minds. Let’s focus on Arizona’s midterm election.
          Point #1. It’s an undisputed fact ballot image files to be used were setup and verified to be 20”. In turn scanners or tabulators are calibrated to know where all the “dots” are located on a 20” format, to be able to determine if a voter filled in a “dot” or not.
          Point #2: A 19” ballot image will be rejected by a scanner set up to expect a 20” image and force it to be looked at and handled separately. (human intervention)
          Point #3: Evidence was presented at trial there were in fact 19” images somehow ending up on printed ballots. (That’s fishy, or as Dr. Frank would say, “that’s not normal”)
          Point #4: When a random sample was taken to understand how prevalent a 19” image was printed on a ballot, it’s reported in evidence that 42% of the ballots (48 out of 113 ballots) were 19-inch ballots produced on 20-inch paper. (That’s fishy, “that’s not normal”)
          Is any of this so far proof of fraud, no we simply don’t know yet. What can be said is it’s “fishy” and the only way to determine if there is administrative malfeasance or fraud is to take the next step. The fishy’ness IS the probable cause to ask the next question, to take the next step to learn the truth what exactly has occurred.
          Point #5: When a ballot is rejected the next step would be human intervention of some kind. Any ballot unreadable is “spoiled” and now must be looked at and then to the extent possible, the voters “intent” is determined and a “replacement” ballot would be put into the system and thus preserve and protect that vote. (in a perfect world)
          Point #6: It’s my understanding by Arizona law, any time a spoiled ballot has a substitute “corrected” ballot created in its place, they are to be kept together; so that if an audit was conducted it could be verified by neutral independent scrutiny, it was in fact voted as originally intended. Does that sound reasonable?
          Point #7: It’s my understanding that whatever Arizona law outlines, the protocols to handle such a ballot were not followed. (That’s fishy, “that’s not normal”, that would be illegal)
          So how many 19” images were printed on 20” inch paper? Fair question? Was it enough 19” ballot images to be larger than the stated margin of victory? Do voters simply say you haven’t proved fraud and we move on without taking the next step to determine how those ballots were counted? Based on those set of facts, If someone were to vehemently appose taking the next step in determining the truth concerning administrative malfeasance or voter fraud, would you conclude they don’t want to know the truth? Would you suspect or conclude they have something to hide? Would you do it to simply to prove the stated election results were accurate to put to rest any question of election integrity? Do you let the weaving car continue down the road and maybe kill another motorist? Or do you say stop, pull over and determine root cause of the “fishy”. My answer is hell no, you pull over and figure out what’s going on, what’s yours?

          We certainly are capable of conducting fair and accurate elections. Simply require a voter to demonstrate their legal ability to cast a vote, hand them a correct ballot image, and record how they voted. At the end of the voting day, you add up the pieces of paper at each voting location, compare that to the number of people who came in to vote (which had better agree) and pass that count to your state.

    • Watch: How Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves (83 minutes). Journalist Whitney Webb has worked to uncover some of the most dangerous stories of our lifetime. Her new book exposes Jeffrey Epstein’s elaborate network of corruption and power, from Bill Clinton to Ghislaine Maxwell and more. Note: While this interview is well worth your time and filled with critical facts, it’s important to understand that it’s not coming from a Christian perspective.

  3. It would be good to provide some real examples of voter fraud in Vermont. While my experience is limited to decades of invoklvement in elections in my town, I have never observed any voter fraud. Elections in my neignboring District in Royalton have more than once been decided by one vote. Recounts have ensured the integrity of the process.
    If indeed votes were rigged, how is that the Democratic Speaker of the House lost a close election a few years ago. Mitzy Johnson asked for a recount which indeed showed she lost.

    • You asked a fair question concerning examples of voter fraud in Vermont. Dr. Douglas Frank had done some analysis on our State which indicated we were certainly better than others but not necessarily fraud free. Dr. Frank promised to do a more complete review to determine how we measure up compared to other States he’s done more extensive analysis on. You provided an example of a number of elections that were decided by one vote. Based on clear evidence in other states how easy it is to obtain ballots and as has been mentioned below in other comment, we here in Vermont do not have a signature verification process. So a recount of physical ballots cannot tell us if indeed an individual person of legal voting status was actually associated with that ballot. So per your examples, how difficult would it be to swing some elections here in Vermont with a relatively very few number of ballots?

    • Until paper ballots are reintroduced as the most reliable, there’s going to be rampant fraud via hacking and/or chain of custody.

    • I’m not claiming there is voter fraud, Mr. Freitag. That you have never seen voter fraud is proof only that you haven’t seen it. And how could you? The problem with Vermont’s system is that it’s impossible to prove, one way or the other, whether fraud has occurred or not.

      This is why many court cases are dismissed. Plaintiffs are trying to prove there is election fraud. They can’t do it. That there is an absence of evidence is not proof. But what the absence of evidence does prove is that our election system is flawed. We need a voting system that is evidence-based. Today, we don’t have that system.

      Recounts, by the way, simply recount the same pieces of paper. Recounts may correlate machine counts with paper ballot counts. But no one can tell who cast those ballots under our current system.

      • Has Mr.Freitag been looking for Voter Fraud in Vermont?

        I’ve never seen a elephant in Vermont.. but then I’ve not been looking for any either.

    • Call the Town Clerk in the town in which they last lived. You can request a copy of the voter checklist and see if they are still registered. And everyone should do this from time to time. I had to ask my kids, who moved out of town a decade ago, to have their names removed from the list – and then remind the town clerk to do it.

      There is another issue that remains with our system. While one of my children hasn’t lived here for years, he received a notice to request a ballot for last year’s annual school district meeting. The problem was that it wasn’t a notice from our school district. We have never lived in the school district that mailed out the request form.

      Does this mean we have to check every town voter checklist in the State? I can’t imagine how Burlington, for example, handles its out-of-state college students with no signature verification process.

  4. When an ideologically oriented dogmatically driven political group strives to seize control of government, to execute a political coup, any and all means of doing so are justified by their objective. To view the methodology, read Seeds of Treason, the Hess/Chambers case by Delano and Lasky. It illustrates how a network of indoctrinated operatives are embedded throughout government agencies. I believe there’s also a work, possibly entitled “The Untouchables,” about a small dedicated group within the FBI that combatted corruption of government by organized crime.

  5. How else would a 3 time loser of Pres runs who’s also one of the low IQ crowd in congress who’s been a proven liar and plagiarist who didn’t even have a campaign stop with more then 30 people win…. just because the courts wouldn’t hear testimony from observers of criminal ballots don’t mean there wasn’t criminal activity. The potato head could never garner 81 mill votes.

  6. I attended this meeting as I have been educating myself to the issues and concerns of election fraud since 2020. I came away concluding it’s much worse than I thought. I’m retired now after an almost 40 yr. career with IBM in the engineering field. I deal in data and facts. Also, I believe we are more alike in our American spirit than politics would suggest. So how do we begin to heal and bridge any differences that may exist on the issue of election integrity? Well how about we start with points we can agree on. Can we all agree that in order to make an informed decision about anything, we need correct and accurate underlying information and facts to base our decisions on? Like the saying goes, garbage in equals garbage out. How do we achieve that? Answer; simply have open and honest transparent inquiry. Do we agree our country seems to be pretty evenly divided politically? Does something seem wrong that in one state a person who has been dead for a month was elected to public office? So there is a solution, namely a complete, unobstructed forensic analysis of the ballots and chain of custody of how votes are handled and counted, in a few key election counties or precincts. That should be a win-win. If nothing is found then those American’s who believe elections can be manipulated, can feel reassured things are on the up and up. If malfeasance is uncovered it can le looked into more broadly, then corrected and eliminated. After all, doesn’t each of us want our elections to only count legal, verified votes? So let’s band together to address the concerns of how elections are determined and put this issue behind us.

    • The problem is with the source of the mail-in ballots. In Arizona, for example, one of the major complaints is that signatures on the ballot envelopes weren’t validated. In Vermont, we don’t have that problem. At least in my town of Westmisnter, there is no signature database available for election officials to refer to. No one can verify a signature on any mail-in ballot, even if they wanted to do so. We don’t have security cameras on the ‘drop box’ because it’s a mail slot in the town hall door. And once the ballot is separated from the envelope in which it arrives, the chain of custody (if you can even call it that) is broken.

      Those who claim the elections are stolen have no case. But don’t jump to conclusions. Those who claim that the election was free and fair, that election denial is a big lie, have no case either. There’s no way any one can determine if the election is legitimate… which is, perhaps, by design.

      • Chain of custody isn’t between a mail-in ballot’s envelope and the ballot itself; it includes the physical movement of the ballots from point A to point B and/or the movement of memory sticks or devices that contain tabulated voting place counts being transported. I fully agree with your point, “There’s no way any one can determine if the election is legitimate… which is, perhaps, by design”. How does that get remedied? There clearly is enough evidence that various state laws were ignored or broken, concerning how elections are conducted going back to the 2020 election. In the specific case of Arizona’s latest midterm election, it came out in trial that 19″ ballot images were printed on what was supposed to be a 20″ image on 20″ paper, which caused every one of those ballots to be rejected by the scanners, as they didn’t align. On day one of the trial the person responsible for design and implementation of ballot images, said there weren’t any 19″ images. The plaintiff’s lawyers proved in fact there were 19″ images on ballots given to voters. On day 2 of the trial the defense team called the witness back to try and “explain” how that happened and it was admitted that situation had happened all the way back to the elections of 2020. They now say they’re looking into “root cause”, yet never mentioned they were aware when questioned on day one of the trial, that 19” images were found at multiple voting locations. Why not? Again why the heck not! Any reasonable person would ask given the fact those 19” ballot images would be rejected and never read by the scanners and you’ve known about this issue since 2020 or before, then why hasn’t it been fixed! Hmm… nothing to see here folks, move along. Those who say the election was stolen certainly do have a case to hold that belief, by your own admission “election legitimacy” cannot be determined. If our elections cannot legitimately be determined then either side is free to assert it’s been stolen. Remember it was the democrats who considered Trump not to be legitimately elected and sought impeachment from day one of his administration. The folks, who categorically denounce anyone who questions whether or not anything nefarious has occurred, either lack critical thinking or are simply woefully ignorant. The question remains, how do we hold elections that only count the votes of individual legal voters and are able to be verified by a full audit? Doing a recount of ballots in hand is not verifying an election if those ballots somehow got into the election process by some method other than an individual legal voter. The wide spread adoption of mail-in ballots has come into play with the concerns of covid, which has in turn flung the doors wide open for election malfeasance. This should concern every American, since a few swing states such as Arizona, determine who sits in the White House.

  7. Vermont is doing with its registered voter list exactly as described in this article, year after year.

    No wonder Dem/Progs is able to pad their veto proof majorities and make already-struggling Vermonters suffer some more, while the Dem/Progs are feathering the nests of their in crowd

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