A first look at how many Granite Staters may have been harmed or died from COVID-19 vaccinations

The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

I’ve been sifting through a copy of the VAERS dataset, looking for adverse COVID vaccine reactions among Granite Staters. I’m no expert at this, but it looks like there have been 3,018 reported adverse reactions, 297 of which were serious, and 55 vaccine-related deaths so far.

Here’s the tool I used to specify New Hampshire (scroll down to demographics to select the state) and then back up to pick your wish list of details.

These numbers are as of Sept 3. And I am not suggesting this is complete or definitive. This is a starting point for working out the most accurate information we can manage moving forward.

No media is reporting VAERS COVID-19 vaccine reactions in NH, and it’s not something we should ignore.

Reported adverse reactions sorted by manufacturer.

COVID-19 2021 COVID19 / JANSSEN total 257
COVID-19 2021 COVID19 / MODERNA total 1589
COVID-19 2021 COVID19 / PFIZER/BIONTECH total 1158
COVID-19 COVID19 / UNKNOWN (or Not Reported) total 14
total 3018

Reported adverse reactions sorted by age.

COVID-19 <12 total 2
COVID-19 12-17 total 63
COVID-19 17-44 total 984
COVID-19 44-65 total 1092
COVID-19 65-75 total 522
COVID-19 75+ total 245
COVID-19 not recorded total 110
total 3018


Next – Serious reactions:

All reactions reported as serious sorted by manufacturer.

COVID19 / JANSSEN total 19
COVID19 / MODERNA total 97
COVID19 / UNKNOWN (or Not Reported) total 1
total 297


All reactions reported as serious sorted by age.

COVID-19 <12 total 0
COVID-19 12-17 total 6
COVID-19 17-44 total 49
COVID-19 44-65 total 103
COVID-19 65-75 total 67
COVID-19 75+ total 63
COVID-19 (Not Reported) total 9
total 297


And finally, Mortality:

Reported NH VAERS Deaths sorted by manufacturer.

COVID19 / JANSSEN total 3
COVID19 / MODERNA total 10


Reported NH VAERS Deaths sorted by age

COVID-19 <12 total 0
COVID-19 12-17 total 1
COVID-19 17-44 total 1
COVID-19 44-65 total 6
COVID-19 65-75 total 8
COVID-19 75+ total 39
total 55

Again, I am not claiming I filtered the data as accurately as may be managed, only that this was the output I got while in pursuit of honest answers.

The State has, to the best of my knowledge, provided nothing like this to date.

Seeing as this is, in itself, a matter of public health interest, DHHS or some other agency needs to know who was being affected and to what extent and should then report that.

There are VAERS reports that peopled in New Hampshire have died due to the CVODI19 vaccine, and most of those are over 75 and potentially (I did not dig in or try to find out if they were) in long-term care facilities.

If these are legitimate ills being reported, is it not the responsibility of a public health apparatus (so willing to take so much from people in its so-called pursuit of better health outcomes) to keep them informed about a “treatment” that can be anything but an improvement on their circumstances?

We are willing to fill in the gaps as best we can and this is the beginning of that effort. If you have time or can help please do.

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11 thoughts on “A first look at how many Granite Staters may have been harmed or died from COVID-19 vaccinations

    • What’s really nice is I see him making head way on the Whatfinger!

      Every time I visit Granite Grok, it’s breath of fresh air. They aren’t bound by party, they love America and the truth, be damned what propaganda everyone else is serving. People have back bones over there and aren’t afraid to shoot a rino or two for the sake of truth.

      Thanks for coming over and playing with us…..it’s good to have an outside perspective.

    • The vaccines target the original Wuhan epitope. As a result, those who are vaccinated and get infected stop the Wuhan epitope but not the variants such as delta. The delta and other variants, which escaped the vaccine, then emerge and spread and are amplified by the vaccinated.

      This will never end: we’ll always be chasing variants, just as we chase variants for the flu. But as these variants find and infect children and might be more serious in children than the original Wuhan strain, we’ll be compelled to vaccinate children with risky vaccines when in the original Wuhan strain scenario, children were rarely affected by the virus.

      Vermonters are now finding high case loads despite high vaccination rates because of escaped variants. This isn’t a sustainable path. The correct path has always been anti-viral drugs which for some reason our health authorities are dead-set against; these drugs affect the variants too.

      The 30-minute mark of this video explains the mechanism of variants emerging from over-vaccination of the entire population instead of focusing on those at highest risk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP31cfD3YOY

  1. Look in the article and see the link Steve provided to show how he compiled this list.
    Can someone here in Vermont click that link and then create this same list for Vermont?
    Then that should get reported here TNR..
    I know there are some commenters here that are plenty smart enough to be able to do this.
    Let’s see what Vermont’s list looks like.
    We need to remember that it’s up to us now to do the work of getting the news to the people.
    I bet there sure some inquiring minds here that would like to know.

  2. Our media and corrupted bureaucrats are hiding what is happening in Isreal – the most vaccinated and boostered country in the world. Other countries did no lockdowns, no mandates – left well enough alone. What happened in those countries? Isn’t it odd that China has profited the most from COVID and the USA has cratered economically? Please don’t believe the stock market is an indicator of prosperity in America. Largest transfer of wealth in history. Largest currency printing by the Fed ever. The complete and utter failure of our government through this criminal operation is partly due to incompetence, but the rest is unfathomable, unconscionable corruption. The result is we have no government, we have no medical system, we have no education system, we have no judicial system. Welcome to the NWO

  3. The swine flu vaccine was halted after 3 people died from it…. at best estimate now
    is around 150k have died from it and 250k are permanently disabled by the vax..

    When do the lies stop and we are allowed to take the true cure (ivermectin) instead
    of contributing billions more to the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex?????

  4. You guys are awesome.

    So look at this article….A poor state in India, with a population of 231 million, almost 2/3 rds the entire us population, has grand total of 199 active covid cases!

    That’s less than the state of Vermont!!!! They have declared eradication of Covid, the live with open sewers and cheek to jowl living situations.


    I know the doctors from Houston we used in their efforts. Guess what the treatment is? Guess how cheap it is?

    Guess how many lives would have been saved? Yeah….plandemic, scamdemic, there is true evil in this world and we see them on our television regularly…..we only need to fear our public officials, courts and propaganda outlets, the virus not so much. We are being fleeced of epic proportions.

  5. What type of test were done to prove that the vaccine caused the adverse effects or the deaths?
    I’m prettysure that people would like to know.

    • No one is doing tests or autopsies. They’re ignoring the problem except for brave whistleblowers who speak up.

      They want to find every last potential harm from Covid-19 but no harms at all from the $$$ vaccines. That way they can do a real risk assessment– not.

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