78-year-old Bernie Sanders flip-flops on promise to release medical records

By Peter Hasson

Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday flip-flopped on his promise to release his medical records.

MSNBC host Chuck Todd played a clip of Sanders vowing to release his medical records “before the first votes are cast,” then pressed the Vermont senator on the broken pledge.

“The first votes have already been cast, you did not release your medical records, you released a few letters, nobody’s interviewed your doctors, you did have a heart attack apparently, shouldn’t voters see your medical records before super Tuesday?” the “Meet The Press” host asked.

Sanders dismissed the question, saying: “We have released as much documentation, I think, as any other candidate.”

“But no other candidate has had a heart attack,” Todd shot back.

“Well, look, yeah no other candidate is doing four or five events a day running all over this country,” Sanders replied.

After Todd pressed Sanders again, the senator said that “you can start releasing medical records and it never ends. We have released a substantial part of all of our medical records, we have doctors, cardiologists who are confirming I am in good health. I am in good health.”

Sanders added that he is “trying to walk a little bit more, but the schedule doesn’t allow me.”

The 78-year-old senator suffered a heart attack in early October, temporarily sidelining him from the campaign trail. He has insisted that he is in good enough health to serve as commander-in-chief, despite the heart attack.

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3 thoughts on “78-year-old Bernie Sanders flip-flops on promise to release medical records

  1. Bernie copped out again. My guess is that Bernie took a look at the hard, cold truth in his records and decided that releasing them would be the kiss of death. (Not wishing him ill.) And his suggesting his opponents haven’t had a heart attack because they have not campaigned as hard as he has is ludicrous. Is he suggesting that campaigning is more physically demanding than running the most powerful country on the planet??? Is so he’s more delusional than I thought.

  2. What do you expect from the do as I say and not as I do Senator which by the way has done absolutely nothing for the State of Vermont or the country since he became senator..
    Keep donating, he loves your capitalist money..

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