Zupan: A, my name is Alice, and we sell abortions

By Lawrence Zupan

“A, my name is Alice, and I come from Arlington, Vermont, and we sell abortions.”

The above variation on the children’s innocent alphabetical song game might well become reality if a bill currently under consideration by the Vermont House Human Services Committee is actually passed into law. This ghoulish, grisly and garish proposed law would codify abortion — at any stage, right through the day before birth — as a fundamental human right. The good news is that perhaps the Abortion Tourism industry this bill may spark could revitalize membership in some flagging Chambers of Commerce statewide.

All sarcasm aside, I am not writing this letter to persuade all of the pro-choice Vermonters to suddenly switch sides and become pro-life. This letter is to respectfully ask the reader, whatever side of the abortion debate you might find yourself on, to soberly and carefully consider the following facts of the proposed law, H.57:

1. Abortion is made legal for any reason for any age, with no restrictions or parental consent required up to and including the day before due date.
2. There is no requirement that a doctor take steps to save or comfort a baby born alive from a botched abortion, staring back at them from the birth table.
3. The fetus has no rights, meaning that there would be no legal restriction on the dismemberment and sale of baby body parts or baby corpses being sold for laboratory research.
4. There is no provision for anesthetizing an almost fully developed baby, or restrictions on the cruelest abortion methods.
5. Since the proposed bill calls abortion a “fundamental right,” all taxpayers will likely be obliged to subsidize all abortions through their taxes.
6. There is no requirement to be licensed in any way — say, as a medical doctor — to perform abortions.

Now, at a time when our Legislature is, ironically, considering bills to protect animals from similar treatment, a civilized person — even if basically pro-choice — might stop and ask if this bill goes too far down the road to dehumanization and institutionalized cruelty. For those who object that this bill is necessary since Roe vs. Wade could conceivably be overturned, Vermont still has court decisions as precedents which protect the actions of those who choose abortion.

In a politically polarized world where people are frequently found on one extreme side or the other, I ask you, the thoughtful reader, to imagine the horror of a baby, who is moments away from seeing daylight and breathing its first breath, fully formed in the mother’s womb, being destroyed with less mercy than that shown a rabid animal. Can you let this be done in your name as a voting citizen of Vermont? You don’t need to abandon your pro-choice position to oppose this bill.

If you wish to oppose H.57, I urge you to call your representative who can be directly contacted through the Statehouse sergeant-at-arms at 802-828-2228. Let them know that you wish to prevent the legislative chamber from becoming known as the execution chamber. Write letters, tell your friends, show up at rallies. Thank you for your careful and sober consideration of this urgent matter.

Lawrence Zupan, a resident of Manchester, was the 2018 Republican nominee for U.S. Senate.

Image courtesy of Lawrence Zupan for U.S. Senate

2 thoughts on “Zupan: A, my name is Alice, and we sell abortions

  1. I have a warning for every Vermont politician who has attached his or her name to H.57. By supporting this bill, you are legalizing murder. The Vermont politicians who are supporting H.57 will be named as criminals when politics change in VT and they will be prosecuted for murder.

  2. If this law passes, we need to immediately rewrite laws based upon their “logic”.

    Let’s take what they say as truth, based upon their logic, clearly when a woman is pregnant, she has tissue/fetus inside her, nothing else. According to Tim Ashe, it has less rights than rats, literally in a bill they are working on in the senate.

    So if this is true:

    1)Men are only responsible for getting women un-pregnant, women are not carrying a child.
    2)There should be no child support from men in an unmarried situation because, clearly they have not given any indication they wanted a family; they aren’t married. They didn’t create a child, only the woman can create a child, upon having exited her womb.
    3)The state is no longer responsible for supporting children, they are not, nor is the man forcing women to have children. The only time women have children is when they are out of the womb, which is totally her choice.
    4)There will be no law suits, medical support for tissues/fetus, they are flesh, not children.
    5)There will be no unborn protection, as it’s just tissue.

    This would be in alignment with the current proposed legislation, consistent. Can’t have it both ways, it’s no longer 1950.

    These are certainly not my personal desire, but they are consistent with the current logic of the our state and more so with it’s proposals. It brings the discussion back to the core issue. See pro choice people will never agree to this.

    We’d be better off focusing on unwanted pregnancies, where we all agree, who wants to be pregnant when they don’t want a child? 50% of all births in Vermont are unplanned according to Planned Parenthood. They have been this way for decades Planned Parenthood/ unassociated PAC was a huge contributor in this last election.

    Once again Vermont is clearly run by lobbyists. They were offering enough free money to run an entire political party this past election. We refused their PAC money and we refused to answer their questions as they were trying to coerce EVERY candidate running for office. Yes, Alice, we can buy your way into Vermont political office

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