Windsor Selectboard member says she will use her position to push Black Lives Matter agenda

WINDSOR, Vt. — At least one Selectboard member in town has stated that she will use her seat to push the Black Lives Matter agenda.

In the “Birthplace of Vermont,” where the state constitution was adopted in 1777, the Windsor Selectboard has already taken up a handful of social justice causes that signal a break from the past: ditching the Pledge of Allegiance, renaming a street that’s currently named after a slave owner, and reforming police services.

It’s all part of the Black Lives Matter agenda, which increasingly has the attention of board members.

On Sunday, Selectboard member Amanda Smith attended a local Black Lives Matter meeting on Zoom with several participants. During the meeting, she was offered to be vice president, but declined.

“My only concern that I’ve been thinking about is my role on the Selectboard, where I don’t want there to be any conflict of interest for me to be able to vote for the changes that people want to enact,” she said. “I don’t want my role in this group to be a reason I can’t vote for projects, because what they’d say is I’m voting for my own projects.”

Amanda Smith for Windsor VT Selectboard Facebook page

Windsor Selectboard member Amanda Smith

Smith, who is serving a two-year term and comes up for reelection in 2022, added she would still like to be involved in the local BLM group in some capacity.

“I want to have a role — I want to be smart about that as well and make sure that I’m supporting this cause the best that I can and what that looks like,” she said.

The group voted not to go forward with nominations of its various leadership positions until a future date. Electing official leadership helps the group to obtain 501(c)3 status with the federal government.

For the fundraising, community advocacy, and project management portions of the meeting, the group went into executive session.

A special Select Board meeting will be held Tuesday to discuss the three top items: whether or not to recite the Pledge of Allegiance before Selectboard meetings, police policies including body cameras and chokeholds, and renaming Jacob Street.

Former Selectboard member Clayton Paronto has been one of the most outspoken critics on these initiatives. On his Facebook page he lambasted the board’s agenda.

“Progressive Democrats are now calling for removal of Pledge of Allegiance and Limits to our Police Force,” he wrote. “Remind Amanda Smith, Christopher Goulet, and James Reed, THIS IS NOT REPRESENTING OUR COMMUNITY VALUES.

“Call to action contact your Board and remind them God, Country, and public safety are important parts of our community. Follow the Link and Participate in our town “special meeting”. Finally share this Post so our community understands whats going on.”

Paronto also posted about the renaming of Jacob Street.

“I hope we have an understanding of the person you want to sanction\eliminate from our history,” he wrote. “Did he purchase and own a slave, yes. Should he have, no. Do you even know her name? Was she allowed to leave her servitude to the Jacobs family without reprisals? Have you asked the family’s on Jacob Street whether they want the street renamed?”

He added that he is “truly indifferent” on the matter but would like to learn more.

On potential reductions to the police department, he said the police have “come a long way in the last decade” with regard to improvement.

“Christopher Goulet, James Reed and Amanda Smith, I get you are young and ready to change the world but remember change for the sake of change is not always beneficial.”

Black Lives Matter in Windsor has its own Facebook page. In one post concerning graffiti in town, the page says systematic oppression must be addressed.

“Black Lives Matter Windsor, VT, is not responsible for the graffiti that has appeared around town,” they wrote. “We do, however, understand that seeing and hearing about the murder and systematic oppression of black and brown people in our country can spur people to try to raise awareness in various ways. We must be sure our outrage over vandalism is not greater than our outrage over said murder and systematic oppression.”

Across the nation, the Black Lives Matter has largely come to the forefront of the Democrat Party platform.

President Trump says his Republican colleagues need to take the BLM movement more seriously.

“You see their leaders on TV saying ‘give us what we want, or we’ll burn down this system and replace it,'” Trump said. “That’s almost terrorism.”

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

Images courtesy of Michael Bielawski/TNR and Amanda Smith for Windsor VT Selectboard Facebook page

25 thoughts on “Windsor Selectboard member says she will use her position to push Black Lives Matter agenda

  1. Pelosi and the Mueller saga was pure theatrics, a Media fest; no Russian connection at all
    Pelosi and the Ukraine telephone call was a meaningless hoax.
    What next?
    Oh, there is the virus.
    What a god-send
    Jump on it

    Get more negro votes?
    Pelosi and Schumer “taking a knee” is pure, political theatrics.
    It will get votes for Dem/Progs
    It is a sign of approval to have demonstrations and violent riots.
    The more mayhem in the streets the better for Dem/Progs.

    The more virus fake news the better.
    About 95% who are tested have very minor symptoms.
    Of the other 5%, very few end up in a hospital
    About 1% of all cases die, mostly older people with pre-existing conditions.
    That percentage is about the same as for a regular flu season.

    Did you ever see them take a knee for any OTHER negro killed by police?
    Did you ever see them take a knee for any OTHER person?
    Did you ever see them take a knee for any person killed in various wars?

    If they did, their knees would be calloused and sooooo sore.

  2. I’ll tell ya a story about this.
    My little southern NH town (800 pop.) really was getting invaded bad with the Massholes and we were having a real problem with them just having no respect or interest in following the laws in town.
    And this was way back in the early 80s. They’d want to build a barn right on the property line and not within set backs.. maybe they wanted a subdivison or something and were denied. Well they didn’t like that at all and often just did it anyway and said “Sue Me Then” knowing full well the little town could do no such thing.
    So then guess what they started doing, they started running for town offices. Then guess what happened, they had tons of money and the little local guy didn’t, so guess who won.
    These people would win, get whatever they wanted to do done.. and often we were stuck with the bills for years when they got the job promotion and then moved away!
    We went into debt for decades paying for paved roads we didn’t even want because of these people.
    So we ‘Dirt People’ as they thought we were, we wised right up to these antics and lemme tell ya, we were really tuned into this plan of running for a town office with some kind of an agenda like that girl has. I cannot get over the audacity of this.
    There was a day not that long ago when the locals would NEVER tolerate an elected person in town announcing that they were BIASED and had A Plan!!
    Boy their name was mud fast if we caught wind of anything we didn’t like, and lemme tell ya, we could get that word spread fast when we had to.
    We had people in town that talked faster than Twitter back then.

    The only people around New England now that really understand how far we’ve fallen are us old timers here and we’ve been way too damned quiet!
    New England is not going to continue to be New England if we just sit back and allow this stuff to happen. What we are leaving our kids here is not looking to good right at the moment.
    Words and Labels are not going to hurt you- time to fight back.
    Being Quiet is what got us in a giant mess.
    If I lived in this town I’d be seeking to have this woman removed from this seat.
    Because this right here is going to lead to a really bad place.
    What are you going to do when everyone in the town government decides to follow her lead?
    And then that happens when it’s going on in town after town?

  3. Her feelings of self loathing have no business being mixed with government. These radical extremists must be removed from government immediately. It’s time to change or possibly bend some of these rules. BLM in VT? Let’s start with Act 250, which is totally racist! I wonder who supports it!

  4. Follow the money, you will find the money does NOT go toward funding causes that help our brothers and sisters.

    Money does not go toward helping reduce crime, poverty and building a foundational education system for our brothers and sisters. It does not help build our families stronger, nope.

    BLM is a money laundering front.

    B. itchy
    L. ittle
    M. arxsists

    Is a very accurate statement to where your money and efforts are being focused. You can tell a tree by its fruit, and these apples a wrotten Marxists apples looking to do harm at the expense not benefit of our brothers and sisters.

  5. Now it’s official; the charade is over. Public school staff are now admitting they are in full support of Marxism and socialist mandates, and they are forcing it all on our children. Everyone take note!

    • What’s more, they receive the full and unwavering support of Democrats and no opposition whatsoever from Vermont government.

  6. There is a new organization Amanda Smith can join called JAC, Just Another Communist.

  7. Bill Oreily’s latest weekly comments on Black Lives Matter:
    mericans are divided, angry, sad, inspired in some cases, and watchful of the Black Lives Matter Movement. This week one of its leaders proclaimed on national TV that “if this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn the system down.”

    Hawk Newsome continued saying he might be talking figuratively … or literally.

    Very macho. Very provocative. Might be a threat.

    Now, you would think the national press would be all over this story, trying to get accurate information about the Black Lives Matter operation to the American people, who the press is supposed to serve. I mean, this is an important story, is it not?

    Mr. Newsome, who heads the New York City chapter of Black Lives Matter, is the new Huey Newton, whom the 1960’s media largely adored. Mr. Newton cofounded the Black Panther Party.

    Do you know who cofounded the current Black Lives Matter organization? Bet you don’t. Because the press has totally ignored the real story regarding the BLM movement.

    Three women are behind “The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation,” which is the central organization that directs policy. Alicia Garza, 39, is the chief strategic advisor. Patrisse Cullors, 36, is also a top advisor.

    Finally, Opal Tometi, 36, is the third force. She works with the BLM Foundation and is also the Executive Director of the “Black Alliance for Just Immigration.” That group is associated with the “Freedom Road Socialist Organization,” a Marxist-Leninist group that has received funding from the Tides Foundation run by George Soros.

    Ah, the plot thickens.

    The three women who essentially run the BLM Foundation keep a very low profile. No cable news interviews for them.

    Nope, these ladies are serious.

    In an interview with a professor from Morgan State University, Ms. Cullors said: “Myself and Alicia (Garza) in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on ideological theories.”

    So, do you think the protestors chanting “Black Lives Matter” in the streets understand what the “Black Lives Matter Global Network” really is?

    And then there’s the “Thousand Currents” operation out of Oakland, California. Ever heard of it? I didn’t think so.

    Because the Black Lives Matter Foundation does not have tax exempt status, at least not yet, the radical left “Thousand Currents” outfit “fiscally sponsors” BLM. The means it holds their donations, which now number in the millions. Because the non-profit “Currents” is overseeing the cash, donors are allowed to write off donations to BLM, according to the IRS.

    Karl Marx would love this; a capitalist government allowing tax deductions for money earmarked to destroy it.

    And so ignorant celebrities and clueless corporations benefit financially when giving money to the radical left Black Lives Matter Global Organization Foundation. Right on!

    Another question. When BLM receives the donated money where does the cash wind up? Well, according to, 71 percent of it goes to salaries, benefits, and “consulting fees.”

    Wow! How great is this? Your mom could be a “consultant.”

    Interesting, right? The Black Lives Matter organization is run by Marxists who have access to lots and lots of money.

    Who knew? Certainly not anyone who follows the national press. Those “news” organizations couldn’t care less.

    As long as they can virtue-signal and damage “Donald Trump’s America,” the press is happy in its laziness and apathy.

    Does the truth matter?

    Not to the media.

    Power to the people!

    • So true, so true, well said.

      Just another little special teams operative for the new world order pimps, coming to a local neighbor hood near you.

  8. It’s a Marxist organization and does not belong in our town I will do what I can to stand against this. Or anywhere else in our country it’s fine to practice free speech and believe in what you wanna believe in however should not be bringing it into everybody’s home and everybody’s community when it’s a toxic terrorist organization and has been proven so.

    • Breaking News, 6-30-20:
      U.S. Supreme Court Validates Parents’ Rights
      Monumental decision affirms the right of parents to direct the education of their children.
      WASHINGTON, D.C. — The decision of the Supreme Court in favor of the plaintiff in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue validates a parent’s constitutionally protected right to direct the education of their children.

      • “The application of the Montana Constitution’s “no-aid” provision to a state program providing tuition assistance to parents who send their children to private schools discriminated against religious schools and the families whose children attend or hope to attend them in violation of the free exercise clause.”

  9. Several observations. Isn’t it ironic that a principal in the Windsor school system gets suspended because she stated her views on BLM, yet when a Select Board does the same she get glorified. It’s OK for one to exercise her right to free speach, but when someone else does likewise she gets nailed because her comments were considered politically incorrect. With all this blm talk, how about ALL lives matter. As for our pledge of allegiance and renaming streets, got a better idea. How about banning any books containing reference to the Civil War, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, slavery or any subject the narrow minded pc people find offensive. How about using comic books in history classes? Just a few thoughts for the folks to ponder.

  10. So in other words, if she accepted the vp for blm she felt it would compromise her decisions on “her projects” ??? Who’s to say she won’t ACT the part of vote to push whatever she wants, just not publicly stating so??? Typical politician, tell you one thing and do the other, good luck with this one

  11. Hey Amanda. How about pushing the agenda that you were put in office to push instead of showing everyone hoe “ woke “ you are.

  12. This is one of those moments when those of us who have not trusted politics or politicians feel vindicated. At the same time, you realize in order to make a safe place for all our children and all our families together, we have to choose to be more involved. No more letting others make the choices for us about safety, education, rights and choices. Love to all

  13. Windsor Selectboard member says she will use her position to push
    Black Lives Matter, I hope the people in Windsor send her packing.

    BLM a known Marxist driven organization and this elected official
    believes in its agenda ” cause ” they have shown their true colors
    pure anarchy…………….Jail time is needed for most !!

    Black Lives Matter, except in New York, Chicago just to name a few
    cities that Black Lives don’t matter……………. pathetic hypocrites !!

  14. Maybe she could try focusing on her job, making Windsor a viable town for people to live and work and raise families in, I know it’s hard in a state and country
    gone lunatic but jeez, grow up and give it a try

  15. I can’t take the Black Lives Matter movement seriously at this time. Yes I support its goal of ending racism and prejudice, that is necessary. Where it loses me is the violence from it, trying to deny history and/or using it as an excuse. It has less credibility when it completely disregards issues and and accepts ideology and a political party that has hurt the ability for advancement for decades.
    Of course always be vocal against racism but
    Recognize that progressive policies are preventing people from fully realizing their potential.
    Speak out against the failed public education system which settles for mediocrity and leads many students to failure.
    Speak out against drugs and press for tough penalties for dealers.
    Stand up against gangs.
    Speak out against illegal immigrants who come here and take away decent paying jobs by working for low wages.
    Stand up for tax reform to reduce the outsourcing of so many good paying jobs.
    Speak out against single parent homes and men having multiple baby mommas.
    Speak out against using abortion as a primary method of birth control.
    Educate Americans about prominent blacks in history including Frederick Douglass, Booker T Washington, W.E.B. DuBois, Thurgood Marshall, Sojourney Truth, Harriet Tubman,Ida Wells, Shirley Chisholm, Dr. King and Coretta Scott King, Dred Scott, and George Washington to name just a handful. Show that anyone can achieve beyond their current situation. Focus on them, show others they can choose to waste their lives or make their lives count for something special. Few will achieve what these great people have but we can all make a difference.

  16. Does anyone even know what a money laundering scheme is?

    Do they know what type of government we have and why? Should all countries change their names because all countries were involved with slavery in their past?

    I get feeds on my smart phone and I do what my phone tells me too. I’m very smart.

    The smart phone is the most effective propaganda tool ever invented by man. Staggering. Is anyone even reading books of wisdom, to which our country was founded? Books….

  17. Wyoming looks better and better to me every day. This state is a communist lunatic asylum.

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