Who is Miriam Berry, and why is she challenging Peter Welch for Congress?

Editor’s note: On August 11, Vermont Republicans nominated Miriam Berry of Essex Junction as their nominee to challenge longtime incumbent Peter Welch (D). Last week, Ms. Berry, a relative political unknown, emailed the following information to Vermont Daily.

The granddaughter of a Vermont country doctor, Miriam has served the people of Vermont for over 25 years. She started as a nursing assistant and then obtained her LPN. While working full time as an LPN, Miriam earned her RN.

Miriam felt a call to government many years ago. She grew up in a civic-minded Democrat family. She couldn’t wait to turn 18 so that she could vote! Among the recipients of her first votes were Jesse Jackson, Mondale-Ferraro and Bernie Sanders.

Miriam Berry

Miriam, however, soon walked away from the Democratic party. She realized that her faith, the way she lived her life and the way she thought about issues were far more conservative. She feels conservative values more closely align with the Constitution.

Today, Miriam Berry RN wants to be your Representative to Congress. She brings the unique perspective of one who knows the hardship of making ends meet while supporting a family. She knows healthcare. She understands the needs of Vermont’s aging population. She is not a career politician. She is one of us.

Miriam on the issues

I opposes defunding the police. Those who choose to serve in law enforcement are an essential part of our community. They have my respect and support.

Vermont’s biggest challenge is how to come back from and thrive in this new pandemic age. It has touched every aspect of our being, from raising children to how we worship to how we pay the bills.

My top priorities include caring for our aging Veterans, price transparency for medical procedures, finding safe ways to return to living & thriving during and after the pandemic. It’s time to heal the divisions and reunite the United States of America.

For more information go to www.berry2020.net.

Image courtesy of U.S. House of Representatives

10 thoughts on “Who is Miriam Berry, and why is she challenging Peter Welch for Congress?

  1. Thanks Miriam – we need more ppl like you! Hopefully you take this career stuffed suit out of office. Go Miriam 😀

    • Thank you, all!
      School choice is HUGE to me. Vouchers are a good way to start, especially when many parents I know had to either cut to part time or quit their jobs entirely during CoVid. My heart goes out to them.
      Our children all learn differently. They are gifted with different talents and passions. I believe that parents should be able to choose a school strong in athletics or a school strong in music or math – whatever will most benefit the child. This includes faith-based schools.
      I know many families who chose to home school. I find their children self-assured, sociable and capable. I travel less in those circles now, but Vermont had quite a network of homeschoolers that worked together for team efforts, dramatic productions and group classes.
      I hope this answers your question, Jay.

  2. Unfortunately, the fact that Vermont voters have returned these three repeatedly to Washington says a lot about the intellectual capacity of these voters. If you asked each one of these voters what have Welch, Leahy and Sanders done to make your life better, there would be dead silence. What most politicians do in Washington is to amass great wealth for themselves and their families. Peter Welch’s picture should be represented along side of the description of the “Peter Principal”, the theory of how people are elevated to their level of incompetence. But have no fear, he will be returned to inactive status right after the election due to voter ignorance.

  3. Peter was a competent attorney, but beyond that, well….. have you ever heard of taking up space??
    That is what he is good at. And, so are the other two. Talk about being unfit!!!!!

  4. Congrats Miriam on #walkaway and deciding to run against
    VT’s 3rd stooge and mouth piece for Pelosi’s Anti American Agenda.. Welch who
    started out being a semi independent voice in the House soon turned into a leftist
    hack and now is in full stride with the worst of the worst in the Washington swamp..

    He can’t be evicted soon enough along with the other two worthless excuses for

    • Update on the weasel Welch, I just found out the slime signed off his votes
      to be done by proxy back on may 26th to McGovern of mass.
      Vermonters should demand their tax moneys paying his salary back as
      he had someone else doing HIS job… All the more reason to fire the worthless
      swamp slime… for not being what he was elected to do…

  5. Thank you for this information. I always thought Peter exemplifies the leadership traits equal to that of a wet paper bag. I wish Miriam much luck in this race.

    • For some strange reason Welch has a constant ‘deer in the headlights’ look. Apparently he never got the memo that VT media will only toss softballs at him.

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