‘We simply cannot be in a perpetual state of emergency,’ Scott says

Republican Gov. Phil Scott told reporters at his weekly press conference Tuesday that the latest coronavirus data trends do not warrant another state of emergency declaration in Vermont.

“Again, for broad mandates, I need to declare a state of emergency, and the data still doesn’t support that step. What’s more, is I don’t think it’s the right approach and my team hasn’t recommended it,” the governor said.

Scott continued that he believes that encouraging vaccinations, rather than forcing lockdowns, is the right strategy for Vermont.

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Vermont Gov. Phil Scott

“We simply cannot be in a perpetual state of emergency,” he said. “It sets a dangerous precedent, it’s an abuse of my authority, and the vaccines are proving to be so effective in protecting people.”

The governor said the coronavirus is going to continue on for the foreseeable future “like the flu,” and therefore Vermonters should seek practical protections.

“[We must do] things like staying home when sick and getting tested if you think you’ve been exposed. Especially if you are planning to visit someone who you know is vulnerable, like an older relative or someone with severe illness,” Scott said.

On the ongoing mask-policy debate, Scott noted nearly every school in the state has adopted a mask requirement, so he does not see the need for a mask mandate. “We effectively have a mask-mandate in schools,” he said.

The governor referenced case counts “in the hundreds last week” for COVID-19. He also continued to stress that these cases are mostly among the unvaccinated.

It is not clear how many positive cases have involved symptoms. PCR tests have been criticized for producing high COVID case counts including high numbers of asymptomatic cases. A report by NewsRescue.com highlights that the CDC may have been instructing PCR test users to calibrate the test differently when testing the unvaccinated.

Many unvaccinated workers are now required to get weekly COVID-19 testing, and this new trend could skew data when making comparisons to cases among vaccinated versus unvaccinated Americans.

Scott announced that Vermont’s roughly 8,000 state employees will be forced to take COVID shots or do weekly testing.

The governor himself also warned about getting overworked over large case counts.

“For many months before vaccines, cases were all we talked about,” he said. “It was the most effective way to talk about the risks for hospitalizations, long-term care outbreaks, and deaths. With vaccines, these rates are decreasing.”

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3 thoughts on “‘We simply cannot be in a perpetual state of emergency,’ Scott says

  1. Scott’s statements-“We simply cannot be in a perpetual state of emergency,” he said. “It sets a dangerous precedent, it’s an abuse of my authority” are correct and must be acknowledged as policy.
    As the democratic “leadership”- Balint, Krowinski and now Lt. Gov. Gray attempt to make themselves relevant to party faithful, the pressure on Scott to impose the emergency order again, or executive orders further encroaching on Vermont citizens increases. Scott has already greatly exceeded the required government intervention dealing with SARS CoV-2. He has bent Vermont over backwards to acquiesce to liberal demands- and we are beginning to pay the price for his actions, Elementary Education is fast devolving, as is the Vermont economy beginning to show signs of slowing and dropping into recession. We shall soon see what damage to the economy his “vaccine” mandate will bring- especially to healthcare availability and cost. The only “state of emergency” needing to be declared is in January 2022, when the legislature reconvenes to further their socialist big government control over Vermont.

  2. About getting tested if you may possibly, could have been exposed to crona. The schools are going nuts. Nobody knows s–. My grand son was out of school to be tested. on the day after testing he was told he had to be tested because he might have been exposed at the school on the day he was out for testing. What all this is doing is teaching these kids that all officials are liars and you can’t believe anything they say. These chickens will come home to roost.

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