Vulnerable Dems seek to get rid of mask mandates ‘as quickly as possible’

By Sebastian Hughes

Democrats facing competitive races in the 2022 midterm elections are attempting to get rid of mask mandates sooner, rather than later, Axios reported.

Some vulnerable Democrats are supporting a Republican-led bill that would repeal mask mandates, setting up a confrontation with the White House’s stance on the issue, Axios reported.

“I’m completely over mask mandates,” said New York Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, according to Axios. “I don’t think they make any sense anymore. I’m for whatever gets rid of mask mandates as quickly as possible.”

“I think you’re safer on an airplane than you are in a restaurant or at the gym, so I don’t know why we’re wearing masks in the air,” he said, Axios reported.

A resolution to nullify the Biden administration’s public transportation mask mandate passed the Senate in a 57-40 vote on March 15. Eight Democrats voted for the resolution, including four who are considered to be among the most vulnerable for the party come November, Axios reported.

“I would vote for that,” said Democratic Pennsylvania Rep. Susan Wild, according to Axios, arguing localities and airlines “can make that decision for themselves.”

“If, based on science, [airplanes are] just as safe as anywhere else, then we should be considering it,” Democratic Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin said, Axios reported.

Some Democrats remain hesitant to support rolling back mask mandates after fervently championing them for the majority of the pandemic, Axios reported. The White House has also threatened to veto the resolution.

“I think the House should stay out of issues of science, generally speaking,” Democratic Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips said, Axios reported.

Slotkin, Wild and Maloney did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s requests for comment.

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5 thoughts on “Vulnerable Dems seek to get rid of mask mandates ‘as quickly as possible’

  1. Using an inaccessible website to base a news story on, “Axios reported” – is NOT journalism.
    Its third hand information.

  2. Don’t let the voters forget who killed the economy and the country with impunity and will continue
    if elected again. Fraud fauci is already sticking his head up out ot the sand warning of more
    lock downs and mask mandates if conditions worsen when they never did squat to squelch or even
    impede his bio weapon chyna flu. There’s not a lot of hope for a turn around in the commie center of
    New England but perhaps if the rest of the country rejects them our brain dead electorate may get
    a clue..

  3. Those blue rags were totally useless, according to Fauci at least one year ago.
    Better than nothing?
    Bull manure!
    Breathing in and out of a dirty blue rag day after day IS VERY BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH.

    DEM/PROGS enforced blue rags purely to get the US people used to centralized command/control by the all-knowing Dem/Progs

    • Have you seen how many of those “blue rags” are lying along roadways, in parking lots, and washing up on ocean shores? How many of them are in landfills (they are NOT biodegradable)? Where is the concern of the Dem/Progs about the dangerous environmental impact of the “blue rags”? Then again, consider all the companies that have jumped on the mask-making bandwagon that stand to lose $ if no one will wear them anymore! Beware the Medical-Industrial complex!

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