VTGOP: Single-member district vote Friday afternoon

The following is a legislative alert from the chair of the Vermont GOP.

Tomorrow, Jan. 14th at 3 p.m. the VT House of Representatives will meet and they are scheduled to vote on whether or not to subvert the proposal of the Apportionment Board to create a map of single-member Vermont House districts. Currently, depending on which town you live in, you may have one representative, or you may have two.  The Apportionment Board put forward a more equitable plan that gives every Vermonter — no matter their zip code —  exactly one representative.

Paul Dame, chairman of the Vermont GOP

Our Republican House Caucus is not going to sit back and let this happen unopposed.  Republican Heidi Scheuermann of Stowe and Rep. Casey Toof of St. Albans have proposed an amendment to put forward the originally approved plan, instead of a new map drawn up by Democrats.

Take a moment BEFORE 3 p.m. Friday to contact YOUR legislator(s) and let them know you want them to support the Scheuermann-Toof amendment to House Bill H.589.

If you don’t know who your House Rep is (or how to contact them) you can go to the Legislative directory found here:

You can search by the legislator’s name, if you know it.  Or you can search by the town you live in.

If you live in a larger town with more than one House Rep, just write to all of them.

If you want some more background on this issue, see my video and recent Monday Message found here:

Last Week’s Video Message
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Thanks for your help!

Chairman Paul Dame, VT Republican Party

Image courtesy of Flickr/justgrimes