Voters choose Biden and Bernie over other Democratic candidates, poll says

By Grace Carr

Democratic voters favor former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders over other 2020 candidates, a Morning Consult poll reveals.

Biden and Sanders lead the pack with double the numbers grasped by any other Democratic candidate, according to a Morning Consult poll Monday. Forty percent of likely Democratic voters favor Biden.

Biden’s closest competitor, Sanders, trails behind with 19 percent of Democratic voters saying they will choose him in the primaries.

Many voters who selected another candidate as their first choice chose either Biden or Sanders as their second choice for the Democratic nomination, the poll reveals.

Twenty-five percent of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s supporters chose Sanders as their second choice, while 25 percent of California Sen. Kamala Harris’s and 31 percent of South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s supporters chose Biden as their second choice for the nomination.

A plurality of Biden supporters chose Sanders as their second choice, and a plurality of Sanders supporters chose Biden.

Eight percent of survey respondents indicated they would vote for Warren. Harris received seven percent and Buttigieg grasped six percent of voters’ support.

Morning Consult interviewed 15,770 registered voters between April 29 and May 5 to conduct its poll. It has a plus or minus 1 percent margin of error.

An April 30 Quinnipiac poll showed 38 percent of surveyed voters favoring Biden in the primaries. The poll also showed Warren placing second with 12 percent of voters’ support.

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6 thoughts on “Voters choose Biden and Bernie over other Democratic candidates, poll says

  1. Biden or Sanders…..if the DNC is putting all there chips on these two …….Suckers!!

    I’m waiting for the debates between the twenty or so contenders, to tear each other
    apart like a pack of ” rabid dogs ” ……… it should be fun.

    Let see ” Touchy-Feely” Joe or ” Commie ” Sanders……what a joke.

  2. Another thought. Thus far, Joe and Bernie have gotten a free ride. Can’t wait for the debates when the other 20 something candidates show up and start beating on them. Should be fun to watch.

    • After the dust all settles it will probably be 2 not even on the ticket,
      Like the Sasquatch (mikey Obama) and the Hag (criminal Clinton)
      or a Wiener Holder ticket might also have name appeal..

  3. Now that Biden has assured us that we have nothing to fear from China, I sleep more soundly. He must be right as his son, Hunter, has an inside track with the big wigs and high financials in China, soo Joe is getting the inside skinny. Things seldom change.

  4. The best the party of inclusion can come up with is 2 old white males, and 1 is
    a commie the other a dumber then a box of rocks groper. They both would
    drive the economy over the cliff, burnee from his socialistic free for all and
    biden from his always being on the wrong side of everything. (stupid factor)

    The demonic party of the KKK is a joke and any who vote for them are the purest of
    Anti Americans..

  5. Great news, as Biden just announced that we, the working people of America, should pay the healthcare costs for illegals. That will surely garner him more votes – by adding yet another 20 million or so leeches doing nothing but sucking the life out of the country.

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