VFA: Hear the voices of detransitioners from third annual Detrans Awareness Day

This letter is by Carol Kauffman, of Addison. She is president of the Vermont Family Alliance.

Sunday, March 12, was the third annual DetransAwarenessDay. The Vermont legislative proponents of H.89 and S.37 need to pause and hear their voices this week — the voices of those unnecessarily misdiagnosed and abandoned by exclusive gender-affirming healthcare.

Vermont Family Alliance has witnessed the eerie silence surrounding the known permanent risks of the exclusive gender-affirming care standard of care protected in H.89 and S.37. VFA reached out to detransitioners regarding H.89 and three responded with personal testimony (full testimonies are linked below).

“My name is Prisha. By the time I was 15 years old, I was suffering from multiple diagnosed mental illnesses, including borderline personality disorder and anorexia nervosa. I was suicidal, self-harming, and hated myself. The appointment with my gender therapist was only 15 minutes long. When I walked in, my “letter of recommendation” was already typed up on her computer, and she was filling in my name in minutes.” (read full testimony)

“My name is Abel Garcia, I believed that if I had received proper therapy, I would not have transitioned, and if I had received proper informed consent about the repercussions, I would also not have transitioned. The side effects have included genital atrophy with urinary issues, loss of dexterity, chest numbness, body aches, and tremors throughout my body. I would not have transitioned if I had been made aware of these side effects.” (read full testimony)

“My name is Camille Kiefel. If I made this mistake as an adult, a young girl could, too. Not only did my surgery exacerbate my mental health issues. I now struggle with physical complications as well. You know what keeps me going? Stopping this from happening to someone else. Thank you for your time. You all have a lot to consider, and I know you will make the right decision.” (read full testimony)

So far, Chair Lyons and Chair LaLonde’s expert testimony has remained silent on the 2022 NHS of England “case for change” findings, high-profile lawsuits against gender clinics in the UK and America, such as detransitioner Chloe Cole and The Tavistock gender clinic, “Lawyers expect about 1,000 families to join a medical negligence lawsuit alleging vulnerable children have been misdiagnosed and placed on a damaging medical pathway.” Finally, whistleblower Jamie Reed, “There are more than 100 pediatric gender clinics across the U.S. I worked at one. What’s happening to children is morally and medically appalling.”

After a growing population of detranstioners, lawsuits and clinic whistleblowers has emerged, one must wonder whom the so-called H.89 Shield Bill is protecting.

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4 thoughts on “VFA: Hear the voices of detransitioners from third annual Detrans Awareness Day

  1. The parents have really got to get more assertive and stop assuming the “medical professionals” have the best interests of their children in mind. It’s all about the Benjamins for them. When our son was young it was about getting kids, especially boys, on Ritalin. We attributed his problems with restlessness in school to the fact that young children, especially boys, could not sit for an indeterminate length of time without getting restless. When I was in elementary school back in the 1950s we had recess in the morning, time on the playground at lunchtime, and recess in the afternoon. Plus we only had a six hour school day. We discovered that our son’s school had done away with morning and afternoon recess in order to institute a ridiculous PE program where the children did not have free play but were usually standing around waiting their turn to participate. The school wanted us to put our son on Ritalin but we declined. First of all no school personnel were going to tell us what to do regarding our son’s health and we knew that if we went to the doctor he would immediately write out a prescription. No way were we going to do that to our son. We were called bad parents who didn’t care about our son, that was with him present. And they took our refusal out on our son. But we stood our ground and as our son got older all the “symptoms” of ADD and ADHD disappeared – without drugs. Parents have got to start stepping up to the plate. Too many want to be the understanding, compassionate parents and prove to the world that they are accepting of their child’s gender issues and will love them no matter what, but in reality, as proved by this article, they are destroying their children and their children’s future. Parents need to get some courage. That courage has saved our children many times from the “health treatment” required for the made up health crisis du jour.

  2. This testimony reminds me of that given before the invasion of Kuwait, by a girl who claimed she saw Iraqi soldiers ripping the life support tubes out of babies in a Kuwaiti hospital pediatric intensive care unit. It turned out she was the daughter of the Saudi ambassador and had lied. Who are the people making these claims?

    • Also, Jamie Reed’s testimony has been thoroughly debunked. She has been revealed as a mole actively working to dissuade applicants from receiving any services from her employer.

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