Vermont’s Republican governor signs legislation expanding mail-in voting

By Andrew Trunsky

Vermont Republican Gov. Phil Scott signed a bill Monday requiring all registered voters in the state to receive mail-in ballots, breaking from GOP leaders in other states that have restricted the measure.

U.S. Department of State

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott

The bill, S.15, sailed through Vermont’s legislature, and made permanent expansions that were first adopted to accommodate voting amid the coronavirus pandemic, VT Digger reported. It also allows voters to correct a ballot that poll workers deemed ineligible if it was filled out or mailed incorrectly.

“I believe making sure voting is easy and accessible, and increasing voter participation is important,” Scott said in a statement Monday. He also asked the legislature to expand the bill’s provisions to primary and local elections and school budget votes in order to facilitate higher voter turnout.

In the 2020 presidential election, over 73% of the state’s registered voters casted a ballot, and of those over three-quarters did so by mail, according to statistics from the Vermont secretary of state’s office. The state ranked ninth among overall turnout.

A poll conducted by Lincoln Park Strategies found the measure to be overwhelmingly popular in the state, with 68% of voters favoring the expansions and just 29% opposing them. Nearly 80% of voters supported allowing voters to “cure” ballots with small errors.

Though Scott is a Republican, he is a moderate from an overwhelmingly-Democratic state, and told reporters that he voted for President Joe Biden, marking the first time he voted against his own party.

The bill is unlike those in other Republican-controlled states like Florida, Georgia and Texas that limit mail-in voting and alter other forms of voting within them. While Republicans have argued that the bills are necessary to protect against possible voter fraud, Democrats have countered that they will make it harder for people to vote — especially voters in urban areas and voters of color — and that voter fraud is incredibly rare.

The only other Republican-dominated state to adopt voting expansions since the election is Kentucky, where Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear signed a bipartisan billestablishing three days of early voting, multiple voting centers and an online portal where voters can register and request ballots.

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8 thoughts on “Vermont’s Republican governor signs legislation expanding mail-in voting

  1. Previously, I posted a write-up of the preparation of 280,000 ballots in envelopes, in Bethpage, Long Island, more than a month PRIOR TO NOVEMBER 3.

    Jesse, the truck driver had left his trailer with ballots, at the USPS Center, Lancaster, PA.

    When he came back to pick up his trailer, to go back to Bethpage, which he had done each day for 18 months, it was gone. This had never happened before.

    Any rational, non-biased person would classify that as a major, premeditated fraud, involving the aiding and abetting by the managements of at least three USPS Centers. See my article.

    Trump “lost” PA by 100,000 votes.

    In about 2 weeks, the Arizona forensic recounts, viewed and praised by representatives of 6 states thus far, will be known.

    It is already known, the numbers of ballots stated on the outside of each box is greater than actual ballots inside each box.

    Any rational, non-biased person would think, folks have been removing Trump votes, but did not change the outside numbers on the boxes, because they had to add up to “official” 2.1 million ballots.

    You can easily see, why Arizona election officials tried so hard to prevent the recount from getting started, and tried to end it once started, but fortunately, per US Constitution, the US Dept. of Justice has NO jurisdiction

    You can be sure, the recounter folks have tried their best to be as accurate as possible, and to be as much beyond fault as possible, as a defense against a barrage of Media and other naysayers.

    Stay tuned for great news, finally

    BTW, this has nothing to do with Trump, but everything to do with counting every LAWFUL vote.

    The US is a union of SOVEREIGN states, as stated in the US Constitution, and to prevent large states from swamping small states, such as Vermont, each state has two Senators, and each state has electors based on the number of legal residents; illegals do not count, per US law.

    In this free country, people have the freedom to organize to LAWFULLY garner enough votes to make changes, in a LAWFUL manner, to the Constitution, as has been done many times in history.

  2. Republicans aren’t able to vote for an honest Republican with conservative values. Obviously, the Democrats had one of their own run as a Republican so they had no chance of losing. HE VOTED FOR BIDEN!!!!!???? That statement alone should be the reason to throw his ass to the curb.

  3. Does anyone in the state of Vermont believe flip flop Phil the socialist?

    He says voting for Biden was the first time he voted against the republican party. He is hell bent on the destruction of the Republican party.

    I guess he forgot about lying to us when he signed gun bills after promising never to do such a thing.

    Phil Scott is just like “CHEAP TOILET PAPER”…he should never be trusted.

  4. Phony Phil has made sure the Commiecrat Party stays in power in VT for perpetuity

  5. We learn NOTHING from watching others. After they drown, we dive in!!

    100,000’s of ballots mailed out, scattered in a million places, easily grabbed in some………..
    And None ZERO of the safeguards which have been used here and elsewhere forever.
    Unwanted ballots fill the wastebasket at the Post Office, ready for the dishonest to grab!!

    People who cared always found a way to vote. Requested absentee ballots were sent unquestioned. Dead people did not vote. Those who left to retire south vote, Students long gone remain on the voter roles. All those are live ballots for anybody to fill in, to give to their favored political party, to sell for a pint of whiskey,

    Has the Legislature and the Governor lost their minds. People who want to vote can always vote – simple!!

    Is there a need to force people to vote who don’t care, don’t know the issues , don’t know the candidates???
    Really !!?!

  6. Nearly 80% of voters supported allowing voters to “cure” ballots with small errors.
    So, I’m a voter. Do you mind if I cure your ballot? We have no idea who cures your ballot no do we.
    Another bad poll question.

    Long over due for a new governor.

  7. Moderate?? He’s a full-fledged liberal! Deb should have kicked him from the party a long time ago but certainly for this one.

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