Vermonters to be ‘presumed’ COVID-19 positive if they refuse test, could face quarantines

At least in some scenarios Vermonters could end up being presumed to have COVID-19 if they refuse to take the PCR test, the state’s secretary of Human Services said last week at a governor’s press conference.

“EPI [Elder Protection Initiative] has decided that, based on interview information, sometimes when people refuse testing it presumes they are positive,” Mike Smith said during an update on the testing operations in the state for the virus. “This is being done for two reasons: one for transparency, especially as the use of antigen tests become more widely used, and two, to be in line with other states.”

Smith suggested that the counting of presumptive cases will impact the data reported to the public on COVID statistics.

“We will begin presenting the number of probable cases asymptomatic or exposed people with those antigen tests that aren’t PCR-confirmed,” he said. There will be another 120 “presumptive positives” inserted into Vermont’s COVID-19 reports for the dates from Sept. 6 until now.


Example of COVID-19 PCR test, which uses a nasal swab to detect the virus from genetic information

Smith also discussed the practice of “contact tracing,” which is when businesses such as restaurants will take the name and number of every customer that comes in, and then the state will collect that information and potentially reach out and ask that Vermonters get the COVID-19 test. If that person refuses, he or she could be presumed to have COVID-19 and potentially face a quarantine scenario.

“Contact tracing is a tool to mitigating and containing the spread of COVID-19,” Smith said. “We have worked hard to ensure that we are prepared to meet the rise of cases across Vermont, and as we see case counts continue to increase across the country and the state we are beginning to add more staff to assist in this effort.”

Smith said he hopes that Vermonters believe in the legitimacy of these tests.

“The most important thing is more testing to be trusted by Vermonters,” he said.

Polymerase chain reaction tests, or PCR tests, seek to confirm the presence of the coronavirus by measuring virus RNA. While the tests may take several days to confirm results, they are considered to be highly accurate.

However, critics of the test say they use questionable methodology. The test’s accuracy has even been called into question by its creator, Kary Mullis.

“With PCR if you do it well you can find almost anything in anybody,” he said. Mullis says the test should not be used to determine if someone has a specific virus.

The NYTimes came to a similar conclusion about the PCR test when it did a study of positive cases across three states and found 90 percent of those cases may not have enough of the virus present to either cause symptoms or spread it to other people.

“Some of the nation’s leading public health experts are raising a new concern in the endless debate over coronavirus testing in the United States: The standard tests are diagnosing huge numbers of people who may be carrying relatively insignificant amounts of the virus,” the report states.

Earlier in the news conference, Smith apologized for an incident involving numerous Vermonters having to get retested for COVID-19 after their initial results did not get to the proper out-of-state destination in a timely manner.

Smith says the COVID-19 testing has changed a lot since the spring when they lacked the capability to meet demands.

“If you remember in the spring we had limited testing supplies and there we were limited in our ability to test Vermonters,” Smith said. “Today the state has a robust testing system.”

Smith said one of their key strategies is to create pop-up testing sites in areas for a day or two at a time where there is a suspected outbreak. Smith said there will also be more permanent testing sites with day, night, and weekend hours, in addition to hospital and pharmacy testing locations. Recently the Vermont National Guard shared with True North that they help in this effort to expand testing capabilities.

He said some of these testing facilities will be using “rapid antigen tests” and that they will soon be offering twice-week PCR testing to those who work at any skilled nursing facility. In the last week, the state has processed over 34,000 tests and 48,000 the prior week. He said their goal is to continue at about a 30,000-tests-per-week pace.

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

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44 thoughts on “Vermonters to be ‘presumed’ COVID-19 positive if they refuse test, could face quarantines

  1. The term “Dark Winter” is being used to describe the future over the next few months by leaders all around the world. Search the internet (NOT GOOGLE) for the tern Dark Winter. Globally we are headed into some very bad times.

  2. It’s my body and if I refuse to drink the Kool-aid. that’s my business not yours. If you want to take it, go ahead but leave contact information on your next of kin.

  3. Read yesterday that the Governor of NJ stated that 74% of people contacted by contact tracers are not cooperating. Sounds like civil disobedience to me if not outright revolt.

    • Simply amazing that they noted businesses collecting VERY detailed information for the “concept” noted as contact tracing – hmmm…

      Happen to know of businesses that offered that “detailed” contact information they were TOLD to keep track of – oddly the health department didn’t ask for it nor did they want it after it was offered (?) all this contradicting info!

      There is a storm a brewing on the horizon…

      • Have decided any business that asks for personal info will politely leave and try to avoid calling them the Brownshirted Shiny-Boot affiliates that they are. Have avoided restaurants for this reason bc I’m sitting down and not a fan of ‘scenes’ lol
        Pitchforks and torches much – they don’t want to rile the Indians or sinister plot will be exposed and could backfire – however info in the bank – sleeping

  4. I think it’s worth noting this:

    We are not suffering from the disease, says the dashboard, we are suffering from The Cure.

    Perhaps the time to reframe the battle is here?
    Our lives have been illegally turned into giant social experiments.. and THAT is what is killing people.

  5. And over the cliff we go…..The EPI is a law (H.622) enacted in Oct. 2020. It seems to require cooperation between government agencies, for the betterment of the elderly- not some sort of bureaucratic dictator spewing out new rules and regulations…Oh, wait….The VT AG’s office is involved, so I stand corrected. The EPI is a method for TJ Donovan to create edicts for us to follow.
    Any sort of common sense has long ago departed every state agency when dealing with Covid-19.
    For HHS to adopt “rules” based on the EPI and apply them to the general population makes about as much sense as VT Fish and Game issuing rules on plowing and sanding the interstate.
    Many weeks ago at King Phil’s ‘Ronavirus updates- Levine was asked about the cycle thresholds for PCR tests. 35 or 37 cycles, I believe was the answer. My question is, how long after January 20th will the CDC lower that cycle threshold- and BAM!- Biden cures the pandemic.
    We are being played.

  6. Yup, Gestapo Phil, he knows best about your health and how to handle it, I guess
    he figures we are all petulant fools if you question him.

    If he runs your health concerns as well as he runs the state, with its debt, taxes
    unemployment just to mention a few issues…..more will be leaving the state.

    Oh yeah, Flip Flop Phil ……………….he’ll have a new story next week !!

  7. Neil you make me laugh. Have been calling for mass covid testing to see ‘how many ppl have had it’ repeatedly. I have asked you to describe how this would be done but have refused to answer any questions providing only the typically circuitous nonanswers – your par.

    Well done Mr Johnson *this* is what it looks like – I’ll watch you squirm and attempt to slither from the truth once again – I’d be mighty surprised if you owned up.

    • It’s called testing for antibodies, meaning your body has already developed an immunity because you had it, something the body does naturally.

      It is the same principle for vaccine’s, when they give you a vaccine they stimulate the auto immune system to build up antibodies so you dont’ get what what ever they are vaccinating you for.

      The principle of herd immunity/vaccination is that so many have already developed an immunity there is no place for the disease to spread and do it’s majic.

      30% of the people don’t even know they’ve ever had Crono virus….

      It’s interesting how the vaccine will work according to officials, but having already had corona, they aren’t sure how long you’ll be immune.

      Hope that explains things, thanks for asking.

        • To be clear here – you are in fact asking for mass Covid testing-antibodies. An antibody test is a blood test which I consider more invasive, costly and difficult to administer at pharmacy-level or other publicly-accessed facility which would be sites and I think only a Dr, nurse or phlebotomist could perform. Not fooled so kindly stop lying pls.

      • Ah I see just semantic games. Correction: Mass Covid Antibody Testing – is that better Neil? And no – predictively doesn’t “help” just another excuse for refusing to state the obvious added to the pile – my but you’re slippery.

        “Mass Testing” is the keyword here – not the type. My question was and is how would this be administered – you have and still refuse to answer just more evasive and skilled politician-speak designed to dishonestly hide the truth just as they do – but you do talk a good game even if it’s all pure fiction.

      • To be clear, herd immunity and vaccine immunity are not the same. Herd immunity comes from recovering from an illness. The protection is generally lifelong and can also protect again other strains.

        Vaccine immunity is a complete crapshoot. 2 to 10% don’t mount any response and the remainder may have antibodies for 6 months to several years.

        There is also original antigenic sin which means that that the vaccine will only protect again a single strain as well as make someone more vulnerable to another strain.

        PS Humans have never once stopped a virus. NEVER!

  8. You are presumed to have COVID-19 if you refuse to take the PCR test. According to Smith, there will be another 120 “presumptive positives” inserted into Vermont’s COVID-19 reports for the dates from Sept. 6 until now. Is that 120 cases per day? Sept. 6 was over three months ago. Was that responsible for the recent uptick in the number of supposed cases? The more people refuse this seriously flawed test, the higher the reported numbers will go, which will serve to increase the fear factor, and give our government an excuse to further oppress us with these unconstitutional mandates. The government is proposing to interfere in the private relationship between doctor and patient. Whatever happened to “My Body, My Choice”? HIPPA? This whole thing is such a farce, and obviously not intended to protect anyone’s health. Let the lawsuits begin!

    • And adding our DNA profile to their bank *facepalm* I will refuse and not stay home – have solemnly decided to be arrested for the first time in my life. Class action anyone?

      • You find the lawyer and let this game begin!! I feel the same Stardust. In fact it would really be helpful if any lawyer(s) reading this would get a list posted so we know who to call when the time comes!

        PS – bet there won’t be a list!!

        • 😀 WE “are” the resistance – and always were btw – silently resisted the Democrat Party tyranny for over a decade thru criminal Clinton and manchurian Hussein regimes…now we’re expected to go quietly into the night in the name of unity and heretical false form of ‘forgiveness’ and false humility it is predicated upon by the Democrats and sychophantic suck-ups…always using our faith against us to promote their evil agendas

  9. Australia, New Zealand have “quarantine “ facilities ready to go, or active. Canada is passing legislation to quarantine “travelers”…. and placed ads for contractors to build and or run these sites. This is a global plan, the 5 Eyes nations are in lockstep.
    Without a pcr test , a citizen will not be able to work…coming to a state near you, coming to Vt.
    Medical services already being refused to people who will not concede to being pcr tested.

    Step by Lockstep, 1. those whose refuse to be “tested”
    2. those who refuse vaccination
    Do not comply and you will not work. Period.
    Never ending quarantining will eventually lead to camps of some flavor.
    Watch the other nations around the world….i knew this was coming and voiced my concerns on May 11 on a local radio show.
    7 months ago! Wake up Vermont!
    Please view : Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent covid -19 Infection in Humanitarian Settings
    There it is.

  10. The PCR test is FAR from accurate. They can keep their tests. There’s no evidence that supports asymptomatic transmission…

    NONE of the asymptomatic cases (positive by PCR testing) had any viable virus when the virus was cultured from these “cases” – meaning they were NOT REALLY INFECTED, AND WERE APPARENTLY UNABLE TO TRANSMIT INFECTION TO OTHERS.

    From the CDC, page 39 read it for yourself:

    The number of PCR cycles matters. More cycles result in a higher rate of false-positivity.

    “It can be observed that at Ct = 25, up to 70% of patients remain positive in culture and that at Ct = 30, this value drops to 20%. At Ct = 35, the value we used to report a positive result for PCR, < 3% of cultures are positive." (Ct=cycle threshold).

    Source: []( In other words, if you test positive by PCR, but the test used 35 cycles, your chances of being truly positive is less than 3%.

    This is for all the people who are truly afraid that there are so many cases:

    All the cases are based on the PCR test. Dr. Drosten from Berlin Germany was the one who started it and the whole world followed. The only paper he was published in was his own.
    Now finally 22 scientists from around the world published this peer reviewed study and it should set your mind at ease.

    The summery is:
    “External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for false positive results.”

    The deaths in total for the US is no higher than other years

    Total US deaths from all causes:
    2017: 2,814,000
    2018: 2,839,000
    2019: 2,855,000
    2020: 2,838,000 [projected thru rest of year]
    If we take out the 200k alleged deaths 'from' Covid, that makes 2,638,000 'normal' deaths this year..
    So is there a deadly pandemic or did they just rebrand the flu?
    Thank you Gabe

    2020 (jan – week 9/26): 2,130,000
    2,130,000 + (236,000/month x 3) [Oct, Nov, Dec] = 2,838,000; assumption based on monthly avg.

    • Re: “So is there a deadly pandemic or did they just rebrand the flu?”

      Yes, your data suggests that there is a ‘deadly pandemic’.

      In 2016, a total of 2,744,248 resident deaths were registered in the United States— 31,618 more deaths than in 2015.

      In 2017, a total of 2,813,503 resident deaths were registered in the United States—69,255 more deaths than in 2016.

      In 2018, a total of 2,839,205 resident deaths were registered in the United States—25,702 more deaths than in 2017.

      In 2019, a total of 2,855,000 resident deaths were registered in the United States—15,795 more deaths than in 2018.

      By June of 2020, there were 183,000 more deaths in the U.S. than in the same 2019 time period.

  11. So now that they think its ok to classify people who refuse the test to be infected — what is their next step? Sounds like they want evidence real Americans and dissenter for the Vermont Gulaug. — No other reason to come up with this.

  12. UnConstitutional,brought to Vermonters by Benedict Scott and his fellow travelers under the golden dome.

  13. I don’t believe anything they say.
    These are people that think you can lop off your equipment and call yourself a woman.
    THAT is their “science”..

    Ask Al Gore about his Science.
    No thanks.. they have zero credibility.

  14. I just finished watching a James Bond film. These ridiculous testing tactics are something you might see from one of Bond’s tyrannical, evil, insane global king wanna bees! Are we becoming Russia or China? Yes, let’s get the lawsuits flowing!

  15. Hey,

    Any representatives or senators getting on this site and saying anything?

    Just curious, this being the ONLY free speech site that I know of in Vermont.

    Anybody who’s sworn to uphold and defend our constitutional rights, would you be interested in commenting here on this site?

    I know when we interviewed people on topics like this nobody would respond. hmmmm
    If you ask too many questions, Mitzy would throw you out….

    What if a group of people went to Montpelier and just started asking people questions? On film?
    Sunlight is a great disinfectant. The people of Vermont do not have the infection.

  16. If you think this is normal and “following science”, you failed
    History class. Insane
    Don’t forget- all for a virus with nearly 100% recovery rate. Why are they being so persistent…?

    • Thanks Dennis. It’s all coming out and we are suing. We may get the suits in on Wednesday.. And there are more independent suits in the works.
      Scott is ignorant beyond belief, and that ignorance is keeping kids out of school and the people craving a dangerous vaccine. You want it, get it, please.
      Once you get the vaccine there is no going back.

      • Hi Jim, Curious, are you an elected official? Really appreciate what your doing regardless. Thanks

        • Hi Neil.
          Just a citizen. I’ve run for office just to make some points. Last time for Lt Gov on an Unlock VT platform. If you can show harm as a result of the protocols let me know. You can do an affidavit and we can add it to our “Complaints.” We are working toward an injunction to stop the protocols.
          I’m in the phone book.

          • Great work, I’ve met so many great Vermonters who ran for office. So many….and so many didn’t get in. It’s puzzling. You’re doing more as a citizen than all our representatives and senators = cOMBINED!

            Huge Kudo’s

            below is a link I think people will enjoy. I hear Texas is doing a lawsuit, GOD BLESS TEXAS! Now they’ll be a true food fight, perhaps some justice too.


            Is there anybody out there? (who represents us and stands up for the constitution and was voted in office to do it?)

  17. THIS IS CRIMINAL INSANITY on the part of “our” government. You don’t get to presume a goddamned thing
    about me nor about the state of my health. Probably actionable in federal court..under HIPPA..which I will now explore.

    We don’t want your fake test for your fake disease, Governor. WHO IS BRIBING YOU?

    • He’s just a useful idiot for selling the vaccine and the “reset,” which is no reset at all, but a transition to a future described by Huxley and by Ira Levin (in This Perfect Day).
      As Ian said, it’s too late for the Vermonters who are such chickens that they can now only operate from the limbic brain.

  18. Wow…..

    Just wow.

    Innocent until proven guilty?
    Is it a crime to be ill?

    This is going to get very interesting in very short order.

    Of course the scientists have no idea how many people have already had the thing and recovered. Likely 30%…..that’s how many never even knew they had it.

    That would further plummet the death percentages, already down 75% with new treatments.

    Notice how nobody is talking about what is going on within other countries?

    • Neil, you hit my point–innocent until proven guilty. That’s an American foundational bedrock.

      Also, keeping me safe is not guv Scott’s job. Keeping me free (from foreign enemies and the government) is his job. He’s there to protect my rights. I’ll worry about my own damn safety.

  19. Lets start with the State of Vermont DOH releasing the CT or Amplicifaction Cycles for the PCR test here in VT.

    • Let’s just get honest details of the hospitalized patients. And those who’ve died. It would clarify a lot.

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