Vermont pays $220,000 to advance IDEAL Vermont DEI activity in municipalities

By Brent Addleman | The Center Square

A new program designed to advance equity and social justice in Vermont is getting off the ground.

Ideal Vermont, Gov. Phil Scott said, will work to advance those metrics at the city and municipality level in the state in an effort to remove structural barriers and increase meaningful inclusion and representation. The program was funded by the state with an appropriation of $220,000.

Xusana Davis, executive director of racial equity in Vermont

Xusana Davis, who serves as the executive director of the office, said the program has 14 members from 83 invitations sent out to cities and municipalities in the state, who will all receive training and other resources. Davis previously served as director of Health & Housing Strategic Initiatives at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Scott said Bennington, Burlington, Brattleboro, Essex, Fairfax, Hartford, Hardwick, Hinesburg, Orange, Richmond, St. Albans and Winooski have all joined the effort.

“We want to see more towns join,” Scott said. “This is a great start with eight counties joining across the state.”

Members will share strategies data and information to take concrete steps toward a Vermont that is more equitable more diverse more welcoming and ultimately more inclusive, Scott said.

The local perspective and collaboration of towns and municipalities working with state agencies, Scott said, will help pull everyone in the same director for making Vermont’s economy stronger.

“This initiative is not another exercise in more and more trainings,” Davis said. “Recognizing the importance of education and training, broadly, we also know that equity work doesn’t get solved just through equity and inclusion trainings. It’s an important component, absolutely, and yet after the listening and the learning have to come leading right. We have to do after we’ve listened and learned.”

Davis said the initiative will feature several main components, which will include workshops and technical assistance. There will also be coaching involved. Plus, the group, using data, will be able to have access to grant funding, along with access to thought leaders, a resource library, and an online platform.

Scott said Davis and her team “have been essential” to efforts for reducing barriers and developing new policies that will be used to address inequality in the state.

“Vermont must be more welcoming to families from all walks of life, which means we need to respect and celebrate our differences this is critical to making sure we have the safe healthy and bright future we want for all of Vermont,” Scott said. “I think ideally we can help.”

18 thoughts on “Vermont pays $220,000 to advance IDEAL Vermont DEI activity in municipalities

  1. Incredible! Phil Scott continues to go strong left, far left!

    He brings this person into our great state to tell us that we are racist haters. She is unaccountable to anyone. She brings with her the Marxist manifesto and expands the current public school systems indoctrination teachings and latches onto to leftist in state government offices and bully’s businesses to adopt these Marxist programs. They are dividing us in the family, in our work settings and on the entertainment areas because people are afraid to speak up because they do not want to get negatively affected. As for non-profits, many of them (not all) are sheep and will adopt this Marxism filth because they want government money.

    I know and met thousands of Vermonters across our state over the past two years and sixty (plus) percent of them are afraid to say anything at their children’s schools or in the workplace or with family and friends in fear of retribution. Scott and dictator X. Davis is watching!

    Where is the racism in Vermont? People have disagreements, some people just do not get along, we argue with each other, we fight, and sometimes things get nasty or bad, physical, and people get hurt. Some cry “he’s racist, she called me a n-word.” We have laws to fix these situations, a matter of fact, we have duplication of laws to file against bad people. But it’s not always about race or ethnicity or lifestyle choices. Its more about being stupid and not understanding other people.

    Force feeding Vermonters this DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) is not healthy, divisive and hateful. I strongly believe that Vermonters are good people and the ones that aren’t, we have laws to take care of those bad eggs.

    • I have to admit Scott has become increasingly liberal. I’m not a Repub but, my stomach knots at every move he makes.
      Frankly, I think there’s needs to be a revolution in Vermont that pushes ALL politicians out.

  2. WOW. Wonderful insight from Ms. McLamb of her life experience of being raised in VT & Black! She get’s it, I think. So much of the race movement is a fraud, and gullible VT Liberals fall for every time. Follow the money. Al Sharpton is a fraud. So was Jesse Jackson. So was his son, an elected Congressman – who went to jail for fraud. And then the ultimate fraud is: BLM. Of the $70 to $80 million that was donated to BLM, much of the money went to fund the BLM “overseers” lavish lifestyles & multiple million dollar homes. But VT Liberals still idolize BLM ?…BLM is plastered everywhere in VT, even though the monetary fraud of BLM was revealed, they don’t care?

    VT Liberals have it “bass-ackwards”. Total ignorant fools. The REAL heros of the race movement are Martin Luther King & Rosa Parks. VT Liberals must despise MLK , as MLK said when he gave his famous speech:

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by their character.”

    VT Liberals ignore MLK’s pleadings. MLK did NOT want to see Blacks judged soley based on their “skin color”…but by their “character” – who they are. VT Liberals are out & out “Racists”…because all they consider is the color of the skin (White Liberal Feel Good Guilt)….for any $$$ program & every “racial inclusion mandate” …but “WHO” they are means nothing – as long as you have the right skin color. Judging people by their skin color, is a very racist attitude….MLK (and Rosa Parks) would be disgusted at what the race movement (hustle & fraud) has turned into – and to all he fought for and acheived…then sacrificed his life for….and now trashed by White Guilt Liberals.

    • I have to make one correction to your wonderful comment. I am a man. always have been and always will be. Been getting that particular mistake almost as much as that I am some kind of threat. Just wondering, I am a 6’2″ man, if you had known that would you have left the same comment. No worries, just funny.

      • Geez’…I’m so aorry , Sir :)….does this mean that I “pre-judged” you in that I assumed wrongly that Shannon is a gal 🙂 i am not racist, I promise…Reminds me of teh fun Johnny Cash song…”A Boy Named Sue”. I guess the Dems/Libs think I am racist b/c I post opposite thoughts to them on so many things, but Common sense ones.

        Huge news will be coming soon enough….and it will expose VT Libs for forcing this Diversity, Inclusion, Equity etc….soley based on color of your skin…. the SUPREME COURT decision of Harvard – “Diversifying & Inclusive-ing” so “overboard-ly” that they admit based soley on your SKIN COLOR (black) but nothing to do with who you are, or are you even qualified academically for Harvard etc….Harvard is racist because they refused to admit qualified Asian/India descent students….because they were too smart. So to make very artificial, “feel good” things…they admit far lesser qualified students…black….to make the “feel good”. That is pure racism, albeit a reverse one….against students who are highly qualified “yellow” (Asian) and “brownish” (India). Not only are they discriminated because of THEIR skin color….also discrimated in that their S.A.T.’s & edcuational results were outstanding (like many had perfect 800 SAT scores). Basically, you are ‘Dumbing Down America” doing this. You punish achievement & hard work…and you reward lesser, based on your skin.

        If the Supreme Court rules that Harvard’s actions illegally denied superior students, ..because they are of Asia-India descent…..but admit many more lesser students solely because they are black… if that is ruled as illegal, discriminatory….RACIST, PREJUIDICED….Then ALL OF THESE PROGRAMS IN VERMONT FOR FORCED, MANDATED…..Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) will ALSO thus be illegal…because it is ALL based on…..SKIN COLOR. I can’t wait to see the first non black person be rejected for something, somewhere under VT’s stict, forced & mandated diversity, equity, inclusion laws…it will be a MULTI million dollar lawsuit win…JACKPOT win, easy-peasy….and there will be dozens of similar “VT is D.E.I. RACIST” lawsuits forthcoming – after the first one wins millions $). if I was a Lawyer (JOHN KLAR!), I would get set up right now and advertise for all racially aggreived clients (yellow, brown and white) from VT DEI mandates/laws…b/c contingency lawyers get 35% of the win! And VT will have to pay bigly for their racism $$. .. the legal precidentt will have been set by the SUPREME COURT. VT will lose…”Diversity, Equality and Inclusion” (DEI) is nothing but racism…albeit reverse.

        • Yes I believe my father agreed to name me Shannon because of that song… Your point is VERY clear and I agree. There is no longer MLK Jr’s mantra here in VT it is, “what color are you” or ” what color and SEX are you. More and more people are gonna see what the white people in charge are actually more brown than me being full of **** then I have ever been.
          Having successfully lived over 50 yrs I learned a few things about spotting the subtle signs of Uppity Whites and their crony’s telling the poor , colored and those deemed “not inclusive” to “Do as we say, ” and of course , Not as they do.

          I believe it is deeper than just being a stupid, lofty bigot. It has to do with GOD and what he says for us to do and be like in His world. I read something this morning that hit me like a brick and it explains what we God fearing people are experiencing.

          Remember people, keep you eye on your soul, God gave us very explicit instructions about life, sex, work and all kinds of stuff. He specifically said DON’T MESS WITH THE FOOD. He also does not want us messing with our GENOME. You know, like mRNA shots for a oops man made bug that in God’s children is as harmless as the will of Satan. This path is of Satan’s design, Think of the basic rule of ” Thou shalt not covet”. Virtue Signaling is a big covet. You covet attention, praise and especially reward for following the “crowd” or the “science” instead of GOD. You reward is to be popular to be whatever but in the journey you turned from GOD, from your fellow man. To be accepted by these same people who , honestly, as a man of GOD I find just pathetic. ( I fail at taking pity on them as Jesus says to do) I take my morality from GOD, I am not always good at it but I hold to that “red line” in the sand. God yes and all that means and Satan NO!. It took a preacher to show most of the US to see that people were being treated with massive indignity, massive inequality and though many did listen the minions of Satan as always, killed the messenger. Much like today, in media, in the propaganda and even in the health care system. Hence all these new Boards and commitees , to help train you to think this aberrant behavior is OK, Godly and righteous. It isn’t.

          • It is shocking how so many are comfortable living in the gutter and I am not talking about the homeless. Sex has soooo perverted what it means to be human.

  3. Divide and conquer. The establishment and the grifters create delusional fairytales to demoralize and gaslight the populace. While the citizens are divided, depressed and disenfranchised, those perpetrating the grand deceptions benefit by reaping money, power, and control. FTX, a globalist scam. BLM, a globalist scam. ANTIFA, a globalist terriorist group. Climate Change, a globalist scam. COVID, a globalist scam. The heads of the snake are the UN, WEF, WHO, NATO, EU, etc. Vermont is a cesspool of corruption and a grifter’s paradise. Declare and decree with authority: Their plans are defeated and they shall reap what they sow. Let it be so!

  4. As one of those black Vermonters I want to say No Thanks . All I hear is ” We are from the government and we are here to help. ” Help how exactly?
    As a child in VT I was bullied, beaten and subjugated by these same people. Not the kids, the adults who refused to believe what I was saying about what the other kids were saying and doing. Instead of listening I was labeled. Chip on shoulder, troublemaker, attention seeker, just to name a few. I was blamed by these same kinds of people for reacting to the not so subtle racism and bigotry I still see and hear today, from friend’s children who are mixed or just not white. The MO is the same. The reaction after not be heard by the powers that be is also the same, to defend oneself. Many days of suspension and after being assaulted by a teacher ( and being blamed for an adult’s behavior) being transferred to another school. All of the people who I spoke with who I begged for help, protection, all white, failed me and those like me. “there is no racism in VT” is the mantra. YOU LIE, but another agency to stop it is just another cash cow for those that work for it. nothing more. The fact that again white people are all gung ho for a “diversity ” program regardless if blacks are running it, are still the manipulation’s and subjection’s of even more or the same white people who are “just here to help”. VT racism runs deep. Its a racket to sponge more money and an attempt to stifle free speech just to start. Remember VT has a long history of “helping” those they feel are the “underprivileged”, whether through counseling, re education or in the past they voted people out of the town also to include forced sterilizations for people they deem “undesirable”. Again, NO THANK YOU.

    • Mr. McLamb: In my search for understanding as a white Vermonter, presumptuous as that may seem to some, I’m compelled to ask your opinion of the speech delivered by Fredrick Douglass to the Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society just days before the end of the Civil War. Douglass’s remarks were brought to my attention by someone I greatly respect, Thomas Sowell.

      • I liked this best… “I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are worm eaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! ”

        As I see, it holds today even more… Just leave it alone.

        Not bad, not bad at all.
        Been reading Sowell for years as well as many others showing how “We’re here to help” has been nothing but a deception to again try to hold us in “our place” as THEY see it.

        My first gun was gotten after I read ” Negroes With Guns”. Having been mostly self educated I had my eyes opened to the “wonderful” dynamics of what the whites of then did to “allow ” blacks to enjoy the same pool while the rest of the community stays cool and comfortable(and having paid taxes for the same). Being told how unclean we are described and how the pool would have to be drained and refilled each and every time “you blacks” got in. It was then, that night, that they were accosted by the KKK to be,” put back in their place”. Just for asking. AS with all things looking at history is important. Those same people were the town council, preachers and administrators, wearing sheets, shooting and lets not forget, ALL DEMOCRATS.
        No, we do not want their help. We will make our own pool. I would not want to swim in their filth anyway. Oh, and we will be armed.

  5. You might want to do some digging about this:
    Color Revolution, George Soros, Open Society

    Here is a decent place to start to learn about all these bought and paid for “Revolutions”, that are nothing but money makers to disturb the peace with propaganda..and if they wind up with a Democrat controlled city burning down.. then so be it, these people will call that a success.

    Not to diminish the importance of the 1.5% of Vermont’s black population, but given the fact that the majority of the working people are struggling just to keep all the very basics of life covered today- why on earth is anyone thinking about skin color?
    –Because people are getting paid to do this- what is why. The ‘news’ is not really the news, it’s what they want you to think the news is all about.

  6. What structural barriers are to be removed? This is social justice double speak. Structural barriers are being created based on racist ideology — there are none identified to be removed, or they would have been. Neither will these farcical DEI committees do anything but virtue-signal, agitate, and waste more taxpayer (of all races) money.

  7. Vermont is not a racist state. The 1.5% of Black population does not deserve what they demand (for free) as compensation & “inclusion” because of their skin color.. I propose that legislation be made that the 98.5% of White Vermonters, multi generational….demand REPARATIONS from the 1.5% Black VT population…for the huge % of death, casulaties and wounds suffered by White Vermonters – who gave their lives…..for Blacks. These “reparations” should be enough to bankrupt the 1.5%, until they admit truth. It is nothing buyt a “PC-Skin-Color-Con-Game”. I have past relatives killed in the Civil war, and I want MY $$$$$ reparations – from them :).. What’s good for the Goose is Good for the Gander? I guess not. Will Blacks in VT ever ADMIT THE TRUTH?

    ““Vermont sent more than 34,000 to serve, out of a total population of about 350,000 citizens. More than 28,100 Vermonters served in Vermont volunteer units. …Vermont regularly provided recruits to bring the units in the field back up to normal strength. Vermonters suffered a total of 1,832 men killed or mortally wounded in battle; another 3,362 died of disease, in prison or from other causes, for a total loss of 5,194. More than 2,200 Vermonters were taken prisoner during the war, and 615 of them died in or as a result of their imprisonment.”

    • A word of caution Mr. Green. Arguing against points put forth by self-righteous virtue signaling, especially from those who continue to try to keep the very people they claim to support in philosophical bondage (the metaphorical Uncle Remus Tar Baby), is an exercise in futility. Doing so will only give them the impression that you represent racism.

      As Morgan Freeman, the famous black actor, once explained to Mike Wallace, of 60 Minutes fame: If you want to stop racism, stop talking about it.

      In the meantime:
      “Do not try to understand them. And do not try to make them understand you. That is because they are a breed apart and make no sense”. James Fenimore Cooper – Last of the Mohicans

  8. This is all about the false dichotomy of ESG dogma – Environmental, Social, and Governance investing. Businesses are assigned a score, the higher being a criteria to receive Wall Street venture capital and bank investment support. It’s now pervasive because the vast majority of these investments are controlled by only three investment houses – Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street.

    As has been compared by others, this reality is following the fiction of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and the so-called ‘Directive 10-289’ from the fictional character, Wesley Mouch, and the ‘Office of Economic Planning and Natural Resources’ .

    Praemonitus praemunitus – forewarned is forearmed.

  9. I just don’t understand this cultish fixation on the Black population in VT. I don’t see VT as a “racist” state at all. They are 1.5% of the population, and some are dangerous criminal drug dealers (who are killing WHITE citizens with drugs – and HOMICIDES), and majority of that tiny 1.5% are out of state transplants to VT (lots of free stuff?)…Yet, they demand SO MUCH (because of the color of their skin???) of VT’s precious resources – usually $$ and “feel-good-white-guilt” good paying jobs that are only allowed for skin color applicants as qualification – from the 98.5% of native born & multi generational Vermonters – and most of the rest of the White Vermont.. 98.5%….are poor, lower, and middle incomes.

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