Vermont legislators claim criminalizing prostitution is racist against black men

By John Klar

Ten Vermont legislators have sponsored a bill (H.268) to create a “Sex Work Study Committee” concerning the legalization of prostitution in Vermont. This bill strives to rewrite Vermont history via an absurdly vacuous lie that Vermont prohibited prostitution because of “white supremacist” motives. In fact, the impetus for banning prostitution in Vermont and elsewhere was from feminists and suffragettes. How then could ten elected Vermont representatives draft — and seek to establish as law — something so patently false?

House Bill 268, referenced to the Judiciary Committee on February 17, states:

Sec. 1. FINDINGS AND INTENT 19 (a) The majority of Vermont’s laws on prostitution were adopted more than 100 years ago and have remained largely unchanged since that time. … Historically, these types of laws were used to prosecute men of color for having relationships with white women.

It’s bad enough the world must contend with actual racism without these partisan legislators fabricating nonexistent racist history to justify “developing a modern approach to State involvement in sexual activity for hire by consenting adults.” Perhaps legalizing prostitution makes sense — but how can the subject be legitimately addressed now that it has been tarnished with such a bald-faced lie as justification? Since this assertion or “finding” is the foundation of this bill, and since it is demonstrably false, why continue with the next section? This farce has no legitimacy — it is a prostitution of legislative process to advance racist partisanship yet again.

These legislators cannot point to a single case of such a thing ever happening in Vermont, the most BIPOC-friendly state of all America since its founding. If they could prove a single incident, would they impute a racist motive to Vermont’s entire 1915 Legislature? If elected officials slander their own people, surely they must possess and procure evidence other than an unsubstantiated “historically, these types of laws were used…” After all, they have now made it an issue in a prostitution bill.

In truth (and until these traitors re-write the Encyclopedia Britannica to accord with their toxic fictionalizations

In the late 19th century … [w]ith the rise of feminism, many came to regard male libertinism as a threat to women’s status and physical health[.] … Antiprostitution campaigns flourished from the 1860s, often in association with temperance and women’s suffrage movements.  International cooperation to end the traffic in women for the purpose of prostitution began in 1899.  In 1921 the League of Nations established the Committee on the Traffic in Women and Children, and in 1949 the United Nations General Assembly adopted a convention for the suppression of prostitution[.] … By 1915 nearly all states had passed laws that banned brothels or regulated the profits of prostitution[.] … Authorities also intervened to prevent girls from being coerced into prostitution (“white slavery”).

Women initiated the prohibition of prostitution to prevent white slavery, and now a deluded clan of Progressive white Vermont legislators have introduced a law that claims that these old laws were passed not to protect white female victims, but to oppress black male ones.

Perhaps the adroit Vermont media will inquire of these legislators for an example or two of Vermonters’ forebears halting black men at the borders to Canada and Massachusetts from leaving the state with white Vermont gals in tow (in between smuggling slaves to Vermont via the Underground Railroad). Or perhaps, after electing the first BIPOC man to a state Legislature (in 1836!), Vermont decided by 1915 to reverse course and (silently, perhaps subconsciously) abandon its well established record of welcoming tolerance to persecute the 1,173 black men who lived here (per U.S. 1910 census, Table 2).

Race activists assert (in the area of racial disparities in the criminal justice system) that “the matter of reducing racial disparities must not — under any circumstances — be seen as a partisan issue.” How could anything be more obviously partisan than fabricating race-baiting lies to “liberate” Vermont from the criminalization of sex for hire? Vermont’s factually deficient crew of virtue-signaling H.268 sponsors have pushed racist shaming to new pinnacles of Pinocchian proboscises and partisan ptooey.

Is passing lies as laws, the new social justice pattern for America or just Vermont?  Accountability is past due. Will Vermont’s Progressive supermajority Legislature, bent on using any Alinskian means available, actually pass legislation this false in order to allow young women (of any color) to sell their bodies freely?

Vermont will see, soon enough.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield, and the former pastor of the First Congregational Church of Westfield. This commentary originally appeared at American Thinker.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Petr Novak

24 thoughts on “Vermont legislators claim criminalizing prostitution is racist against black men

  1. “Legalized” prostitution is a backdoor for sex traffickers who already exist and operate in the shadows often using foreign women who are often Asian – and how will we know their age if undocumented in a sanctuary state. Short answer: we won’t.

    Accepting payment for sex will *not* prevent abuse in the form of forced acts not permitted by the victim – in fact will do the opposite if there is no proof. And how long before trafficked children fly under the radar.

    The Zumba dance instructor in Kennebunk Maine operated with a camera recording all customers with pimp watching – this would be necessary for prosecution of any criminal acts – so keep on snickering in living color.

    This is all by design and the sex workers in foreign countries are also trafficked as females are particularly vulnerable and need backup protection and then become a commodity. All of the males on Epsteins orgy island and lolita express were recorded and names appear on flight logs. The FBI must be having alot of fun watching the rich and famous do the dirty work.

    Anyone who needs a sex worker for the most part are perverts who must pay for the type of services they require and disgusting males who cannot attract women. All who are sponsoring legislation know all of this as well as anyone with an internet connection and hopefully are primaried. When was the last time anyone heard of someone going to jail for prostitution. Change in law is to commercialize and accept as an institution.

    It’s legal in Nevada and there are brothels. When a male arrives any time of day or night entire stable must appear naked for the choosing.
    Women rarely seek male prostitutes so this is a sexist and demeaning occupation primarily for those in financial despair.

    And no – it is not “empowering” for anyone but the trafficker and their victims so forgive me for thinking the stupid joking so unfunny – don’t call self a Christian and joke about the abject suffering of the most vulnerable humans in our society. And no – enemies of our shared humanity are *not* “forgivable” they are evil. And pretty sure it’s not empowering to be checked for disease.

    Sad to say many males in our society are victims of sex abuse but unable to admit it bc it’s shameful to them so they suffer in silence.

  2. Obviously there would need to be a new State Dept of Prostitution Oversight to ensure that the workers are ‘diverse’ and represent society in terms of height, weight, color and all 57 genders.

    Then there’s the issue of affordability – so the State can set a sliding scale based on income so everybody has equal access. Cities can set up shuttles for those who are ‘vehicle challenged’.

    Sound crazy? Don’t put anything past our current crop of reprobates in Montpelier.

    • Lol love it. Yes, we can have state subsidized access. My local rep spear heading lower sentences for hard core drug use and prostituting women. Maxine Grad, perhaps I should ask these questions at town hall when they do their dog and pony show!

  3. Crimes against humanity. The profiteering from human trafficking and exploitation of primarily women and children is the means corrupted governments and corporations make their money world wide. Shine a light on this criminal, evil behavior. See the laws being passed in CA and other places to cover and decriminalize perpetrators who are involved in some of the most heinous inhuman activity involving women and children. They bellow about racism, reparations, etc. but not a peep about the modern day big business of slavery which is human trafficking world wide and the crimes against humanity. It’s happening here and it’s happening every where.

  4. From a google search:
    “Prostitution is legal and regulated in Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Austria, and many other countries in Europe. Many major European cities have red-light districts and regulated brothels that pay taxes and follow certain rules”.

    Simply speaking, VT wants to join these countries and be this leader in New England. More tax revenue. The lottery income (gambling being a vice) why not add legal prostitution? I suspect many male Legislators would be gleeful if this happened, they are trying. It’s also been said in various publications that prostitution saves marriages. Guess it can be said, the Legislature is out to save the families(?).

  5. I wonder what “problem” exists in Vermont that this bill is attempting to fix? I thought we paid legislators to fix problems and make our lives generally better and more prosperous. How does this bill do that?

    Is this about requiring existing sex workers to pay income taxes? This brings new meaning to a sin tax.

    • The bill’s original text is located with links in the article, but the site that you search to get there shows you the information about the bill such as who sponsored the bill and where the bill stands in the process or committee.

      Starting at will give you links to the schedule for the day (usually with the needed bills and text to get context) along with links to hear or sometimes see the meeting live.

      From this page you can also enter a bill number or search term in the search box and see what it brings up. In this case you would look up h.268 and it would bring you to This would contain all of the needed information on h.268.

      Make sure to pay attention to the session years at the top because if you get the link off of Google it may not bring you to this year’s session.

      The bill text itself can be referenced directly here:

    • If you click the link in the first paragraph, it will lead you to the bill and its sponsors. But just to put them here also.

      Rep. Selene Colburn
      Rep. Maxine Grad

      Additional Sponsors

      Rep. Katherine Donnally
      Rep. John Killacky
      Rep. Emilie Kornheiser
      Rep. James Masland
      Rep. William Notte
      Rep. Barbara Rachelson
      Rep. Taylor Small
      Rep. Rebecca White

  6. So they now want all the waitresses that no longer have jobs to become prostitutes?

    Is that their solution for the covid crisis?

    • That’s what all the sidewalk bump outs in these towns with new side walks are for. They are going to put in red street lights at all the bump outs and change the signs to designate the areas a safe prostitute pick up zone. I don’t think they have figured out what to put on the sign, if they are words, picto-grams and if so how are they going to have the right pictogram displaying sexual positions and partners, male-female, same sex, transgender.

      They would have had this all rolled out, except they are very concerned about offending someone and their sexual orientation and preferred position. It’s been a complete mess and chaos in the committees.

      Somebody suggested they show a missionary position with a man and women and they were immediately arrested by the capital police for sexual hatred against the 57 other genders and 50 shades of sexual positions, it’s a new mandatory sentencing of 90 days in Vermont jail.

      • I’m glad I came back and read this… Thanks for the chuckle even if there was a tear after when I realized you might not be kidding.

  7. I have to say that taken from a strictly practical sense and removing emotional arguments that legalized prostitution is a good idea. When the working people have to be licensed and tested regularly it will greatly reduce forced prostitution and STDs. And when there isn’t fear of being arrested then those workers can turn to law enforcement for help. Also when they have to be drug free to keep their licenses that is a very positive aspect.
    Make severe penalties for a transaction by a licensed professional for both parties and it will end up safer all around.
    Can people get past the emotional aspects? That is the key.

    • So you’re suggesting Vermont should be pimping ho’s along with the New World Order? Drugs, gambling and liquor too! Vermont Mafia? 🙂

      Perhaps we can do better? Just a thought….

  8. I wonder if any thought has been given as to how legalizing prostitution might contribute to an increase in human trafficking. Probably no thought at all. Further, I wonder how many of the legislators behind this bill might have a young daughter. It’s all smoke and mirrors to make it look like “something” is being done to address a racism “problem” in VT.
    Meanwhile, the economy is circling the drain, education is practically non-existent, energy costs are on the rise, and we’re caught in a cult of self-asphyxiation.
    One would think and our legislators would devote their time dealing with more pressing issues than prostitution.

    • Excellent point. And I am sure that this has been attempted in many other places where the crime statistics from those attempts can be studied, both before and after the change.

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