Vermont legislator defends banning Christian school over forfeit to team with trans player: ‘I don’t think it’s a bridge too far’

By Harold Hutchison

A Vermont state senator defended the ban of a Christian school that forfeited a state tournament game rather than play against a team with a transgender player during a CNN interview that aired Monday.

“I don’t think it’s a bridge too far,” Democratic State Senator Rebecca White of Vermont told CNN reporter Brynn Gingras. “The athletes that we’re talking about are unlikely to go on to elite professional athletics, but that concept of discriminating against another person, it causes long-term outcomes for trans youth because they’re hearing rhetoric that tells them they are not valuable, that they’re dangerous.”

Mid Vermont Christian School (MVCS) announced that they would forfeit their Feb. 21 basketball game against Long Trail School (LTS), due to the presence of a transgender girl on the LTS team. The Vermont Principals Association voted unanimously to ban MVCS from all state competitions, claiming they violated anti-discrimination policies, the New York Post reported.


“We’re an inclusive state, a welcoming state,” White, who represents the district the school is in, added. “It doesn’t surprise me that we’ve had a situation where folks are pushing back against some of that inclusive work we’ve done because it is innovative, it is bold and it’s important.”

“We withdrew from the tournament because we believe playing against an opponent with a biological male jeopardizes the fairness of the game and the safety of our players,” Vicky Fogg, the head of school for MVCS, told The National Desk in February.

MVCS said it would appeal the ban, Fox News reported, noting that Caitlin Jenner, an Olympic gold medalist, had backed the Christian school.

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36 thoughts on “Vermont legislator defends banning Christian school over forfeit to team with trans player: ‘I don’t think it’s a bridge too far’

  1. “The athletes that we’re talking about are unlikely to go on to elite professional athletics….”

    How insulting.

    People need to revisit “Silence of the Lambs.” Ersatz females are not always kind to actual ones. I’d hate to be seen as having endorsed a “Buffalo Bill”- type encounter for some young woman who wanders into the wrong locker room at the wrong time.

  2. Question: How many women that have transitioned to males and are competing in college or high school athletics on male teams are breaking records in swimming, track, weightlifting, wrestling or any sport?

    Answer: NONE.

    Rebecca, don’t you get it?

  3. white is a progressive idiot plane and simple. It ISN”T ” because it is innovative, it is bold and it’s important.” It’s because your all supporters of Mental Illness contributing to the moral decline of VT. Worst of all your a embarrassment to your gender allowing MEN to excel at WOMEN’S sports demeaning all in the correct female gender. Your also a science denier to not think the mentally ill male is superior in strength and aggression as compared to a female. Keep sports in their own gender lane and stop making people accept those who can’t accept themselves for who they are. You are the problem white… .

  4. The school opted to forfeit the game rather than compromise its religious beliefs. So?
    The only loser is the Christian school.
    Unless one is attempting to purge the state of religious institutes of learning, there is no reason to ban anyone.
    Just accept the Christian school’s decision and move on, as any good Christian would do.

  5. All the comments state good points, and we are tired of these clueless leftist dreamers who haven’t a bit of common sense or the ability to analyze or think critically. They live in a fantasy world and words really fail me to describe them. All I imagine is a yoga position where their heads are stuck somewhere out of the sunlight.

  6. Slightly off topic, but cogent. Spotted this quote in a piece on American Thinker…Feb 2021…laughing at VT’s progresive/dems. The author thought the collapse of VT was “imminent”….but about $3.5 to $4 billion in FREE covid money (VT lives on free stuff and other peoples money) put off the final reckoning to a handful of years out. Wait and see…plan ahead…because “Reality Is The Last At Bat” 🙂

    “Vermont’s schizo-progressives are like a ravenous dragon eating its tail. Math is a bothersome intruder in social engineering fantasies, but intrude it will. This ends in collapse, which appears imminent. Among other signs of strain, Vermont’s state pensions system is greatly underfunded, contributions having been diverted to various regressive-progressive initiatives. Most retirees are of modest means: this will worsen when the pensions fail.

    Vermont’s various experimental “globe-rescuing” initiatives share the same modus operandi — making one group of people poorer, then sucking more money from another, siphoning off the “administrative costs” (vig) to feed a bloated bureaucracy. How many more regressive straws will it take for Vermont’s progressives to break the back of Vermonters?”

  7. These progressive lunatics are disgusting. They have ruined my once beloved Vermont. The drove my two sons to move elsewhere. I’m too old to move otherwise I would have joined them. Common sense has become a thing of the past.

  8. The state should butt out, they always cry about separation one church and state, the state should not be giving a religious opinion! This looks like the state trying to force a “Religion” while trying to slander another’s beliefs. The state, by the constitution of the United States needs to butt out of religious affairs.

    • On another point, as her last name is “white” does that not make her a racist by the progressive nuts own logic? Just a question, not saying she is or is not.

  9. Girls, XXs, are entitled to a league of their own, without XYs. Safety and fairness are the reasons. This applies to all K-12 sports in all schools—public or private, secular or religious. Feelings and intentions are irrelevant. XX is the sole criterion and it’s objectively measurable. Parents must stand up for safety and fair play for their daughters.

    • There was such a law, Title IX.
      The rights assured girls and women under Title IX, mainly prohibiting discrimination by gender were changed by biden’s Executive Order 14021 in 2021, by adding: ” Including Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity,” reversing changes made by the Trump administration to limit the scope of Title IX to biological sex only, excluding gender identity and sexual orientation.

      Sorry Carole, the values, morals and ethics we share and deem important have been usurped by the “woke” such as sen. ms. rebecca white.

  10. Women have fought so hard over the years for recognition and fairness in athletics. Now they are being punished for being women. Is this really about inclusiveness Senator or do you have an anti religion bias? Maybe you should head down to a few womens’ HS locker rooms and ask how they feel. I would also say that this really isn’t a welcoming state anymore. We are tired of being forced to accept decisions from our legislators.

  11. Vermont is entrenched with a fabalized view of an imaginative “New World”. White, as a representative of such nonsense says, “… inclusive work we’ve done because it is innovative, it is bold and it’s important.” Sadly, they don’t understand that it is only important because they SAY it’s important. The hubris of this crowd is at its pinnacle in this issue as they push to deny the physical differences between the genetics of gender.

    • Some one called me and spewed my comments back at me. They obviously got my phone number through a search. However, I put my name on all my comments and stand behind them. The person who called did not have the grapes to identify himself.

        • I’m with Roland. These bozos need to know they have made enemies of real people like me and him, not imaginary MAGA ghosts.

          • I was harassed by someone from Front Porch Forum for what normal people would consider a factual and clarifying point made by another reader. He was relentless. I was threatened with physical harm. I’m a senior and disabled. I take advantage of my 2nd Amendment right but don’t want to use it on some progressive lunatic. That’s why I stopped using my name.

  12. Throughout history the people that have used force to gain compliance have never been on the side of truth or goodness.

    • Thank you! That’s the deal, if you clip off your penis & replace it with a vagina you should be banned from life, not just girl school sports. I will NEVER. support that sickness, God made you a biological boy or a biological girl…stick with that or disappear and try again next life time. You DO NOT belong here, no one wants you. What happened to this world?

    • but the government scientists have formed a consensus and say you are wrong, lol….

      all funded of course…by the nwo pimpin’ government…..seems that science really loves money more than the truth, who knew? It’s stronger than gravity! lol…

  13. This is one of the reasons that I’m moving out of Vermont. My state has become overrun by crazy liberals. They are also trying to decriminalize all drugs, get rid of bail and put places in for junkies to shoot up. They are trying to implement a 3 day waiting period of buying guns to deter suicide but they passed a law to allow assisted suicide. They are trying to tell us all to heat our homes with heat pumps, Wich require electricity and don’t work well in cold climates.

    • Bob….wise move: “This is one of the reasons that I’m moving out of Vermont.” Get a bumper sticker with these letters: “VTGON”. I left, with sadness, after spending the majority of my life in VT…but you will be amazed at how much more money $ you have in a low tax & sunny state.. And you will be HAPPY…because VT is controlled by Socialist, sour, dour, angry Democrats. I also noticed how the people where I am now…can LAUGH….no liberals I knew in VT had any ability to laugh, joke or have fun. All to the VT Libs is misery, angst, climate-change-cult-world- is-ending…then BLM, CRT and Class warfare…and all stuff needs to be subsidized or free for them (paid by someone else). And don’t forget my prediction. After VT figures out they can’t raise income & property taxes any more….tthe only way out is to go full Communist and propose a Wealth Tax. Calif is trying to do it. That will start VT’s “death spiral”.

  14. We need a law that says men can only pretend to be women after their male equipment is removed. And until then, its a mental disorder. — Then we’ll see how many still want to be female.

    • It remains a mental disorder, regardless of the current state of one’s genitals.
      Gender dysphoria is a diagnosed mental disease/disorder in the DSM-5, The American Psychiatric Assn.’s diagnosis manual. Transgender/Transsexual is the outcome of gender dysphoria. Per the DSM-5, Free, government provided hormone therapies and “gender affirming” surgery are not the only approved treatments for the disease.
      Misogynistic Public School policy is not listed in the DSM-5 as a treatment. That’s the made-up part.
      sen. ms. white is being used by legislative leadership to parrot the current talking points.
      The more public outrage the better, it distracts from real issues facing the clowns in the legislature.

  15. Typical Democrat response, expected. Great Op-ed todayton American Thinker…they show seven ways the Democrat here use the same tactics as the N***zi party did. It all fits seamlessly. here’s part:

    “First, racial and ethnic division was a central component of Nazi political strategy and philosophy. The Nazi Party was the most racially obsessed political party in human history. Today’s Democrat party is second only to the Nazi Party in their racial obsession. Every piece of legislation, every accusation against their opponents, every aspect of American society, even weather and climate are framed in imaginary racism. ..The Nazi Party’s obsession focused on their perverted belief in the inferiority and superiority of the races or ethnicities.. The Democrat party is claiming the root cause of virtually all problems facing this nation is “systemic racism” as theoretically instigated by one particular race….The Nazis used “fake news,” as does the Democrat party, in order to slice and dice the populace into identity groups and then promulgate grievance-riddled policies aimed at these manufactured factions in order to foment anger at a previously isolated group.

    The Democrat Party is figuratively burning books as it uses social media mobs as the vehicle to send the message that they will shut down anyone or anything that does not align with their ideology. Further, they, in league with the teachers’ unions, are hellbent on programming America’s youth and destroying the family structure replacing it with the state.”

  16. Absolutely disgusting that Sen. White regards this scenario as meritorious because it promotes”inclusiveness”, and that she apparently feels that is paramount over the comfort and safety of young female athletes. There are sound reasons that our society has rough/contact sports segregated by gender/sex, and that the criteria has ALWAYS been based on anatomy, NOT on how the participant “identifies”. This is done for competitive fairness as well as for the safety of the girls. Long before this “gender enlightenment”, we did not insist that gay men used the womens’ restroom and vice versa in order to not mix up those who are attracted to each other. It was ANATOMY not PSYCHOLOGY that was the segregation criterion then. Athletics involving contact should be no different. The easy way to deal with this is by renaming criteria for participation “XY” and “XX”. You can’t cherry pick when you want to involve scientific fact and when feewings should be the deciding factor. It’s either that or we no longer have sex-segregated sports, and have only the “hockey team” and it will be made up of the best players which will be overwhelmingly male. The Federal Civil Rights Code known as Title IX has been hijacked by a contingent of mentally disordered and sexually confused people and society is being dragged along for the ride by the long, bony finger of progressive indignation. Sen. White should be ashamed of her statement, and those who voted for her should really hang their heads low, especially if they have young daughters in school athletics whom they care about.

    • sen. ms. white was pushed by leadership to make a statement. baruth and krowinski just found a rube that would parrot their talking points. sen. ms. white brings nothing but a liberal/socialist worldview to the senate- which is already too full of liberal/socialist ideology.
      white can regurgitate what she is told to say, but can she think? understand a budget? understand why taxation is regressive, or social welfare programs are regressive? Does any one really think she knows what a kilo-watt hour is? or where and how electricity gets to her iPhone charger?
      Certainly seems not.

  17. Above all else, our educators primary duty is to provide a safe environment for learning and growth. Allowing men to replace and compete against women, especially in “contact” sports; allowing men in the locker rooms of women; allowing men to appropriate what belongs to women, simply because they want to, is to fail that duty. I have no issue with using whatever pronoun you want me to; I will respect your choice of appearance, but when you insist I “believe” in your impossible fantasy; when your fantasy threatens the safety of others, you have lost my support.

    • You are absolutely spot-on Richard. I don’t care if a male pretends to be a female, but I will not be a part of their delusions, even under threat of BS ‘hate crimes’. I do not care what their ‘preferred pronouns’ are – I retain the right to call them whatever I choose.

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