Vermont House committee approves unlimited abortion despite massive public outcry

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A PACKED HOUSE : About a thousand pro-life and pro-abortion activists crowded into the Statehouse on Wednesday evening to voice their opinions to lawmakers.

MONTPELIER — The House Human Services Committee on Thursday approved unrestricted abortion following a packed public hearing Wednesday night at which many Vermonters decried late-term abortions as barbaric and inhumane.

The 11-member committee met to mark up and vote on H.57, a controversial bill preserving the “right to abortion” for all nine months of pregnancy. After lengthy debate and a couple of minor changes, the the bill passed out of committee by an 8-3 vote. It now heads to the House Judiciary Committee.

Committee members narrowly voted to remove a part of the legislation that says “a fertilized egg, embryo or fetus shall not have independent rights under Vermont law.” Members voted unanimously, however, to clarify that the bill would not conflict with the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, which Congress passed in 2003.

Backers of unrestricted extermination of pregnancies up to birth included Rep. Ann Pugh, D-South Burlington; Rep. Sandy Haas, P-Rochester; Rep. Jessica Brumsted, D-Shelburne; Rep. Logan Nicoll, D-Ludlow; Rep. Daniel Noyes, D-Wolcott; Rep. Kelly Pajala, I-Londonderry; Rep. Marybeth Redmond, D-Essex; and Rep. Theresa Wood, D-Waterbury.

The committee’s three Republicans voted against the bill.

The development comes as approximately a thousand people met at the Statehouse Wednesday evening to voice their opinions on the legislation. More than 55 concerned citizens gave public comment at the hearing. Comments were evenly split for and against H.57, as committee leadership arranged for a balance of views from both sides. The crowds throughout the building seemed heavily on the pro-life side of the debate, however.

Emotions ran high during the two-plus hour meeting. In Vermont and across the nation, pro-abortion Americans fear that the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion nationwide might soon be overturned by the current U.S. Supreme Court. Moreover, support for third-trimester abortion has collapsed in the U.S., with only about 13 percent of Americans saying the practice should be legal, according to a May 2018 Gallup poll.

Meanwhile, just weeks ago in New York State, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill allowing babies to be exterminated up until birth. Virginia defeated a similar bill this year following comments from the governor and the bill’s sponsor, Delgate Kathy Tran, that appeared to many to allow partial birth abortions and post-birth abortions.

Last month, over 500 Vermonters marched the streets of Montpelier to demonstrate their support for the pro-life movement. The demonstration eclipsed the pro-abortion Women’s March of the week before by hundreds of participants.

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Former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Lawrence Zupan was among those who spoke Wednesday night. He said while he didn’t expect to convert anyone from pro-choice to pro-life, H.57 tests the boundaries of what even a pro-choice person might consider acceptable.

“Abortion is made legal for any reason, at any time with no restrictions or parental consent, up to and including during labor,” he said.

He highlighted that there’s no protection for a baby born alive from a botched abortion, and no restrictions on the dismemberment and sale of body parts to labs for research.

Nancy Thorpe of Waterbury shared health statistics regarding abortion in an attempt to persuade lawmakers.

“It’s easy to dismiss it when you think it’s just a blob of cells, but by day 22 that blob has its own heart that is beating with its own blood and blood type,” she said. “Most women don’t even know that they are pregnant at this point.”

She continued that the brain of a fetus is developed by week 6 and all organs by week 8. Furthermore, the fetus can feel pain by week 11 and dream by week 17.

Jennifer Hoult of Wallington was for the bill. She talked about how access to abortion is, in her view, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

“The Eighth Amendment prohibits the cruel and unusual punishment of government-compelled reproductive enslavement,” she said. “Without these rights, women are slaves.”

She added that, according to her views, the soul is not part of the baby at conception.

Melina Moulton of Huntington said the lack of access to a safe abortion compromised the health of her mother, ultimately leading to her death.

“My mother’s life was horrifically compromised because she did not have access to safe legal abortion,” she said.

She said her mother had given birth to a child who was later adopted, but the birth did not go well and she died from subsequent complications, when Moulton was just 12 years old. She maintains that were abortion legally an option at that time, things could have turned out differently.

Dwayne Tucker of Barre Town took issue with the fact that there’s no parental notification in the bill.

“This means that your daughter or niece or someone that you might care about greatly, legally no matter what age, may get an abortion without notifying a legal guardian or a parent — let that sink in,” he said. “Were you capable of making that decision without any guidance or support from an adult you trusted at the age of 15?”

Annisa Lamberton of Middleton Springs talked about her regretful experience with abortion.

“It wasn’t my body that was aborted, it was my child’s body that was aborted,” she said. “Even though it was safe and legal, I suffered from that. My future children suffered from that. I was never told about the risks and the consequences.”

She explained in detail that she could feel her child fighting for its life during her abortion.

Rita Clark of Fletcher shared her pro-abortion message with the committees.

“This bill does not restrict their rights or their beliefs, it includes them,” she said. “I do not want to tell opponents of this bill what to do, and I do not want them to tell me what to do. This bill protects my rights and my freedoms.”

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56 thoughts on “Vermont House committee approves unlimited abortion despite massive public outcry

  1. Ah…the joys of moving to Tennessee. No more socialist agenda. No more Liberalism and I don’t have to worry about my gun rights being infringed. Too bad…this lifelong Vermonter could take no more.

  2. This is typical in this state, the article title clearly spells it out. They voted to pass the law even though the people of the state said NO! It tells us more then we need to know about these power grabbing Legislators

  3. Women as slaves? Really? Keep your legs closed then. Women and doctors killing these poor innocent babies will have their judgment day soon. May God have mercy on this country. Feminists are .

  4. out of everyone who wrote a complaint on here how many of you voted? thats all that will ever change this! vermonters, we have to take our state back or its only going to keep getting worse. all these people vote their own agenda nothing for the people. even with the gun laws, they had a large group of law enforcement that had some great laws and they didnt listen to any one. who do you think would know better on that. they definitely are not working on anything that this state truly needs and there’s a lot so know we have no choice left and have to vote them out. you have to get everyone you know to vote and do your own research on who to vote for. just wait until they pass a dollar a gallon carbon tax on all fuels that’s coming soon. please vote and take back our state.

    • I totally believe in voting but we are in an apathetic time. I agree it will be critical to the future for people to learn the issues and then vote.

    • Stephen what you say sounds good, but with all the college kids that vote from out of state, all the progs. that have moved into the state there is no way in hell we could vote them out. This state is the most liberal state in the country.
      I am a life long Vermonter and I am moving out with in the next 2 years.

  5. No surprise. Until Vermonters demand shorter legislative sessions, where regular people can afford to serve, Vermonters will not be well represented in the State House.

  6. Though this comes as no big surprise, it leaves me speechless, Lord have mercy upon us all. Vermont will pay for this barbaric and evil abomination in the eyes of God. Forgive them Lord as they know not what they do. I’m so sorry for the babies. My heart breaks to pieces for them. But I will continue to be an advocate for ALL life. Beginning in the womb.

  7. If the folks have as big a problem with this reckless approach to life, there is recourse, it’s called ELECTIONS!! It’s high time these idiots face their day of reckoning. It’s up to responsible citizens to vote them out of office and yesterday is too soon.

  8. 99% of the capital are flatlanders and Scott is nothing but a Democrat all these new laws are being passed for agenda 21. I am totally disgusted with the people making these laws for our state and our country. They are really poking hard at the bees nest.

    • Phil can’t do anything. The super smart people elected a super majority in Vermont so Phil can’t veto anything. It’s the voters fault they put all the democrats in power. Vermont is no better than the rest of the criminals in this country and maybe worse

  9. This was no different than the protests held against the gun bills last year. This legislature don’t care about what you want or care about. They are going to do what they want for they know what’s best for you and it suits their agenda. We’ve become an embarrassment to the rest of the nation.
    We are nothing but a mini California. Shame on all of them.

  10. This was no different than the pro gun protest. These legislatures could care less what you think or want. They all know what’s best for everyone and they keep voting these fools in.
    This State is becoming an embarrassment to the rest of the country. It’s a mini California.

  11. How can anyone who calls themselves a journalist, or any media outlet that distributes the writings of journalists, in good conscience refer to this bill as allowing unlimited abortion. He bill prevents only public restriction of that right and specifically includes the phrase, “A public entity shall not….interfere with or restrict, in the regulation or provision of benefits, facilities, services, or information, the choice of a health care provider acting within the scope of the health care provider’s license to terminate or assist in the termination of a patient’s pregnancy.”

    That health care provider is restricted by the requirements of providing good health care. What is restricted is untrained public servants driven by uninformed public opinion.

    Your editors and Mr. Bielewski should be ashamed of yourselves for disseminating misinformation.

  12. God said I knew you before you were in you r mother’s womb. Abortion is murder,and if not repented those who practice it will be judged. I’m sickened by the actions of those in charge who will not listen to the will of the people who put them in power and pay their salaries.

  13. Passing this bill any where is an abomination. I’m not surprised that the Democratic LIBERALS of Vermont passed it. But I AM SICK ABOUT IT! What a tragedy. I was born here almost 60 years ago and I am ashamed to be called a Vermonter! Where are our morals, decency, and God fearing Vermont people!!!! It’s time to take a stand against such murderous people in OUR state legislature. I pray for our state! God help us.

  14. Kudos to the Republicans who stood against H-57. Thank you for that. The supporters of H-57 are out there in a place beyond this writer’s belief and comprehension.There is truly a disconnect between the lawmakers and the folks who showed up to let them know they are misguided. This disconnect could very well carry over to the next election, people I have spoken with are furious.

    To support the most barbaric,evil, and in-humane actions this piece of legislation would provide for, if passed, would certainly be a major source of disturbance for the long since deceased lawmakers, both Democrat and Republican. Some religious leaders in the state have spoken out very profoundly against this monstrous proposal, and rightly so. The supporters of H-57 are now “suspect” in the voters minds, because a feeling of distrust is in play; and distrust it should be.

    It is a group of people who have started down this path of evil and barbarism. It is God Almighty who will one day rescue us from this Hell on earth being thrust upon us. This is one of many,many things faith In God will prove; Thanks Be to God.

      • Isn’t that all there is for legislators? Republicans are a joke. Democrat lite. They have no balls. That’s why they don’t exist in Vermont. Republicans who don’t back President Trump are not Republicans. And they don’t get the vote. They might as well fold their teepee and get out of town.

  15. This is the most disgusting thing I have heard in the 67 years on this earth. Are abortions a necessity? “Sure” for specific medical or criminal concerns. But to allow what’s stated in this H57 bill is pure barbaric and any elected official that has supported this nonsense should be taken out of office. No morals.

    Please do yourself a favor check out dilation and curettage abortion procedure. This will be used as needed, it consists of the dismemberment of limbs from the body of the baby and then the crushing of the skull in-order evacuate the woman’s womb. With all the birth control items on the market this day and age (before or after), sexual intercourse, for a few minutes of sexual pleasure, you will now allow this dismemberment of a human being that you no longer want, do to your behavior. Shameless! Vermont now has ” third world ” practices.

  16. Pro-choice = a woman’s way out of responsibility for her actions. Next up, I don’t have time for my 1 year old anymore so let’s kill it because it’s legal now. The up side, Non God fearing liberal women will reduce the number of new liberal trainees by abortion and conservatives will thrive.

    • I am shocked that they did not hear the public out cry against this bill. They think they know better then us such an elites attitude. The book 1984 was a precautionary tale of a wrong direction, it looks like Vermont thought it was a guide book.
      Now is the time for Vermonters to stand up to this elite crowd who want to dictate our
      way of life.

  17. Passed by the House Inhuman Services Committee.
    Democrats are not just against your right to freedom, they are against your right to LIFE.

  18. Why can’t this happen VT? This is about a gun issue, but the concept should also apply to the Legislators that voted for H57. Just because you’re elected to public office, doesn’t mean you have complete immunity from the desires of the populace.

    NH-Gun fight could be headed for court
    By DAVE SOLOMON New Hampshire Union Leader Feb 3, 2019

    THE BATTLE over guns in the House of Representatives is most likely headed to court.

    A group of Republican representatives announced their plans to sue Speaker Steve Shurtleff on Thursday morning, just before the House’s first voting session of the year was about to get underway.

  19. Vermont redefined as the Auschwitz-Birkenau.of America. The Nazi Party is well established under the Golden Dome.

  20. Pay people to come and work in Vermont, yet killing our babies. What an asinine solution to the aging population. I’m ashamed of our people in legislature. This has nothing to do with the rights of people or women. It’s just outright murder.

  21. Wow! A new cottage industry: Dead Baby Body Parts!!! With the Vermont Seal of Quality! It’s VERMONT! Can only be a good thing, right? Now we can have Pull Apart Baby Tourism; Kill a Kid Campgrounds; We could change the name of our college to Eugenics University in keeping with their leader Margaret Sanger. Minorities don’t have a clue of the slippery slope they are going down. Their little black and brown babies will be killed by the millions. And that is what Margaret Sanger wanted. ELIMINATE MINORITIES! That is what this is all about, fools.

    • Eugenics is part of VT’s “deep state.” Just as true racism courses through the blood of the South and the Democratic party, and it obviously always will, the very same twisted liberal view of humanity and its undeniable quest for the power to control government has our VT leaders enraptured with the thought of selective breeding in order to “save the world” from the unbelievers. Once again, VT is proud to lead the way. Where is the movement to eradicate this evil?

    • Eugenics has been around for a while. It’s amazing how ignorant people are about this subject and how many millions have been murdered because of it in the last hundred years or so.

  22. Jennifer Hoult .’… the cruel and unusual punishment of government-compelled reproductive enslavement,” she said. “Without these rights, women are slaves.”
    She added that, according to her views, the soul is not part of the baby at conception. SO GLAD YOU ARE SO CLOSE TO GOD AND KNOW THESE THINGS, HOULT! This woman is a BIMBO. A total idiot. Hey Toots, if you’d use some protection and didn’t puck like a rabbit, you wouldn’t be a ‘slave’ to the government. Sounds like your ‘profession’ needs inspecting. As do your morals.

  23. All socialists. These people…..these horrid, horrid creatures, have an altar to their Mother Earth, not God. These people are vile. Out of the main stream. Twisted. Each one of them should be picketed, day and night. They are abhorrent. They have just created a new cottage industry: Should look good with a seal of quality: Dead Vermont Baby Body Parts For Sale. ooo, maybe these good Vermont legislators can define for us just how these babies shall be killed. Maybe they can keep them alive for Dr. Mengle type of experiments. That would be fun. And maybe these ‘Vermont Legislators’ can even be in on the fun. They should be required to take part in the Dispatch of the Baby . Maybe kill it, themselves. WE ARE DEALING WITH EVIL. EVIL PEOPLE. These people are no different than the North Koreans.

  24. The eight members of this group that have voted to continue this parade to murder children will be arrested and procecuted for murder when politics change in Vermont. Look at war crime trials. I know that you really believe that you are doing what you think is right, but you might want to rethink and retool this move. I can tell you that you don’t have a whole bunch of support out there on this.

  25. As a life-long Vermonter, I am now shamed to call myself a Vermonter. Once these babies are born, you people who are all for this, why would you choose painful death for your baby instead of life through adoption? Why is your selfishness more important than an innocent baby? May you pay a lifetime of penalties!

    • I notice that Rep. BRUMSTED voted for the slaughter. More children killed, the more $$$$$ it brings to her husband’s VERMONT MEDICAL CENTER.

  26. Legislators acting in a partisan fashion to kill viable fetuses at 7 to 9 months, is like a posse ganging up on an innocent life.

    This is truly a low point.

    Something NAZI fanatics might do under Hitler

    • “Something NAZI fanatics might do under Hitler”

      Well Willem seeing all those Socialist Nazi’s women in white at the SOTU one would presume the same about our local variety of leftist scum.
      25% of Demtards are on Mental Disease Medication but the real scary fact is 75% of them are running around un medicated.

  27. This legislation is another example of the immoral road the left is being led to believe is the pathway we all must be forced to follow. Liberal Americans are so gullible and immoral. I hope they rot in hell.

  28. So the hearing was jury-rigged as usual to provide the illusion that there was a balance in testimony. What a crock. The committee should be ashamed of itself for trying to give the public of this state the illusion that there were as many supporters as there were opponents. You all know and shame on you that there were four or five times as many opponents that took the time to go to Montpelier and testify and they should have been allowed to testify in proportion to their numbers not equally to the pro-abortion group. But why inhale should anyone expect any fairness from this legislature when you consider the absolute obscenity of such a bill as age 57. The Supreme irony of this whole sad debacle is that the proponents of H 57 in Vermont don’t even realize the by legalizing infanticide they are in fact guaranteeing that the Supreme Court will overturn not only this barbaric provision but possibly the whole law.

  29. The Vermont House just demonstrated that it is both evil and barbaric. There is no excuse for allowing viable babies to be murdered. If Scott does not veto this horrid measure, he is just as evil as Cuomo, and decent people will not support him.

  30. Massive outcry? Sorry, we’ll do what we darned well please. The heck with what the public thinks ’cause we’re going to get reelected anyway.

  31. “post-birth abortion”

    So it that the term they use to dumb down this situation for the populace ? Sounds so mundane. Why do supporters use this term ? Simple, they want to redefine murder.

    The more I read about this, the sicker I get. Such a tragedy.

  32. Rita Clark of Fletcher shared her pro-abortion message with the committees.

    “This bill does not restrict their rights or their beliefs, it includes them,” she said. “I do not want to tell opponents of this bill what to do, and I do not want them to tell me what to do. This bill protects my rights and my freedoms.”

    I’m sorry Rita, but you do not have the right or freedom to murder a full-term human at birth and the Vermont legislature cannot give you that freedom. If you are mean enough to carry a baby to birth that you do not want, then why in the hell do you want the right to kill it at birth ? Please explain how you can justify that.

  33. I have no idea how one thinks that it is a good thing to ignore babies rights. To kill a baby in the womb is an unspeakable thing to do. Where is your conscience people? A baby who can’t speak for himself has no right under the law you have passed. Are we not supposed to speak up for those that are not able to. My heart is saddened that yet again you have chosen to ignore the pleas of the Vermonter’s you represent and those innocent babies that you so casually have thrown to the side without a thought or a backward glance.

  34. They obviously had an agenda. They simply used us as pawns they were listening at the State House. They will certainly be accountable for their action on this!

  35. So, AGAIN the voice of the people has been ignored. The elected officials who took an oath of office to serve the people of Vermont have violated that sacred trust once more. The last line in their oath of office reads…UNDER PAIN & PUNISHMENT OF PERJURY has been forgotten. They forget they work for us and the majority of voters do NOT want H.57 to exist. We DO NOT want Vermont to be known as the “Baby Killer State” where thousands will flock for an easy abortion just as they flock here for easy Welfare. God will be your final judge! #802VTALLIANCE

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