Daily Chronicle: House Judiciary bills include anti-racism legislation, gun restrictions

By Guy Page

Members of the Vermont House Judiciary Committee have sponsored extensive legislation on racial bias, criminal sentencing, domestic violence, drug possession, gun restrictions, and other issues related to courts and crime. The bills below represent most of the bills now under committee review that have been sponsored or co-sponsored by committee members.

There is no guarantee that Judiciary will consider any of these bills. Most committees prioritize legislation they will consider during the first month of the session. However, bills sponsored by committee members often take priority over those that do not. See committee link above for full list of bills now “in committee.”

Committee members include:

Maxine Grad, Chair. The Moretown Democrat is an attorney and Vermont Law School graduate. Thomas Burditt, Vice Chair. West Rutland Republican, 12 generation Vermonter, operated Rutland-area landscaping business for 24 years. Martin LaLonde, Ranking Member – South Burlington Democrat, hunter, attorney, longtime U.S. DOJ environmental lawyer, artist, violin player, school board member. Kevin “Coach” Christie – Democrat born in Hartford CT, moved to Hartford VT in 1973. Career has included auto repairman, tech educator, coach, foster care case manager. Selene Colburn – Burlington Progressive born and raised in Burlington. Librarian. Dancer. 2002 co-founded Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom. Kenneth Goslant – Northfield Republican, longtime selectman. Operates Gosland Granite Company which he founded in 1989. Started Norwich University women’s hockey club team. Nader Hashim – former state police officer now a paralegal in a Brattleboro law firm. Boston-born, D.C. raised. William Notte – Rutland Democrat, lifelong Rutland city resident, longtime alderman. Bookstore manager, book editor. Barbara Rachelson – Burlington Democrat, New Jersey native, executive director of Lund (formerly Lund Home). Former legislative aide in Congress. Patrick Seymour – 2018 Northern Vermont University – Lyndon grad, dairy farmer. Works part time at St. J. distillery.

animal cruelty H.283 prevent future animal ownership for people convicted of animal cruelty Barbara Rachelson
arbitration H.288 arbitration reform Martin LaLonde
bias H.465 imprison police for racial profiling Brian Cinaand more
bias H.496 create civil penalties for racist harrassment, intimidation James Carroll and more
civil fines H.184 community service for people unable to pay fines Robin Chesnut-Tangerman and more
court reporters H.331 ensure impartial court reporters Martin LaLonde
criminal history H.24 waive fee for criminal record check for people earning under 200% poverty level Martin LaLonde and more
criminal history H.333 prohibit employment, housing discrimination due to criminal record Barbara Rachelson and more
criminal history H.377 limit licensing restrictions for people with criminal records Barbara Rachelson
data collection H.154 State can’t sell electronic data to feds Barbara Rachelson
data collection H.284 require State collect and publish criminal justice data Selene Colburn and more
domestic violence H.31 establish Windsor County Domestic Violence Restorative Justice Pilot Program Maxine Gradand more
domestic violence H.413 recognize Canadian domestic violence protection orders Martin LaLonde
drugs H.102 limit actions against persons in safer drug consumption program Selene Colburn and more
drugs H.103 change unlawful possession of a regulated drug Selene Colburn and more
drugs H.251 expunge misdemeanor marijuana possession convictions Maxine Gradand more
drugs H.354 study effectiveness of a Windham County drug treatment court Nader Hashim and more
DUI H.498 set penalties for DUI with aggravating circumstances Kevin “Coach” Christie
expungement H.276 allow expungement of many vehicle operation violations Martin LaLonde and more
facial recog software H.470 require General Assembly approval for advanced recognition technology Barbara Rachelson
guns H.30 make carrying gun a crime for persons under relief from abuse order Maxine Gradand more
guns H.159 set waiting period for firearms sales Martin LaLonde and more
guns H.203 negligent storage of firearms Martin LaLonde and more
guns H.329 require storage for firearms not under immediate control Barbara Rachelson and more
immunization H.238 eliminate religious exemption for required immunizations Martin LaLonde and more
judicial forfeiture H.151 limit judicial forfeiture of assets Barbara Rachelson
medical monitoring H.35 sets medical monitoring damages Linda Joy Sullivan and more
missing court date H.385 prohibit arrest if court date missed for mental health, substance abuse treatment Brian Cinaand more
private Attorneys General H.483 create Vermont Private Attorneys Generals act Selene Colburn
sentencing H.382 eliminate life sentence without parole Brian Cinaand more
theft H.12 raise monetary threshold or theft crimes, prohibit organized retail the Martin LaLonde and more
threatening mass killing H.419 criminalize threats of mass killing and destruction Maxine Gradand more


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13 thoughts on “Daily Chronicle: House Judiciary bills include anti-racism legislation, gun restrictions

  1. It’s All about lobbyists and where the money and pressure is. Contact your legislators, in every way you can. Be productive, negative thoughts and actions don’t yield good results.

  2. Here we go again, more proposed legislation on top of the some 660 last session. The brief one sentence bio’s regarding these herein mentioned individuals could make one to seemingly take them as nice Vermont caring legislators. But looking at their pasts and how they control people (speaking of M. Lalonde for example- VT’s Beto) his voting and bill(s) introductions are horrendous, the anti-Vermont way and what has happened to VT we know otherwise. He’s a true Chittendenite.

    This is beginning period for them to feel emotionally nice and important to continue to ruin VT. Time to pile on us Socialists.

    Remembering the saying “forgive them father for they no not what they do”. Another year like the last? Can’t say there’s a future in VT.

  3. Looking at the list off criminal friendly legislation promoted by Barbara, one could quickly guess she was a relatively new flat lander transplant. And coming from New Jersey makes her priorities even more transparent. For example, if I were running a business where employees were responsible for monitoring finance, precious gems and the like, I would have a super keen interest in the back ground of prospective hires. I’m sure Barbara means well, BUT as with all these feel good ideas, there are inevitable unintended consequences.

  4. DBean, keep a close eye on VA and the VCDL” Virginia Citizens Defense League ”
    they are at the forefront to stop the nonsense from liberals in charge of that state.

    Vermont better heed the warning, we’ll be next ……..follow the money !!

    • Yea CH, it’s the test bed for what the gun grabbers want to do country wide ala “The Beto” (failed Pres and Senate fool ‘Beto’ O’Rourke) plan and not only is Bloomburg paying but One world order Soros.. They didn’t mind sacrificing the mexican Irishman as long as he got the “We’ll take your AR’s” slogan started.. Patriots will make a stand in VA like they did 100’s of years ago.

      Your also correct on here in ol VT where It’s now Leftist fascist in 99% control to VA’s 100% won’t be long we’ll have NO SAY in anything they wish to inflict on us..

  5. “Bloomberg must be feeling extra flush these days. ”

    I believe he’s funding the gun grabbing their gonna try in VA.
    The baby killer “blackface” Northam is trying to start a war
    with patriots in 99% of VA. The DC swamp is running strong and
    controlling VA.

    • DBean, keep a close eye on VA and the VCDL” Virginia Citizens Defense League ”
      they are at the forefront to stop the nonsense from liberals in charge of that state.

      Vermont better heed the warning, we’ll be next ……..follow the money !!

      • I’ve stated this in another article comment. Hope TNR isn’t too far behind the curve in jumping aboard. The infohas hit people in VT. Copying:
        tom chase December 28, 2019 at 1:10 pm
        I sent this sanctuary counties info and articles about VA to TNR & Ethan Allen Inst. No reply or by now an article. Out of 98 counties in VA 90 have done so. And it’s spreading to many states. VT ignored?
        I have my records including dates.
        It should happen in VT.

  6. Outlawing “thought crimes”…what could go wrong? I guess they need to ban some books too, like 1984, and Brave New World.

  7. The most dangerous time in the state of Vermont is when the legislature is in session.

    We need to clean every Rhino out of our Vermont government along with all of the Socialists willing to destroy the life of the hard-working tax-paying vermonters.

    We need true conservatives to run for government not people that have voted for Obama or Bill Clinton or any of the other liberals Like Bernie Sanders in the past.

    We have seen deceit from people like our governor flip flop Phil Scott and we can no longer allow anyone to represent us that isn’t sure what party they belong to were those that have voted for the party that has led up to the destruction in the state of Vermont.

    We have one chance to save our state and that is in the next election and we need to vote in true conservative Republicans to make it happen.

    Get your friends registered to vote and make sure they go out and vote so we can clean the Liberals that have slithered into our state that have been funded by the likes of Michael Bloomberg and elected to supposedly represent vermonters out of office.

    Beware of false prophets!!

  8. check out the ads on Vermont Digger from Gun Sense…..like clock work for the new session, seems they have more money this year to spend ads, Bloomberg must be feeling extra flush these days.

    Why is it, when we know every move the socialists are going to make, every single year, we aren’t able to take an offensive stance, they are one thing is consistent.

    How about we have 2nd amendment sanctuaries?

    How come we aren’t asking them directly, how does this jive with defending the constitution? Why can’t some be removed from office for derelict of duty?

  9. Great job Guy, great job.

    What bills are the Republicans trying to put up? This is where we can put the socialists on their back feet, because they really aren’t for promoting results and peace, but division.

    In a censored society, which was formerly used mostly in dictatorships, socialist, or communist countries,( but now our beloved republic) the reason for censor is because it’s the truth and those in power have no defense or standing against it. They have to censor because they have no sane argument to defend against it. With this the true conservative can identify their weakness and play them like a cheap fiddle. Those with the gates vdigger being one, Days being another consistently censor certain topics, probably only known by the moderators or those who post frequently. Case in point.

    Taxing Pornography – pretty much gets censored all the time. in a state that loves to tax anything that moves, why wouldn’t they promote such an easy thing to make money off? More so with the #metoo movement? If you are subverting a country, one of the main objectives is to break down normal relations, family relations.

    A small group of conservatives should put up a bill for this. Show some porn before the law makers, See what 10 year old kids see on their phone. Call their bluff. They have a supermajority, are they going to say no to this? Expose them for the sham they are.

    There are so many of these examples we could be doing immediately, setting up for the 2020 election, getting people to embrace those true conservatives. Playing offense instead of having to play defense in keeping stupid laws from becoming the law of our land.

  10. House Judiciary bills include anti-racism legislation, gun restrictions, more nonsense
    legislation for ” Non- Issues ” in the state ……… The only issue is a Legislator’s mind !!

    Just read the above-mentioned bills, the state has a debt problem, tax concerns, unfunded
    liabilities, drug problems, housing concerns and look at what these clowns are promoting.

    Vermont we deserve better

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