Right to Lifers march, sing, learn, fill State House hall Saturday

By Guy Page

Hundreds of Vermont Right-to-Life supporters filled the floor and galleries of the Hall of the Vermont House of Representatives at the annual Rally for Life Saturday, Jan. 18.

In frigid weather they marched from Montpelier City Hall down Main and State streets to the State House, where they cheered and waved signs on the front steps while photographers (including a team from WCAX) took photos and videos. Then they filed into Representatives’ Hall to publicly unite in opposition to abortion, infanticide and euthanasia in Vermont.

Once seated in the hall, the Right to Lifers said the Pledge of Allegiance, finishing “with liberty and justice for all” with an emphatic “born and unborn!” They sang “Bring Vermont Back to Life,” composed for the rally by Dot Bolduc of St. Albans and friends. They heard Executive Director Mary Beerworth describe how VRLC is fighting for the unborn against influential pro-legal abortion forces, including Planned Parenthood, which operates 12 clinics in Vermont. For example, Vermont Right to Life:

  • has expanded outreach in Southern Vermont by naming Annisa Lamberton of Middletown Springs as Southern Vermont Director. The holder of a BA and MA in Speech Communication, Lamberton is a mom and longtime pregnancy center volunteer. She “promotes a compassionate perspective of loving mother and child equally,” VRLC said. She hopes to speak publicly about Prop 5, the proposed amendment of the Vermont Constitution to make unrestricted abortion a constitutional right.
  • confronts the UVM Medical Center Board of Trustees for its pro-abortion policies. At hospital trustee quarterly meetings, VRLC supporters urge repeal of elective abortion policy and extending conscience protection to pro-life health care providers who do not wish to participate in abortions. In recent years the hospital board has been led by former Planned Parenthood International senior official Allie Stickney.
  • supports legislation opposing unrestricted abortion, including H720, establishing fetal personhood at the 24th week of pregnancy. Two of the bill’s sponsors, Vicki Strong (R-Albany) and Anne Donahue (R-Northfield) attended the rally and received a hearty round of applause. The lead sponsor is Carl Rosenquist (R-Georgia), who reprised his personhood amendment to last year’s unrestricted abortion law.
  • has scheduled a day-long conference, “A Life Symposium,” Saturday September 19 at the Doubletree Hotel in South Burlington. The event will address constitutional law, conscience protection, post-abortion trauma, and more.

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  1. Good, hold these ” soulless ” fools we have in Montpelier feet to the fire, I hope it’s
    the fire of Hell !!

    Real Vermonter’s support all legislation opposing unrestricted abortion, if you don’t
    want to get pregnant………. keep your pants on or get sterilized !!

    It’s not the child’s fault, you’re an incompetent fool……….yeah, it’s your body so try
    using your mind first.

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