Vermont boxed in on COVID-19 travel map – almost

By Guy Page

Well, you didn’t want to travel out-of-state this weekend, anyway, right?

Halloween weekend is turning into a scary time for people thinking about traveling out of state. According to the State of Vermont Covid-19 interstate travel map updated Tuesday, except for Washington County, New York, across the southwestern corner of Vermont, crossing Vermont’s Quebec, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York borders for “non-essential” travel will require a 14-day quarantine upon return.

state of Vermont Covid-19 interstate travel map

Vermonters can enjoy visiting the childhood home of suffragette Susan B. Anthony in Battenville. Or they can go to Hampton to see Ascension Rock, where the followers of preacher William Miller gathered to await the Second Advent on October 22, 1844. Washington County is chock full of interesting local history. But it’s so close yet so far from the restaurants and shopping centers of Lake George, located in neighboring Warren County, which is “in the yellow” (400-799 cases per million) of Vermont’s travel map posted Tuesday. Walloomsac, actual site of the Battle of Bennington, is located in Rensselaer County.

In fact, unless you don’t drink too much coffee and can drive straight through to some central New York counties and much of rural Maine, the northeastern United States is pretty much off limits.

To be fair, the more populated areas of instate Vermont would require quarantine too, if they were located out-of-state. Chittenden and Washington County would both be “in the red” (800 cases or more per million). Windsor and Windham counties would be “in the yellow.”

So, how about a Staycation, Halloween-themed or not? has listings of open art galleries, music events, etc. Halloween events include a kids’ train ride at the University Mall: “The Big Blue Express will give rides through our enchanted haunted forest. We have installed safety panels in each car and we will be disinfecting the train every half hour. Throughout the event there will be hand sanitizers.”

Gov. Phil Scott has said the restrictions will almost certainly not end until vaccination is widespread. Not too far from the University Mall, the University of Vermont Medical Center is gearing up to help Astrozeneca run trials for its Covid-19 vaccine. Sooner or later, Vermont will wake up from this nightmare.

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Image courtesy of state of Vermont Covid-19 interstate travel map

7 thoughts on “Vermont boxed in on COVID-19 travel map – almost

  1. “Values displayed include estimates for asymptomatic, undetected cases, and so may exceed totals reported by local health departments”
    “Our approach is based on data” says our beloved governor.
    I’d say the approach is more akin to throwing darts at a board and tallying up the score.
    The fear projected by the Scott Administration is perplexing. Despite all of Phil’s hand wringing and Dr. Levine’s admonishments- current infection rates continue to climb in Vermont and nationwide. Perhaps it’s time to change strategy?
    Never schedule a pandemic during an election year.

  2. Remember the movie,”Hunt For Red October”, Where Capt. Borodin,(Sam Neill) ask Capt. Ramius,( Sean Connery) “Will i be able to drive from state to state with no papers”? Well folks… the time has arrived where we will have to apply to the Politburo in Montpelier for our travel papers. If you don’t believe that to happen, well then you need to come out of your safe place and face reality, because it is here.

  3. Okay. I must have missed something here. Essentially, Vermonters can not travel outside of Vermont for the foreseeable future. How about the thousands from out-of-state who come speeding north into Vermont via I-91 every Friday evening from down country, and then go speeding back south on a Sunday night. Because they’re bringing in tourist dollars, does that mean their travel is “essential’ and not subject to ‘travel restrictions’ or ‘quarantine’ upon entering Vermont? They can go and do as they please without fear of repercussion? Yet, Vermonters are pretty much relegated to in-state travel?
    Except, “To be fair, the more populated areas of instate Vermont would require quarantine too, if they were located out-of-state.” Huh?
    You’re right. None of this makes any sense…

    • Exactly! The “guidance” from Montpelier is both irrational and illogical. People need to wake up and realize that it’s not about public health. The selective “data and science” that the governor and his cohorts cite are only those that promote the prolonging of control over their “subjects”. Fear is a strong motivator. Mask-wearing is a good example. The mask that I wear, only when there is no real choice, is not a sign of my fear, but everyone else’s. The only way out of this tyranny is mass non-compliance. Live your lives folks, like free “citizens” and not “subjects”! Oppose tyranny, and embrace freedom!

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