Vermont a ‘brutally violent’ place for teen prostitute, survivor says in video

By Guy Page

Last year, H568, a bill to study legalization of prostitution passed the Vermont House but was not taken up by the Vermont Senate. It is expected that its supporters will introduce similar legislation in the 2021 session.

The following is an excerpt from a New Englanders Against Sexual Exploitation video entitled “The Oldest Oppression.” It is the first-person account of a woman who was trafficked in sexual exploitation in Vermont.

“When I was being trafficked in Vermont, I was a minor. I was 15 years old, and every time when I was in my home in Maine, and I knew that we were going to be brought to Vermont, I became frightened because it was the one place where I knew it would be brought that I never knew if I was gonna end up coming home or not.

“The people who purchased me – none of them cared about me, none of them cared about who I was, or how old I was, or if I wanted to be there. They had an agenda which sometimes can be brutally violent.

“I know that other survivors that I have mentored and worked with have been brought to Vermont in many areas – homes, hotels, motels, massage parlors, strip clubs, bachelor parties – I can honestly say that a hundred percent of the women that I’ve worked with, close to a thousand people, I have not personally met even one person who has said that they wanted to be there and this was empowering for them or exciting or something they loved doing – not one.

“When you are talking about prostitution you are talking about a system of brutal exploitation. The women that I encounter, they are so beaten, so traumatized, the vast majority have been abused, manipulated, forced into it.”

Click here for more information or to contact New Englanders Against Sexual Exploitation.

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3 thoughts on “Vermont a ‘brutally violent’ place for teen prostitute, survivor says in video

  1. Who is painting a mural on the street for these people?
    Where is their March to make people aware of their trauma and victimization? (and how it happened)
    Who is flying their flag?

    Really interesting how it all seems to work huh?

    • Hey Laura, everyone is terribly quiet on this topic no?

      I know I was attacked online from Antifa when I ran for office for suggesting that I might be stopping sex workers.

      She said I have friends that are sex workers, what you have against this?

      Right here in little ole Vermont. Yeah, pretty quiet on this subject. Any people who are elected like speak on this????

      They put Norm McAllister on a spike only to find him innocent of charges, but my, my terribly quiet on this one.

  2. Our party and myself have been commenting on the Porn industry for years. We are for free speech.
    Having said that we would tax the hell out of porn. It’s at best base entertainment.

    Please go on Porn hub and look at what is there. There has been a concerted change with the main topics of sleeping with your sister, brother, father, mother, now they’ll say step so perhaps not completely incest.

    This was brought out about that same time as the lock down.

    Do you think this a coincidence?

    Oh and every time we talked about taxing porn on VT Digger….delete, delete, comment would never see the light of day. Coincidence?

    In subverting a country one of the stated goals is to confuse people about their sexuality. How do you think they are doing?

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