UVM’s trans youth program leader: ‘We’ve had patients come in as young as 5’

Michael Bielawski/TNR

HOW YOUNG IS TOO YOUNG?: The clinical child and adolescent psychologist with the UVM Medical Center’s Trans Youth Program, Dr. Kimberlee Roy, says they’ve consulted children as young as age 5 on gender-identity issues.

Dr. Kimberlee Roy, a clinical child and adolescent psychologist with UVM Medical Center’s Trans Youth Program, was the guest on “Vermont Edition” on Friday morning to discuss the status of gender-affirming procedures currently offered in the state.

The show is associated with Vermont Public Radio. The host was Connor Cyrus.

Gender-affirming care has been a controversial subject matter nationwide as numerous states grapple with legislation on procedures that involve irreversible drugs that impact puberty and other developments in youth.

At least 17 states have passed laws protecting children from such procedures. States including Vermont have passed laws to shield the providers of trans procedures from potential litigation.

A ‘full-bio-psychosocial assessment’

Roy described the program.

“The Transgender Youth Clinic is an outpatient program that we have where we see patients and children in adolescence who identify as transgender or nonbinary. They come in for an initial assessment with parents, with the individual, and we do a full-bio-psychosocial assessment, so that’s all the different areas of their lives,” Roy said.

Roy added that such assessments happen before a medical appointment happens.

When the host asked what a “bio-psychosocial assessment” means, Roy said it involves many aspects of a person’s body and mind.

“It means you are getting a picture of the whole person, not just a psychological assessment, where you’re just asking about their moods, or feelings or behaviors,” Roy said. “You’re looking at how are they are functioning physically, how are they functioning mentally, in school, family functioning, all of those different things to make sure that you know the total person as much as you can.”

Roy added: “We’ve had patients as young as 5 come in for those assessments.”

Clinicians typically see children closer to the age of puberty, and medical side of the clinic does not assess children until the age of puberty.

Roy added they are primarily looking for “an experience of gender dysphoria” that the child may have had. Questioned posed will inquire about the child’s “gender journey” and ask questions like “How did you first come to understand that your gender is different?”

‘Parents may not be ready’

While medical professionals may be prepared to work toward transition, Roy said parents often object.

“We look at family functioning. Kids and teens are actually usually looking for something specific. And parents may not be ready for that specific intervention,” Roy said.

The host asked how can parents can take the initiative if they suspect their child is transgender, and Roy responded,”If the child isn’t ready, often we suggest to parents that they can periodically ask, ‘Hey, are you OK with the pronouns you’re using right now? Do you want to switch them? Have you thought about your name? Is that an OK name for us to still call you?'”

Roy also discussed how gender-affirming drugs work.

“If a child or an adolescent who has gone into puberty wants to stop physical changes from happening, medical doctors will give them a puberty blocker, if that’s appropriate,” Roy said. “So what that does is it stops development of secondary sex characteristics. It basically stops testosterone or estrogen from being produced in the body and keeps you from going any further than you have.”

At least 13% detransition

According to a 2015 study of 17,151 trans-identified people from the U.S., de-transitioning does occur regularly — and the rate is likely larger than what is reported.

“The data is drawn from the US Transgender Survey of 2015 and only includes trans-identified individuals who temporarily detransitioned and thus excluded permanent detransitioners,” the report states.

Debate online

The debate on social media about gender-affirming care continues to dominate. Christopher-Aaron Felker, who leads the GOP chapter for the City of Burlington, recently blasted attempts to transition kids.

It was noted at the start of the program that UVM is an underwriter of Vermont Public. The full interview and transcript can be found here.

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18 thoughts on “UVM’s trans youth program leader: ‘We’ve had patients come in as young as 5’

  1. Since I was raised in the 1950s there was none of this nonsense while I was growing up. But I’ve seen a lot of stupid things come and go since. One was the ADD/ADHD craze when my children were small. I saw parents attending workshops so they would know how to recognize and seek treatment for their children should they begin to show signs of being hyperactive. I thought all that was reprehensible and was really disgusted with the parents who bought into the rhetoric. My husband and I saw it for what it was. A ploy to make money for Big Pharma selling Ritalin and other drugs and an attention-getting device for the parents who craved a feeling of belonging. The school tried this with our son but we refused. We told them there was nothing wrong with our son that putting recess back into the school and shortening the school day wouldn’t cure. Needless to say we were called bad parents, they were going to refer us to CPS, we didn’t care about our son enough to understand what he was going through and seek help. We still declined. They backed off. He’s 40 now, married and has two children and is an amazing person. He outgrew his “hyperactivity” when he got to junior high and had PE and participated in sports. As well as he was just older and had more self-discipline.

    I see the same thing with this gender dysphoria. These children would benefit from counseling rather than bodily mutilation and drugging them to try to turn them into something they are not, never will be and most likely eventually will not want to be. While we are putting a lot of anger and disgust toward our medical profession, no one is thinking in terms of what about the parents? By that I mean someone has to make these parents understand what is going on and the lies they are being told by doctors, etc., to allow them to do these things to their children. Maybe tell them that their child will most likely outgrow their gender dysphoria (most do) and once through puberty will feel comfortable in their own skin without permanently damaging them. Or maybe they should stop trying to encourage them to think they are in the wrong body because I’m seeing too many parents exhibiting symptoms of Munchhausen’s wanting attention for themselves, wanting to belong to the parenting fad du jour or wanting to prove they will love their children no matter who and what they are. In California parents went through three doctors who said no to removing the breasts of their 13-year old until they found one who would agree to transition her. The girl is 18 now and suing the doctors and hospital.

    I often say where are the parents in all this, but the more I read the more I’ve decided the parents need to get counseling before they make a terrible mistake for their child. While the doctors are saying would you rather have a dead son/daughter or a live daughter/son the parents need to realize that down the road they could lose their child to this horrible perversion because of the transitioning. I can’t even imagine the guilt they will carry when that happens. Just say “no” doesn’t mean just to drugs. Parents need to learn to say no to medical professionals who are pushing this horrible agenda. Just say “no”, hug your child and head for the nearest psychiatrist who doesn’t believe in this horrific agenda. Because that is what it is. A current horrific agenda.

  2. all these perverts that are after the kids better be right with Christ because He WILL make them pay dearly for whatever harm is dealt to His Children,,,,”tis far better to tie a grist wheel around the neck and plunge into the lake than ever harm a child”

  3. Of course Connor Cyrus was the host. He’s a gay man on an overbearing mission.

    I watched Vermont This Week, PBS on 6/9. An utterly biased and disgusting panel of 4 LGBTQ – Rep Taylor Small, Winooski, Dom Amato, WCAX, Jack Thurston, and Cyrus himself. It was packed with LGBTQ propaganda and lies.


    PBS like WCAX has become LGBTQ militants. Deeply sickening.

  4. This is an agenda.. this is Big Pharma and Big Pharma is largely China!
    Follow The Money.. look at who is benefitting from this.
    It’s everything from hospitals, to insurance companies to teachers unions that are benefitting from just sick and evil agendas being forced upon us.
    This transgenderism has been turned *into an economy*.
    And how sick is that?
    How sick is it that we are trafficking humans, abortion, which is murder, is now ‘an industry’.

    Wake up people and see what is going on!
    The same exact thing can be said about “Climate Change”, also China largely benefitting..

    This is a great article with a video of a Trans Man expressing what is clearly a deep sadness about what she’s done to herself.. she, now He, expresses how hard it is to be a man.. and I think that what we are really looking at here is a person that doesn’t like who ‘she’ is- and yet cannot truly be what she’s trying to be..so how does one exist and truly be happy in this limbo-land where they hate who they are and cannot truly be what they desire to be?
    Read the article, watch the video and then ask yourself why on earth we’d want to inflict this upon people as KIDS.
    Why are we allowing *everything* to be monetized and turned into economies that largely benefit foreign countries?
    We are truly under attack and that is how we should be viewing what is going on.

    • If conservatives are smart they will not equate abortion with transgenderism. Again, 85%ish of Americans support degrees of abortion. Republicans are loosing that battle. They will lose, if they haven’t already, this one too if they equate the two and make it a religious issue. Please don’t if you want to protect children.

      I support a woman’s right to choose and attack transgenderism. You will get more like me on your side if you keep the issues separate.

      On a different note. I was speaking with a speech therapist recently, she said that trans women (god I hate to use that language) are seeking speech therapist to learn how to speak like real women and how to act like real women. So much for using their ‘feelings’ to justify their transition.

      • The fog of war has resulted in the bundling of all crimes against humanity – there are so many, we tend to lose count. Planned Parenthood, for decades, has touted woman’s health and family planning. However, the reality is their business model is grotesque and sinister, particularly the side hustles many still don’t fathom. Terminating pregnancy should be a final, no other option, not the first and foremost. The powers that be took a traumatic enough experience and turned it into profiteering. I guess the “pill” and other contraception practices are not enough ve to score the big money in the depopulation and DNA splicing agenda. The Masters of Puppets have spent decades and millions of dollars to desensitize death and dismemberment for profit. The Rockefeller medicine model has morphed into a cult of death and endless misery. All crimes against humanity cannot be tolerated or ignored any longer.


  6. This is more about abusive parents and medical profession seeking new revenue streams. A 5 year old also wants to be a cowboy and Indian and fire fighter and cop. Entering this gender crap into the mix of figuring out what going on in life is a ticket to mental problems and almost a 50% chance of the kid killing itself. This is not a road we should be going down. Call it what it is CHILD ABUSE…

  7. Dr. Kimberlee Roy, should be really proud of harming young children,
    with overdoses of estrogen and testosterone levels and if that doesn’t
    work for big Pharma, then the next option is the surgical removal of
    kid’s biological parts……………….. pretty pathetic !!

    Oh, wait Dr. Roy, psychologist, customers for life $$$$$$$ and probable
    on the taxpayer’s dime.

  8. “Roy also discussed how gender-affirming drugs work.” Dr. Roy, you are evil. You got this backwards. These drugs are NOT “gender affirming”. Call them what they are. GENDER-DESTROYING.

  9. This is so sad that it makes me cry. I simply do not understand this desire amongst some adults to inflict their radical psychological viewpoints on children. Can any of you progressive lurkers explain why messing with their bodies is so damn important ? I doubt it. You are not GOD !

  10. This whole thing is made up by sick adults who want to change mankind. Telling confused and maybe depressed children “Hey you don’t like the body your in then change “ Its pure evil

    • That’s what happens when society becomes increasingly secular. When I was growing up things were less secular and more religious. We would have been told God does not put people in the wrong bodies. But then we didn’t have a medical profession who wanted nothing but to play God and increase their coffers and parents who were so insecure they would sign on to something like this.

  11. Seriously? A 5 year old seeking transgender care? A 5 year old doesn’t even know what toy to play with at that age let alone know anything about what gender to be. Disgusting!

  12. Remember Big Pharma’s wish is it’s demand, to create new customers for life with every kid transitioned away from their natural state. What a sick group of people on earth. A group (Big Pharma and their supporters, willing or stupid), who would create sickness for profit, unleash bioweapons for profit, saddle up with dictators to control and eliminate unwanted section of humanity. Speak the truth, there are 2 sexes, male and female, either one accepts ones form and finds a way to be happy within it, or one feeds the idea of unhappiness. There’s plenty of tolerance, help and options for those unhappy with their form or with the fit of opposite sexes in sex, however, tolerance is not promotion coercion and support for the most evil genocidal groups of people on Earth. I stand up in my town select board meetings and do what I can to inform the ignorant on the normalization of pedophilia ( MAP minor attracted People) as another main agenda thrust of Corporate promotion of the Woke aganda. I hope everyone will see The Sound of Freedom coming out in the beginning of July to learn about why the USA is THE MAJOR hub for child sex slavery, rape and killing, at 2 million a year, WHO is partaking of this? Why the most powerful, elite and horrible amongst us, who by day wear suits and diamonds and by night make children scream. As a measure of your humanity, I urge you to have teh courage to make this topic front and center despite the unease, otherwise we are complicit through our silence. Oh, and I hope you have seen satellite proof that the fires were started simultaneously in Quebec. Conspiracy? You bet, its Humanity or Evil.

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