‘Using every tool available’: ICE begins subpoenaing sanctuary cities for information on wanted illegal aliens

By Jason Hopkins

Immigration and Customs Enforcement subpoenaed Denver officials for information on four illegal aliens wanted for deportation, marking a dramatic escalation in how the agency is dealing with sanctuary cities.

ICE subpoenaed Denver authorities for information on four illegal aliens who the city had previously arrested for violent crimes, the agency confirmed to the Daily Caller News Foundation. The undocumented aliens in question included three Mexican nationals and one Honduran national — all of whom had been previously deported before illegally reentering the country.

The Associated Press reported on the agency’s subpoenas Wednesday.

“On Monday, ICE issued four immigration subpoenas to the Denver Justice Center requesting information about egregious criminal aliens on whom ICE is seeking for immigration enforcement purposes. These aliens had all come into custody at the Denver Justice Center but were either released despite ICE having lodged a detainer or remain in custody,” an ICE spokesperson said to the DCNF.

Wikimedia Commons/Mobilus In Mobili

This is the first instance of ICE issuing a subpoena to a law enforcement entity, and it may be the first of many delivered to sanctuary jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate.

Authorities arrested the four men for crimes ranging from sexual assault to child abuse. Denver released three of those men, despite an ICE detainer placed on them. The other individual is in custody but is expected to be released without being handed over to the agency, per city policy.

The subpoenas, doled out Monday, gave Denver officials 14 days to respond to three of the cases. In one case, the city was given three days to respond with information. If Denver does not comply, ICE could hand the subpoenas over to a federal judge, who could then order local officials to hand over the information in question or find them in contempt if they fail to comply.

Denver, like many “sanctuary” jurisdictions across the country, has policies in place that forbid cooperation with federal immigration authorities. Namely, Denver officials will not honor any ICE detainer that asks them to hold onto an individual that is wanted by ICE for removal proceedings.

Administrative subpoenas from ICE are typically sent to employers or landlords, but because of the increasing lack of cooperation from local authorities, the agency is being forced to ratchet up efforts to locate and apprehend violent illegal aliens. This is the first instance of ICE issuing a subpoena to a law enforcement entity, and it may the first of many delivered to sanctuary jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate.

The agency says its authority to issue such subpoenas is codified under federal law.

“ICE is using every tool available to obtain information on the whereabouts or release dates of aliens in jurisdictions that chose to, or are unable to, cooperate with ICE,” the spokesperson continued, noting that the “majority of law enforcement agencies” across the U.S. willingly provide the agency with information on wanted illegal aliens.

The decision to issue subpoenas mark the latest spat between Denver, a liberal bastion, and federal immigration authorities. After arresting an illegal alien late in 2019 — who had already been deported six times — for his alleged involvement in a deadly hit-and-run accident, killing a mother, Denver authorities told the DCNF that they would stick to policy and not honor an ICE detainer lodged against the individual.

The entire state of Colorado, which the Democratic Party controls, has become increasingly antagonistic toward ICE, as well. Democratic Gov. Jared Polis signed legislation into law in 2019 that largely prohibits local law enforcement across the state from detaining a suspected illegal alien on the basis of an ICE detainer request, along with a number of other provisions that handicaps ICE’s ability to locate and apprehend those living in the country unlawfully.

As for the recent subpoenas, Denver officials suggested that they won’t be complying. A spokesperson for the mayor’s office, along with a spokesperson for the city attorney’s office, both noted in statements to the DCNF that the subpoenas were not issued by a court of law.

“The subpoenas were not issued by a court of law and not signed by a judge. There is no indication they are related to a criminal investigation. Denver does not comply with subpoenas unless they are Court-ordered or unless they are primarily related to a criminal investigation,” said Ryan Luby of the City Attorney’s Office. “Our immigration ordinance fully complies with federal law.”

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8 thoughts on “‘Using every tool available’: ICE begins subpoenaing sanctuary cities for information on wanted illegal aliens

  1. Opposed to citizenship…if coming in illegally or thru catastrophic events…they can stay, work, pay taxes but *no citizenship*…which is the incentive…and end all chain migration period….if they wish to see family they can go visit or vice versa like everyone else on the planet…

    • Fast-tracking citizenship encourages more illegals to come. They are not all originating from south of border though its porosity makes it the entry point.

      Our president who loves our country more than the thieves – left and right- who sold us out to special outside interests to become wealthy has finally circumvented the traitorous Democrat party and leadership – who refuse to do anything -resulting in dramatic drop of illegals entering and who now have jobs in Mexico. W/no incentive to come and no certain way to pay off the cartel drug dealers providing entry is a gamechanger.

      Much of the illegal network is a pipeline brokered by middlemen between business and the illegals themselves…they are brokered on the other side of the border and imported to the hiring party…this is what’s going on here on pastoral hills of VT with the socalled “Small Dairy Farms” many of which are typically run factory farms just a bit smaller than the hundreds of acres of windowless warehouses of of the Midwest.

    • For those not here legally was referring to Dreamers. Trump had brokered a generous deal to allow many more than just Dreamers themselves to stay. Personally in favor of this as it would result in ending this travesty of justice to continue. But when the corrupt Democrat party realized that these future voters could vote Republican…they put the kibosh on.

      Dem party is importing a constituency by planting a garden of future Dem voters and expect a huge harvest which is entire reason for continuing it and partly why it needs to end.

  2. Ditto on all of the above.
    I believe the so called social correct terminology is, “undocumented immigrant.” It doesn’t carry the stigma of being illegal, or a criminal so. Why does it take so long to get a citizenship? That seems to be a contributing factor in remaining illegal. The Fed has looked the other way for so long, until 2016. So, what’s the big deal? Give them green cards or temporary migrant status, whichever suits their situation, make them pay taxes. It they can’t speak English, send them to night school. Learning English should be unconditional. Give them a time limit to get their citizenship, but make it obtainable in a more reasonable time frame. They are going to be here no matter how much we dislike it. The one thing that will make a big difference is to incarcerate those who shelter them, give them jobs, and protection from federal regulations.

  3. Re-entering the United States after having been deported is a felony offense. Denver officials should be charged with ‘aiding and abetting Federal fugitives from justice’ and should be arrested by Federal marshals.

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