Two New England states will begin testing deer for COVID-19

The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has asked both New Hampshire and Vermont to test white-tailed deer for COVID19, and before you laugh, deer have been found carrying antibodies.

In its study, released in July, the inspection service tested 481 deer in Illinois, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania and found COVID-19 antibodies in 33% of the samples.

“We do not know how the deer were exposed” to the virus, the study said. “It’s possible they were exposed through people, the environment, other deer, or another animal species.”

The “experts” don’t want anyone to panic, which would sort of be a first, but they don’t think deer can spread COVID to people. To that, I say this. First, unless I misunderstand things, flus cannot be eradicated because they have animal reservoirs.

The study said that based on available information, the risk of deer and other animals spreading COVID-19 to people is low. It also said there were no reports of clinical illness in the deer populations surveyed, and that captive deer “experimentally infected” with the virus as part of a USDA Agricultural Research Service study didn’t show clinical signs of illness.

Second, for the sake of the deer, I hope it’s not them.

The FDA, CDC, and DoA might suggest we get them all inoculated, and the animal rights people will find themselves at cross purposes.

COVID jabs kill people (of which they most likely approve) but might kill the deer (which they don’t). Can you be pro-jab for some mammals and not others?

Perhaps they can distract from their guilt by complaining about how “white-tailed deer” sounds racist.

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6 thoughts on “Two New England states will begin testing deer for COVID-19

  1. Gee. Guess that’s one way to make jobs. Here I thought bringing back the old Conservation Corps would be cool. Or the Mills. Or maybe stop arbitrarily destroying the labour pool with automation and cheap immigration replacement labour.

    But cuck mask some deers. Very good. That fixes everything. Well played, yuuuuuuge pharma and/or big gubmint apparatus.

  2. What next? Are they going to try and cull the deer like they did with mink in the Netherlands? This sounds like the rehashing of the polio epidemic. There were polio cases in animals and endemic polio paralleled the introduction of a lead and arsenic based pesticide.

  3. These people have jumped off the cliff. Maybe we should vaccinate the wildlife of better yet PUT A MASK on them. Unbelievable!!!

  4. Our controllers are causing food shortages so it only makes sense to attack the wildlife so the people who don’t want their tyranny can’t feed themselves outside the system.

    • Bingo to the lingo, Alicia!
      This is ALL about control of resources, so in order to live, we have to literally PLUG IN to be fed, watered and walked. LITERALLY.
      That is the dystopian future Klaus Schwab has in mind for us.
      Of course, he spent HIS formative years studying 1984, word by word.
      We WILL disconnect from nature, neighbors, family and community.
      And we WILL be happy in our cubes atop the green mountains and hills of Vermont.
      And we WILL like being told when we can pee, poop, drink water, eat slop, and fart.
      Welcome to the NWO’s vision of LIFE IN VERMONT.
      Dependent state on the NWO.
      Gave away its rights without a whimper.
      Oh yay.a

      (Since there ARE no viruses, I wonder what it is they are picking up in deer? Ticks?)

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