Two dozen former campaign workers for Bernie Sanders write letter on ‘dangerous’ culture of ‘sexual violence’

By Joe Simonson

A number of alumni from Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign wrote a letter in hopes of having a meeting with the Vermont senator and his closest advisers in order to discuss rampant “sexual violence and harassment” employees faced during the last Democratic primary.

The letter, obtained by Politico, features the signatures of over two dozen women and men who say a “dangerous dynamic” existed during the last campaign.

“We request that Jeff Weaver, Caryn Compton, Ari Rabin-Havt, Arianna Jones, Shannon Jackson, and any other relevant staff who may have input in the creation of a ‘gold-standard’ harassment policy, be present to make sure that our discussion is collaborative and results in tangible next steps we can be proud to stand in support of,” the letter reads.

The names of the individuals behind the letter have not been released but were described by Politico as ranging “from field organizers to some of the top officials on the 2016 campaign.”

Sanders’ campaign committee, Friends of Bernie Sanders, released a statement to Politico in response to the letter, saying “harassment of any kind is intolerable.”

“We always welcome hearing the experiences and views of our former staff. We also value their right to come to us in a private way so their confidences and privacy are respected. And we will honor this principle with respect to this private letter,” Friends of Bernie Sanders said.

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9 thoughts on “Two dozen former campaign workers for Bernie Sanders write letter on ‘dangerous’ culture of ‘sexual violence’

  1. Hypocrisy at it’s best, Socialist Sanders had Judge Kavanaugh quilty from the get-go
    yup, “guilty” until proven innocent from a couple of fabricated stories !!

    So now we have a Couple Dozen from his own campaign stating ” sexual violence ”
    and the Bern …….puts out his normal avoidance statement, pure BS to CYA !!!

  2. This should not surprise anyone.

    First Bernie Sanders holds a very low view of humanity and he always has. That is why he is appreciated by those who profit from human abuse and worse, like the Castros, the late Hugo Chavez (dictator of Venezuela), many other collectivists advocates and leaders, and of course America’s own eugenics organization, Planned Parenthood. 60 million dead innocent Americans is not enough.

    Second is that there are always human to implement a collectivist “utopia.” That is just part of the deal and those who are really for Bernie need to be able to overlook these costs for the greater good of the “utopia” he is trying to bring to America. The 60 million dead are also part of that costs as is the reputation destruction the left tried to do to Bret Kavanaugh (which unfortunately secured his confirmation … and may have been their plan), the determination to impeach Trump, not because of Trumps mistakes or even possible legal troubles, but because in spite of Trump’s problems, he has stood strong for American sovereignty. Any casualty on the road to utopia is fine, including the abuse in his campaign. The individual does not matter in the collectavist’s world. Sadly 40% of millennials don’t understand that. Only our government controlled education system can be credited with allowing, perhaps even aiding, such ignorance.

  3. Looking forward to some boots on the ground reporting on this topic. It’s hard to see any specific victim’s words in this piece. If this topic dies, I doubt its veracity.

  4. stat·ist
    noun: statist; plural noun: statists
    an advocate of a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs.
    “this is one issue which unites statists of all persuasions”
    adjective: statist
    relating to or characteristic of a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs.
    “a statist approach to health care”

  5. he’s having a harder time defending his socialist ideals ha ha ha ha ha,,,,,he was totally schooled by his opponent, to which nobody could see because he refused to debate, and now he’s totally owned by Cheney,,,,he couldn’t defend his case and instead attacks her because of what her father did,,,,,,,weak, very weak, just like his ideas,

    When he finally gets challenged, when he leaves the protected socialist media bubble of Vermont, he has no ground to stand on, because his ideas hold no water. Media covers these looser ideals, to,which can’t be debated in an open forum,because they are lies.

    Bernie might want to retire, while he’s ahead in the public eye, doubtful, like,most socialists heS completely power driven, the fall from socialist grace will be epic.

    • Bernie Sanders is not an Independent, another lie from the media. He’s a socialist, cut and dried. A champion of intellectuals, fools, and the lazy. Moochers, electing looters to steal from the *producers. *Of which are becoming fewer and fewer.

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