Twitter to remove tweets that wish Trump dead following COVID diagnosis

By Jake Dima

Twitter will remove tweets wishing for President Donald Trump’s death following his and first lady Melania Trump’s Thursday coronavirus diagnosis, the social media giant told Motherboard.

“Content that wishes, hopes or expresses a desire for death, serious bodily harm or fatal disease against an individual is against our rules,” Twitter told Motherboard, which is part of Vice Media. The company added that the months-old rule applies to posts about the president, and Tweets that violate the policy will be removed.

The social media platform also added that not all tweets that appear to engage in the prohibited behavior will be targeted.

“[We] won’t take enforcement action on every Tweet,” Twitter told Motherboard. “We’re prioritizing the removal of content when it has a clear call to action that could potentially cause real-world harm.”

Zara Rahim, who identifies herself as a previous staffer for former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, wrote “I hope he dies” in reference to Trump in a now-deleted tweet.

Cody Johnson, a podcast host and nearly 180,000 followers, tweeted that he thinks Trump’s diagnosis is “funny” and those that agree with him should tell others that they “hope the president dies from the virus.”

Johnson’s tweet was still live as of Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, others, including left-wing figures, have wished the president well during his sickness.

“God bless the president and the first lady,” MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow tweeted Friday. “If you pray, please pray for their speedy and complete recovery — and for everyone infected, everywhere.”

“This virus is horrific and merciless — no one would wish its wrath on anyone,” she continued. “We must get its spread under control. Enough.”

Obama also tweeted well wishes for the president and first lady.

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5 thoughts on “Twitter to remove tweets that wish Trump dead following COVID diagnosis

  1. Regarding hurting Trump:

    Wishing him,

    Severely injured would be ok?
    Dead would be a step to far over the line?

    Those are the same people who think, “peaceful demonstrations” should include mayhem, looting, burning, beatings, even so killings of hated cops.

  2. I was seriously hoping there now would be some thoughtful reflection in True North on the President’s handling of Covid-19 and the over 208,000 American deaths due to this virus in the last eight months. As an elderly overweight male, the President was particularly susceptible to complications resulting from contracting the virus. It is wonderful that he has a
    top notch medical team and round the clock care to get him through this. It appears that he will beat it; something we should all be thankful for. Many Americans have not been and many more Americans still will not be so fortunate

    • Many Americans have not beaten cancer, the common flu, or diabetes. The numbers for these are far greater than the Wuhan virus. There is no justification for what is, without question, a government power grab to deprive us all of our God=-given rights. But of course, you would hide that desire behind a wall of emotional appeal.

  3. Leftist goons, they won’t be laughing when President Trump is re-elected
    into his next term………………. leftist tears will be flowing !!

    We the peole are sick of the leftist fools, payback is coming ………

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