Tucker latest to blast Biden for calling GOP voters ‘fascists’

By Harold Hutchison

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted President Joe Biden for attacking former President Donald Trump’s supporters Wednesday night, claiming Biden “lost all sense of proportion and restraint.”

“Fascists, that’s what the other side is, says Joe Biden, an American president comparing tens of millions of his own people to the moral monsters we shot and bombed and later hung from the gallows in World War II,” Carlson said, noting remarks Biden made Aug. 25. “The children and grandchildren of Americans who died fighting the Nazis are now themselves Nazis, says Joe Biden, because they vote Republican. It is hard to believe that any U.S. president would say something like that in private. But Joe Biden just did, and then a few hours later at a high school gym he said it again.”

Carlson played a clip of Biden proclaiming that “MAGA Republicans” were a “threat to democracy.”


“It was all so crazy and over-the-top, yes, extreme, you could not believe the White House press office would try to defend it. Would’ve been better to announce that Biden must’ve had a stroke, apologize, and then move on,” Carlson said. “The White House seemed completely unashamed with what he said. Biden’s history-making publicist, the single dumbest person ever to hold that job, explained that her boss had spoken intentionally and with precision. He ‘called it what it is,’ meaning Joe Biden called Republicans what they are. They are Nazis, he said so, next question.”

Biden’s rhetoric has escalated since the Aug. 8 FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, the Florida estate owned by Trump, as part of an investigation into documents allegedly removed from the White House when Trump left office in January 2021.

Many Republicans denounced the raid as an “abuse of power” by the Biden administration.

Carlson said that Americans need competence in leadership and institutions that do their jobs.

“Not all of these are Joe Biden’s fault, he had a lot of help over decades, but a lot of this is Joe Biden’s fault and he can’t admit it, just as he can’t face the prospect of his eternal future as his idiot birthday approaches, so he externalizes it,” Carlson said. “He yells at you, not himself, you are the problem. You are the reason things are broken. Your racism, your transphobia, your minivan, it’s your fault. You stood in the way of progress. You are a Nazi. We declare war on you.”

Carlson also warned that Biden’s rhetoric comparing Republicans to Nazis was “a very bad sign.”

“When you are a Nazi, there is no limit to what they can do to you and feel morally justified as they do it,” Carlson said later.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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17 thoughts on “Tucker latest to blast Biden for calling GOP voters ‘fascists’

  1. Includes full Tucker from last night’s debacle 9/1/22:
    The Cult on full-display – Blood-red Satanic/Nazi background, Marines behind him, as drugged-up Biden reads his script to condemn half of American voters as ‘semi-fascist’ destroyers of freedom. Every word was an inversion of the truth – which is exactly how Satanists operate

  2. Illegitimate POTUS Joe Xiden, the perve whose molested own daughter in the shower – early childhood according to said daughter and amidst a new expose film “My Son hunter”channels Adolph Hitler backed by the Democrat Party declare war on Constitutional Conservatives, Republicans, Anyone who refuses to walk lockstep over the cliffpolitical perdition and all Trump supporters – the newest iteration of Hillary “What Difference Does It Make’ Clintons’ “Deplorable” moniker smearing all Trump supporters

    Amidst an ominously themed blood-red backdrop:


  3. The pictures of an obviously angry Joe Biden against a red backdrop of lighting with US Marines in the background was reminiscent of Nikita Kruschev when he declared to Americans “We will bury you!” Only a few shovels of dirt left before his prediction comes to pass. God help us all. (For those of you too young to remember Nikita Kruschev, Google him.)

  4. I thought President Biden’s speech las night was wonderful and very inciteful. He finally and truly took off his mask and showed us what desperate, ugly, corrupt and hateful person he really is. He defined the battle lines for the upcoming civil war that he and his followers are trying very hard to start. I especially loved the part where he said MAGA Republicans have no respect for the Constitution while trying to take all semi-automatic weapons away, gutting the 2nd Amendment. Finally, I would like to thank him for proving my point, THERE ARE NO REPUBLICANS, THERE ARE NO DEMOCRATS, THERE ARE ONLY PROGRESSIVES & PATRIOTS.

  5. Be aware we are coming up to mid-term elections. The Democrats are calling out their ANTIFA army of intimidators and thugs. This is one of the reasons President Phony Joey Baloney is tagging Trump supporters as semi-fascists. Nobody better to deal with fascists than the champions of anti-fascism ANTIFA.

    • NAZI actually is the short name for the German name “National German Workers Socialist Party”. Nazis are Socialists. So the Socialists are calling the Trump supporters “Fascists”. That’s rich. You know, the pot calling the kettle . . . .

  6. The Demo/Prog camp is bankrupt,, everything they have touched has turned to the stinkyest fecal material on the face of the earth. So they are backed into a corner and what do animals do when they are cornered with no escape route ? They howl, they knash teeth, they growl and make all kinds of sounds. So if we are Facist, they are animals and I will stand by that statement.
    In Jan 2021,they took a country whose credentials were among the best in American History and have absolutely buried everything that was working for the American people. How stupid can they be? Give me MAGA , I’m ready.

  7. As stated ” elections have consequences, stolen elections have catastrophic consequences ”
    this is what we are witnessing today in America …………

    DemocRATs must be proud of this feckless old fool, yes Joe is senile and ” pathetic ” but he
    and his handlers they all need to go to Gitmo, yes, it’s home for treasonous traders !!

  8. Similar disparate comments were made by governor Phil Scott. He called all Republicans in the state racists. The Essex Westford school district actually sent out an email to the community stating that the biggest threat to Vermont’s children is white supremacists. These comments are nothing but baseless political rhetoric.

    • We are going to the polls soon and we can not support Send Joe Benning who is running for lieutenant governor.

      He rides the coattails of Phil Scott and calls Republicans insurrectionists and white supremacists.

      He is like a termite destroying us from the inside.

      We have a choice to eliminate the hatred of Benning from the Republican party by joining our movement to write in Gregory Thayer.

      Please visit http://www.GregoryThayer.com

      Everyone should spread the word among friends and family, in the community, and on social media.

      Ballot MUST be filled out EXACTLY:

      “Gregory M. Thayer of Rutland”

  9. This President needs to undergo an evaluation to determine cognitive capabilities …….or lack thereof
    We the people want to know who is calling the shots……..cause most of us are pretty sure, its no JB

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