Trump wins: Mueller investigation finds no collusion, no obstruction

By Chuck Ross

Attorney General William Barr delivered a report of the special counsel’s Russia investigation to Congress on Sunday.

By far the most significant finding in the four-page letter is that the special counsel did not find evidence that President Trump or members of his campaign conspired with Russians to influence the 2016 election. Barr also said that evidence was not sufficient to establish that Trump obstructed justice during the investigation.

Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia’s 2016 election meddling, according to a four-page letter that Attorney General William Barr sent to Congress on Sunday.

“The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities,” Mueller wrote in the report, according to Barr’s letter, which he sent to the chairmen and ranking members of the Senate and House Judiciary Committees.

Barr also said that the special counsel, which consisted of 19 lawyers, found no evidence “that any U.S. person or Trump campaign official or associate” conspired or “knowingly coordinated” with Russian efforts to use social media platforms to spread disinformation during the 2016 campaign. Nor did Trump associates conspire with Russians in the efforts to hack Democrats’ emails and disseminate them online.

In addition to investigation collusion, Robert Mueller, the special counsel, also probed whether Trump illegally obstructed the FBI’s Russia probe, either by firing James Comey as FBI director or by shutting down other parts of the probe.

According to Barr, Mueller’s report “does not conclude that the President committed a crime,” but “it also does not exonerate him.”  Barr, who took office last month, said that after consulting with Justice Department officials, including Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, he determined that the evidence was not sufficient enough to show that Trump obstructed justice.

Barr revealed in his letter that nearly 2,800 subpoenas were issued and 500 witness interviews conducted during the investigation.

Mueller delivered a comprehensive report of his 22-month investigation to the Justice Department on Friday. The hand off signaled that the investigation was over and that Mueller would be issuing no more indictments in the probe.

Barr said in a letter to the Judiciary committees on Friday that he would provide Congress with Mueller’s conclusions from the investigation, which focused on whether members of the Trump campaign conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election and whether President Trump obstructed justice.

Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein spent much of Saturday and Sunday reviewing Mueller’s report, which one official described as “comprehensive.”

The Justice Department is not required to provide the entire report to Congress. Instead, regulations governing special counsel’s investigations require only that the attorney general inform Congress about decisions to issue indictments or decline indictments.

Mueller indicted 37 individuals and three Russian companies during the investigation. Six Trump associates pleaded guilty or were charged in the probe, though none were charged with conspiring with Russia.

Barr’s delivery marks a significant milestone in the investigation, but it will now touch off a new waiting game for a release of more details from the probe. Democrats have already said that they are unwilling to settle for a mere summary of Mueller’s findings. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler has said he will subpoena the Justice Department for the report, and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has suggested subpoenaing Mueller himself.

Some Republicans, likely emboldened by the belief that the report undercuts theories of collusion, have also said that they support Mueller’s findings being made public.

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11 thoughts on “Trump wins: Mueller investigation finds no collusion, no obstruction

  1. Congratulations President Trump. Once again a great failure for democrats and a great victory for republicans. You are winner president Trump, just as always.

  2. Our idiot Congressmen believed the whole damn thing! But even if they didn’t they went along with it, destroying the integrity of our government and the news media, something from which our country may never recover. This whole incident made America look like a fool. Thanks, Leahy, Welch, and Sanders.

  3. Now it’s time for Barr to start investigation into the Leftist Cabal who colluded to take down a legitimate political contender. Obama, Lynch, Clinton, Comey, Strotz, Page, Ohr’s, Brennen, all the swamp deepstaters need to be filling the cells not occupied down in sunny Gitmo. That would let
    me die a happy man knowing Obola was incarcerated in the jail he couldn’t get rid of…Sweet..

    When Barr’s done with that one he can continue with additional investigation into Uranium One
    for additional life sentences for many already in Gitmo and a few added. Bill and Hilly could share
    a cell for that one.
    After which President Trump in his second term could state “Justice for America” has returned.
    O Happy Days

  4. Thé sole purpose of the media loading on Trump was to sell more newspapers to survive just a little longer.
    But the handwritings are on the wall. They will be goners soon.
    Welcome to the alternative media.

    It had nothing to do with fair, objective reporting.
    They had an axe to grind after Clinton’s inept, ineffectual campaigning.
    She lost to a novice

    I wonder what will be next?
    After the Mueller report, what issue could possibly replace it?
    All issues would be small potatoes by comparison.

    • It’s much, much worse than just selling newspapers, making money. Sheryl Atkinson layers it out in her book The Smear. yuri Bezmanov laid it out in his videos,talks, which coincidentally you can’t find on Amazon. It’s way bigger than just money.

  5. The investigation succeeded in its purpose. i.e To deflect attention from the candidate who did collude with Russia (note Uranium One, contribs to Clinton Foundation, etc).

    • And the fact the wanted to jail him under obstruction or some other process crime, which is standard fair and practice from the hand book to which they all play, Rules,for,Radicals…..all,hail Alinsky is apparently the DNC model.

  6. Irony

    In DC, Top Secret documents were combed through in less than 2 years time, massive inquiries, subpoenas, interviews all the while the propaganda press scream hang em’ high. Low and behold no collusion.

    Meanwhile, Vermont has public documents for and EB5 scandal, the largest in the nation to the tune of $200 million or so, started what 8 years ago? Still no documents released. Still nobody in Vermont Government did anything wrong? When their only job was to make sure the money was present when the project was completed?

    And the Vermont press attack, day and night, lampoon the man. Perhaps a bit of self reflection? Perhaps some remedial classes on how to spot propaganda? How to find the truth? How to tell the difference between feelings and fact?

    Irony……or maybe a new book?

    The Art of the Cover Up

    by Montpelier Political Class.

  7. Well, it seems The President was stating facts about the collision and now after two-plus years
    and $24 million dollars wasted the DemocRATs are not satisfied with the results……..

    So these fools will try and try again until they find something on the President even if it’s a ticket
    for jaywalking…………….What a bitter bunch of losers, too bad !!

    I hope DemocRATs keep up their foolishness with the sky is falling because of Trump strategy
    as independents will get sick of the BS and Trump will walk in for another four !!

    I assume when that happens, there’ll be a high rate of Liberal suicides…….Oh well.

  8. The liberals will be picking this report apart. They’ll find something in it to blame trump for and broadcast it across all their progressive news medias. I wish that would have concentrated as much time and money investigating Hillary but that would never happen. We need term limits bad in this country. No more career politicians.

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