Trump: Unarmed civilians are ‘sitting ducks’

By Whitney Tipton

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that unarmed civilians are “sitting ducks” because they obey laws that prevent carrying guns for self-defense.

“When somebody has a gun illegally and nobody else has a gun because the laws are that you can’t have a gun, those people are gone,” Trump told “Good Morning Britain’s” Piers Morgan during an interview that covered a range of gun control topics.

“They have no chance,” he added.

Morgan brought up the Virginia Beach shootings as the latest example of America’s high gun crime rate.

“America has a particular issue with gun violence. There’s been a 150 mass shootings in America this year alone. In Britain, we have 35 gun deaths a year,” Morgan said.

“Yeah but in London you have stabbings allover. I read an article where everyone’s being stabbed,” Trump replied. “They said your hospital is a sea of blood all over the floors.”

“We have a problem with knife crime,” Morgan responded.

Trump told Morgan that the Paris shootings in November 2015 that killed 118 would never have happened had “two or three of those people had a gun.”

Morgan praised Trump for his stand on banning “bump stocks” after the Las Vegas shootings in October 2017, asking if he would also wanted to ban “silencers,” because one was reportedly used in the Virginia Beach shootings.

Trump said he would “think about it.”

“The bad guys are not getting rid of their guns,” Trump said. “Pretty much everybody agrees with that.”

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4 thoughts on “Trump: Unarmed civilians are ‘sitting ducks’

  1. President Trump is correct again !!

    With all the crazies running around the country and you allow ” Gun Free Zones ” to exist,
    then anyone within these zones are “sitting ducks”, luckily we have law-abiding citizens
    armed in everyday life ready to defend……………

    Thank Our Founding Fathers for the Second Amendment and all of us that support it,
    we’ll even step in and save a Bleeding Heart Liberal if need be ……Ironic as that may be.

  2. Every time there is a brutal mass killing by gun, the shooter if alive, gets 2 years of court protections, Umpteen Dollars spent on defense, found insane, sent for treatment – you get the picture.

    Yesterday 3 murderers will never be charged with their crimes of years ago, because our courts will find them insane, and put them in voluntary, unlocked mental health ‘facilities” – and with NOT EVEN A CRIMINAL RECORD

    AND, after this gun person does it’s criminal damage, and it’s shooter get the benefit fo presumed innocent;
    200,000,000 other guns and law abiding gun owners are presumed guilty and punished by having their Constitutional rights trashed.

    Political Correctness gone absolutely crazy

    We can’t handle violent criminals – but we certainly can punish every Constitutional Gun Owner.

    • Don’t you find it strange that our public school employees and State workers are prohibited from employing ‘collective punishment’, yet our Legislators routinely use that to keep chipping away at our Constitutional rights?

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