Trump spokesman: Dems ‘have unified and grown the entire conservative movement’ with raid on Mar-a-Lago

By Laurel Duggan

Former President Donald Trump is optimistic about his political future after the FBI raided his residence at Mar-a-Lago Monday, one of his advisors told The Washington Post.

The FBI raided the Florida estate Monday and, while the warrant has not been made public yet, many in the media suspect it was related to Trump’s alleged mishandling of White House documents. Trump believes the raid will ultimately be a boon to his political career, according to The Washington Post.

“In the Democrats’ desperate attempt to retain power, they have unified and grown the entire conservative movement,” Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich told The Washington Post.

“One adviser who spoke to Trump after the search said the former president sounded buoyed by the development, bragging about how many Republicans were supporting him publicly, and said Trump thought the search would help him politically in the end,” the outlet reported. “The adviser spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk about a private conversation.”

Jason Miller, another Trump adviser, said the raid “furthers his inclination to run and galvanizes the Republican base on his behalf,” according to The Washington Post.

Numerous Republicans came to Trump’s defense after the raid, which they characterized as an abuse of power against President Joe Biden’s political rival.

Others have speculated that the raid could help Trump politically by advancing the public perception that he’s being unfairly targeted by the administrative state.

“I’ve never seen the GOP base this red-hot before, and it’s clearly causing Republicans to rally to his defense,” Andy Surabian, a GOP strategist and former White House official under Trump, told Fox News. “Ironically, all the Democrat-media attacks on Trump, from yesterday’s raid to the January 6th Committee hearings, do nothing politically but ensure that Republican voters stay attached to his hip.”

“The White House is claiming to have not had advance notice the FBI were going to raid the home of the preceding President of the United States?!” Gregg Keller, a Missouri-based GOP strategist, told the New York Post. “Please. This is so sure to boost Trump and his chances, you wonder if it’s intentional.”

Trump began fundraising off of the raid quickly afterwards, with one text to supporters that said “The Radical Left is corrupt. Return the power to the people! Will you fight with me? Donate.”

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7 thoughts on “Trump spokesman: Dems ‘have unified and grown the entire conservative movement’ with raid on Mar-a-Lago

  1. Donald Trump once said,”I have the most loyal people….I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any votes”

    With the unsealing of the search warrant on Friday and the record of the extremely sensitive documents that were recovered, it is now clear that Donald Trump has done the equivalent of shooting a bullet into our national security laws. It will be interesting if people now stand by him or the rule of law. It will be interesting if those in the Grand Old Party will hold true to the high principles of it’s glorious past or loaylty to a deeply flawed individual.

  2. Read this, it would not surpirse me one bit:

    “In addition to former President Donald Trump’s concern the feds might have been “planting” evidence during Monday’s Mar-a-Lago raid, Kimberly Guilfoyle warned on Newsmax the FBI might have planted “listening devices.”

    “They didn’t allow anybody to supervise what they were doing, and they specifically requested to turn off the security cameras,” Guilfoyle, the fiancée of Donald Trump Jr., told Wednesday’s “Prime News” with Jenn Pellegrino. “Why? Because they didn’t want to be caught with what they were doing. How do you know there weren’t listening devices planted or evidence planted there?

    “It’s something that has to be investigated and checked out, and we want to see the affidavit and what was their probable cause to be able to go in there and break into the president’s home.”

  3. DOJ and FBI taking orders from Nancy Pelosi. She and others in the democrat elite are terrified Trump will run again and win. This is also why she is ruining the lives of non-violent protesters from January 6 who were deliberately let into the Capitol grounds. The message to Trump supporters is to fear the government. Under these corrupt deep state democrats we have a de facto police state.

  4. And we damn well need to be shocked..This is so orwellian its virtually insane. one does have to wonder what the end game plan is on their part? non the less it makes the divide the admin created wider and wider and more volatile all the time…..
    The White House didn’t know……..well that is just a whole lot of BS; anyone watching the KJP press conference…can clearly see a change in body language and attitude when denying …she is not a very good liar. I wonder though…….did they want the reaction or are they planning on actually finding something (they didnt plant during or after)?
    the backpacks……wire taps, hidden cameras, what are we talkin here…….this is the craziest s…t I have ever seen……and I dont for one minute like it. I dont like the admin (biden et all) railroading us to oblivion financially or worse…….yes there is a worse.
    rational people are between a rock and a hard place…….Impeach him, which should have already happened, and look what you got…….this if frickin SCARY…….for us, for our children, for our grandchildren and their children to come……..

    • Only one system of video cameras was turned off but FBI
      There are two systems. The second system is bigger, as it also covers the site.
      Stay tuned

  5. ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome”…it’s real. So is the DEEP STATE! These Dems are so scared of Trump they will do anything to smear & destroy him…for ongoing SIX YEARS. They are insane.. And this raid proved it. The “judge” was not a full FEDERAL judge. he was a Magistrate….and civilan. US Magistrate judges spend 85% taking small cases like Divorce and child custody. Magistrate judges are not full Article III judges…they are NOT federally appointed by the president…they are NOT confirmed by the Senate…thei history is Magistrates virtually sign all federal warrants presented..and HOW does a mere MAGISTRATE not think that this is THE PRESIDENT…and that he thinks “I better kick this up to a FULL Federal Judge” bench. But that was NOT the plan and NOT the intention…because a full federal judge would ask for a SUBPOENA first – before a search warrant, to A PRESIDENT!. When the FBI raided, three dozen of them…. they all had had BACKPACKS…WHY? What was in them? Planting evidence? THEN, the FBI demanded Trumps legal counsel be removed from the property as they searched…NO legal oversight! Welcome to KGB and Russia , The FBI are Hitler’s Brown Shirts in 1938 Berlin, and Trump is “The Juden”…… So is IT ANY WONDER that Americans are revolting now and in shock?

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