Trans science: Gender-inclusive biology in Vermont’s schools

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Examining the scientific case for gender and species dysphoria quickly reveals that the science (like the laws) used in Vermont schools to condition children behind parents’ backs is complete bunk. It doesn’t exist biologically, only in the “social” sciences.

Vermont’s progressives like to be first at new stuff. Yet progressive theories, including those of the eugenics movement, often prove to be misguided. (

The Vermont education system is now at the forefront of a similar fiasco, parading as gender “theory,” even as many in Europe are backing away from this rush to novel and un-scientific dogma. It is to be hoped that in time (as with the eugenics movement, and lobotomies), the science will work its way through.

Vermont’s entire education system has decided for parents and citizens alike that a newfangled transgender belief system is now law and will be taught. In its Continuing Best Practices Regarding Transgender and Nonconforming Students, enlightened technocrats explain:

The procedures are based on the following core principles of educational access and equity for all students: 1. All students have a gender identity which is self-determined. 

That’s quite a leap of scientific belief: that all children can “self-determine” what gender they are without regard to biological reality. If public schools owe any duty at all to their charges, there should be ample science to support this new worldview. But there is not — only laughable perversions of scientific inquiry. 

It appears Vermont’s Agency of Education knows this full well, and is thus imprinting this novel guff on young children without alerting or conferring with parents. It’s like their little secret with the kids:

Except as set forth herein, school personnel should not disclose information that may reveal a student’s transgender or gender nonconforming status. Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), only those school employees with a legitimate educational need should have access to a student’s records or the information contained within those records. Disclosing confidential student information to other employees, students, parents, or other third parties may violate privacy laws, including but not limited to FERPA. 

From a legal standpoint, this is particularly rich — the state of Vermont has invoked federal laws created to ensure parents know what is in their children’s records to instead deprive parents of crucial information about their children. It is something out of Orwell, where slavery equals freedom, war equals peace, and statutes designed to protect parents’ rights are flipped in order to erase them. FERPA is not for kids and teachers; it is for parents:

FERPA gives parents certain rights with respect to their children’s education records. These rights transfer to the student when he or she reaches the age of 18 or attends a school beyond the high school level. Students to whom the rights have transferred are “eligible students.”

The rights accrue to the parents, and specifically not to students until they are 18, but Vermont invokes FERPA to instead shield parents from knowing their children are being led down a path to “have a gender identity which is self-determined.” Apparently the NEA and other activists who coerced Vermont’s Department of Education to implement this “gender theory” as law never considered what the lawsuits would look like when aggrieved parents bring suit. Was the Attorney General’s Office consulted, or did they just rubber stamp this legal position in alignment with their endorsement of Planned Parenthood? (PP profits immensely from administering gender therapies, and Vermont’s AG has a clear pattern of partnering with Planned Parenthood.)

Will courts allow government agencies to apply laws against parents which by their very terms were designed to protect them? And why isn’t species dysphoria included? (The condition where children “have a species identity which is self-determined.”) The nouveau “science” claims “identity doesn’t have to be narrowly human.” Are children with species dysphoria being excluded, or is there a scientific (biological) distinction between species dysphoria and gender dysphoria?

Examining the scientific case for gender and species dysphoria quickly reveals that the science (like the laws) used in Vermont schools to condition children behind parents’ backs is complete bunk. It doesn’t exist biologically, only in the “social” sciences, which is to say it is not science. But even in biology, proponents of this bizarre belief attempt to justify their perverse destruction of minds and lives with weak attempts at scientific justification that actually disprove all they claim.

A nationally-employed library of materials for a “gender-inclusive biology” offers “ready-to-use lessons” and “a reflection framework for adopting curriculum” to assist teachers who impart this novel theory to children in the faux name of scientific study. (Parents may wish to know what a “reflection framework” is. Such newly coined phraseology routinely accompanies these perverse initiatives, to dress up what is unconscionable as something professional or academic. In the current context, Vermonters require a “reflection framework” to weigh what has been implemented by those entrusted to nurture and safeguard others’ children.)

The gender-inclusive biology site begins with the statement that “these questions are new to everyone,” acknowledging how novel this area of scientific inquiry is. Yet, parents are not allowed to ask any new questions about gender or they will be alienated from their own children as “unsupportive.” Equally ironic, the site claims that encouraging gender diversity is “the right thing to do,” sounding more like a moralizing new age church than scientific inquiry. Following the science and material facts — that has always been considered “the right thing to do”: scientifically.

But there is no real science to support gender theory. In science, a theory is not law until proven by experimentation and inquiry, which are verboten here. Stretching hysterically to find scientific justification for children to re-imagine themselves with a biological gender (or species) that is not and never can be scientifically or biologically attained by them, gender theory dreamers attempt to squeeze the absurd into the scientific. My next commentary will discuss the actual science of gender immutability, and the bend-over-backwards mental somersaults being employed to mascarade transgender theory as “scientific” in public schools.

Perhaps it should be called what it is: trans-science. It transcends boundaries of logic, scientific method and reason as well as biological facts. It is as much true science as Dylan Mulvaney is truly a woman.

John Klar is an attorney and farmer residing in Brookfield. © Copyright True North Reports 2023. All rights reserved.

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13 thoughts on “Trans science: Gender-inclusive biology in Vermont’s schools

  1. A special educator that I know observed out loud that children can be effectively influenced by an adult that they respect or like….who is NOT their parent. A perfect example of this is a teacher.

    Kids are picking this stuff up in school and too often it’s a teacher who is planting the seeds.

  2. Every teacher and administrator who agrees with this, is as mentally ill as the the kids who think they can change their gender. They need to fired and forever kept away from kids.

  3. I would look into Outright Vermont, a very active participant in “affirming” and advocate to transitioning kids younger and younger. I learned about this entity through our school newsletter where our school encourages parents to connect with them and send their children to them, it also guides the schools with materials and trainings. It feels cultish to me and I am extremely worried about their true agenda. Outright Vermont is also connected to UVM Pediatrics…see the connection here, Outright Vermont–Schools–Medical Center Performing gender reassignment surgeries and giving puberty blockers to kids. I am just a regular mom, we moved to Vermont in 2019 thinking it would be a safe and down to earth state to raise our son. Not anymore.

    • Your instincts are spot on. A number of employees at UVM are active members of the World Economic Forum (they are listed in the WEF members registry.) The freaks of misery are emboldened with large infusions of cash from Open Societies, NGO’s, Big Pharma, and political pacts, who do indeed have an agenda. The alphabet acronym, inc. is nothing more than a well financed psyop taking full advantage of their financing to do as their Masters demand. They are not creative or free thinking individuals. You can tell because they say exactly the same thing, the same way, with the same words with circular reasoning. Nothing more than court jesters, and that is why they dress and act like clowns.

  4. We need to find out why there is so much gender confusion in society. Is it purely a psychological problem? Or is it a neurological problem? If it is neurological it could be from exposure to phthalates or BPA from plastics. As a precaution we should switch back to glass bottles.

    • It is not confusion. It’s dysphoria similar to eating disorders. An idea or image implanted into a person’s mind and they become fixated, so much so it can lead to their own demise. The nefarious underworld, aka globalist freaks of misery, seized onto it, partnered with big pharma, and created a corporate syndicate to advance depopulation, transhumanism, and as Obama said: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Columbia, Missouri, Oct. 30, 2008. They planned this out for decades. All assets deployed. Crimes against humanity. 5th generation warfare. The fourth reich.

  5. Alfred Kinsey is no different than Allister Crowley. Interesting they use “biology” similar to Dr. Fauci utilitzing big pharma as their tool to fundementally change the facts of the human endocrine system through chemical castration and presciption drugs. There is absolutely nothing natural about their “science” or utilizing medical procedures without “informed consent.” Crimes against humanity.

  6. Just further proof the left lives in La La land of their own making. The trans fantasy is devoid of scientific backing XX=Female XY= Male there is no XYx or XXy in the gene makeup. They are promoting a life style that causes 40% to commit suicide much the same as their lust for murdering the unborn they now push for the death of the living. What despicable people. Since liberalism is a mental illness I can see their objective in creating more mentally ill so they won’t be alone. The same could be said about their lust for pushing the climate hoax. Just another false god to follow in their alt reality.

  7. Boys have a penis, Girls have a vagina. This is all that you need to know about genders. It explains every that needs to be explained.

  8. It’s not new, it’s not science. We are completely uneducated, is the problem.

    This is very old stuff, thousands of years.

    Deuteronomy 22:5 look it up, why did they say this, because people were confused back then too. It’s not science, certainly doesn’t jive with the theory of evolution, which very negative view over the Christian view.

    • What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9
      The Israelites went back and forth from the worship of pagan gods of their day to serving the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Western Culture is at the end of the pendulum where the gods of climatism, genderism, covidism, abortionism, and many other “isms” too numerous to count are swerved and worshiped.
      In studying the consequences that the Israelites suffered for their worship of the pagan gods, should our Western Cultures expect any different outcome? What to do…?
      In 2 Chronicles 7:14 we find the only answer where God says, “If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land” It’s called “revival”. Shalom, Shalom!

  9. This discussion continues to be interesting, but it still proceeds from the question of what will be imposed on the powerless subjects. If parents were re-invested with the freedom to choose what’s to be taught to their kids by whom this issue would be mute. The rightful masters of their kids education need to be emancipated from their captivity to this failed schooling monolith.

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