The New York Times’ new racist employee once praised libel lawsuit against publication

By Kyle Perisic

Tweets resurfaced showing a new New York Times employee, who came under fire for her past racist tweets, once praised someone for suing the publication and has a history of calling the paper an awful publication.

The New York Times announced its newest hire to the editorial board, Sarah Jeong, on Wednesday. “You know what IS good? That someone is FINALLY suing the New York Times for libel,” Jeong tweeted on May 11, 2017.

Jeong was responding to a now deleted tweet from the account @TheShrillest. It’s unclear what specific lawsuit she is referring to, but Murray Energy Corporation sued The Times, according to an article from the publication, just a few days before Jeong’s tweet. The lawsuit was dismissed.

“Murray Energy Corporation, one of the largest coal mining companies in the country, has just taken a step that most companies never dare try: It sued The New York Times for libel,” The Times reported on May 10, 2017.

The New York Times defended Jeong for her racist tweets, claiming that she was the victim in the situation.

“Her journalism and the fact that she is a young Asian woman have made her a subject of frequent online harassment,” The Times said in its statement. “For a period of time she responded to that harassment by imitating the rhetoric of her harassers. She sees now that this approach only served to feed the vitriol that we too often see on social media.”

Her previous tweets included racist statements against white people, some even called for the genocide of all white people.

“Dumbass f**king white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants,” she tweeted in 2014.

“Cops are assholes,” she said in 2015, The Daily Caller reported.

Jeong also tweeted that “it’s kind of sick how much joy I get from being cruel to old white men.”

“She understands that this type of rhetoric is not acceptable at The Times, and we are confident that she will be an important voice for the editorial board moving forward,” The Times statement added.

Jeong’s Twitter history reveals she once called for people to ban the paper, to fire a writer, and called it an elitist, sketchy publication.

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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Ardfern