The Global Warming Solutions Act: ‘Dictatorships are really efficient’

By Rob Roper

Debate over the Global Warming Solutions Act in the House Energy and Technology Committee grew philosophical about whether or not democracy is an appropriate form of government for dealing with climate change.

The Chairman of the House Energy & Technology Committee, Rep. Tim Briglin (D-Thetford) expressed his loss of faith in the Legislature’s ability to deal with any policy requiring quick action due to the democratic nature of the body.  Said Brigland, “The legislature has failed dismally at the task. And, part of it is we’re a four-and-a-half month, butcher, baker, candlestick maker citizen legislature. And, I think have shown over the years that we’re pretty poor at this strategic planning process. But, I think the idea that we need an accounting for one of the programs we have and how efficacious are they is a really important point. Because I know the answer to the second point: they’re not efficacious at all.”

Wikimedia Commons/Tony Webster

Opinions differ on whether global warming would be a good thing or a bad thing. This sign takes a positive outlook on warmer temperatures.

The “solution” to this dynamic that the committee is considering, the Global Warming Solutions Act, would effectively eliminate democracy — the voters and their elected representatives — from the process. If this bill becomes law, the Legislature would cede its authority first to the Agency of Natural Resources (part of the executive branch), and, failing there, to the judicial branch via a mechanism of citizen lawsuits. The end result will be unelected judges dictating climate policy from the bench.

Thank goodness one legislator had the courage to speak up. Rep. Heidi Scheuermann (R-Stowe) chimed in: “I understand your concerns about the legislature. I hear you. But ceding our authority as lawmakers and elected officials to a bureaucrat across the street and the judicial branch I think is really concerning to me. We’ve done that in the past. … I understand your concerns. Dictatorships are really efficient, Scott [Campbell (D-St. Johnsbury)].”

“Really efficient!” added Campbell with a laugh.

Scheuermann went on, “Democracies are not. Separation of powers is important. We have the executive branch, the legislative branch and the judicial branch, and ceding our legislative authority and responsibility to the executive branch and the judicial branch, I think, is — I think we really need to think about long term what we’re doing here and the impact and the precedent that we’re setting.”

Yes, we do! This romance between climate activists and dictatorships in Vermont is nothing new. Here’s a golden oldie from the EAI video archives from 2014: “Rep. Rebecca Ellis (D-Waterbury) questions whether democracy is the best form of government to deal with climate change.”

Images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and Wikimedia Commons/Tony Webster

8 thoughts on “The Global Warming Solutions Act: ‘Dictatorships are really efficient’

  1. All I have to say to Brigland, Campbell and the rest of their leftist fascist
    ilk is get out of VT Politics NOW.. if your not a proponent of Democracy you
    don’t belong anywhere near a place that makes laws for the citizens of
    a Representative Republic or even a Democracy.. It’s no wonder our
    goobers under the dome pump out such guano with that kind of a attitude..

    It’s getting near time to take up the musket and march on montpeculiar..

    • Forgot what I was really going to say I got so steamed…

      If the warming cult could provide unquestionable studies and models
      there wouldn’t be QUESTIONS on how taxing us is going to change
      the weather…

      They can’t prove it so they only see force as a means of forwarding
      their baloney samich. When was all the discussion on this warming phenomena taking place?? I must have missed it…

  2. When a handful of carpetbaggers can whip up a frenzy over climate change, spewing out data with no overwhelming proof to support their cause, and suggesting that VT’s government should be made liable for not attaining their (the carpetbaggers) goals, then is when the Democratic process dies. Then is when a monarchy or dictatorship is born. To even suggest such plans is to conceive dictator rulership. To be this progressive is to live on the edge. Politically, the edge has no safety controls. Are people so sure this is the only solution because a few opportunists say so, that they are willing to give up freedom without proof of success, many of whom won’t even be around to see the real outcome? The carpetbaggers know how to pull on people’s hearts strings to get their way. Namely mentioning the citizens children and grandchildren and what sort of world are you leaving for them. So, does that mean, that if by 2025 or 2050, if global weather patterns continue as they are today or get worse, inspite of TCI or the hostage taking of the VT legislature by means of a dictatorial group, those believers can be held accountable. Opening the door to a dictatorial form of government has never proven to care for the good of the citizens. Those who think it is, should go live in Russia, N. Korea, or Iran and see if it’s as great as they think.

  3. If you still believe the global warming scam, you need to pay much better attention, we all want clean water, air, and soil but this is media hysteria that you have the right to try and stop. Vote out these boondogglers!

  4. Time for an updated edition of Charles Macay’s Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. The Ruling Elite has never succeeded in altering the weather by making sacrifices to the Weather Gods. Maybe in part because what they sacrifice is the Common Man and they live on in their hypocritical sybaritic life styles with private jet and giant yacht transportation to their palatial dwellings and congregations of pathological control freaks in exotic locations where they decide what punishment they’re going to visit on the peons next. And make them pay for it.

  5. Many dictators throughout history end up either on the gallows or against a wall with a hood. Progressives should be more aware of the past.

  6. Two thoughts. GET OFF GLOBAL WARMING!!!! Yes there are THREE branches of government. We know it. Will someone remind Pelosi, Schumer and shifty Schiff that they have full access if they feel that the President is not cooperating. Oh, I forgot, the President is such a danger to our Republic that the urgency of the situation didn’t provide the time to go through the normal process. Guess that’s why Polosi sat on the Articles of Impeachment for FOUR weeks. The whole scene makes me ill!!!!!

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