Thayer: Time for real solutions to gun violence in schools

This commentary is by Gregory Thayer of Rutland. He is a candidate for lieutenant governor.

As a Republican candidate for Vermont lieutenant governor, I believe that the Democrat leadership is failing Vermonters and our school children. A group of us Republican candidates with Jim Sexton held a press conference on Friday, 3 June 2022 on the steps of the State (People) House in Montpelier.

Gregory Thayer

Gregory Thayer

We want to express our sorrow for the killings over the past month around America. We are highly concerned with the inaction’s of the Vermont Democratic leadership here in not protecting our school children and the general public at large. We are equally sad by the ongoing gun violence in cities with some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation. Further, we are sad with senseless murder of innocent babies and no democrat running to the micro phone to protect these lives.

Four years ago this legislature adopted S.55, after the Fair Haven threat. And they have not done anything to protect your children in the government schools, other then more gun regulations nothing else. We want action to protect our children, and I am calling on the governor and legislature to return here to adopt common-sense approaches to school safety, no more senseless gun laws that do absolutely nothing. Criminals will get the weapons to kill innocent people. Albeit it’s expensive, but our children are worth the cost.

Two recent studies support that background checks and waiting periods are not effective. At the University of Missouri, two political science professors studied a 40-year (1980 to 2020) period and analyzed the data on every mass shooting in the United States during this period and found that nothing in these shootings would have changed the death outcome, even with a more comprehensive background check. Time Magazine agreed with the findings of their own 2019 study, paraphrasing, it was difficult to point to cases where more expansive background checks would have saved lives. The NY Post reported that the Uvalde shooter had been planning his rampage for months. No waiting period would have defused that murderer.

I wrote an op-ed piece recently that set out a plan to address making our schools safer for all students and educators and staff. The legislature has failed the people. It is time we work to implement safe measures:

  • Address the mental-health problems in our communities and stop kicking the can down the road. If a student exhibits mental-health issues and the parents won’t voluntarily submit their child to an independent evaluation, a second (and possibly third) licensed and trained therapist must evaluate the subject. This issue needs serious attention by serious people, and the current leadership isn’t doing the right thing. Change and adopt statutes to address these problems.
  • We should also take a good, hard look at the pharmaceutical drugs — especially ADHD drugs and antidepressants — that seem to play a big role in many school shootings and massacres.
  • Install metal detectors in schools in Vermont.
  • Install live surveillance cameras around every school across the state. New surveillance technology can detect firearms on a person or in a vehicle and lock down the school.
  • Place retired law enforcement officers and veterans in our schools as resource officers. We are now finding out that police officers stayed outside the Robb Elementary School in Texas for over 40 minutes, doing nothing to save the kids — in fact, aggressively preventing parents from entering the school and trying to save their kids. We need officers inside our schools to prevent this from happening again.
  • Allow highly trained educators and staff to carry and conceal a firearm.

This week on these steps the Senate Democrats took a victory lap on this past session’s legislation — but no protection for school children from violence. I’m tired of Democratic reps calling for more gun grabbing and controls. It does not work. Also, Sen. Baruth is planning to introduce more gun regulations.

Step up people, and look outside the box. What you are doing is not protecting our children and fellow Vermonters. It’s time the “We The People” demand action to protect our children and all people.

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3 thoughts on “Thayer: Time for real solutions to gun violence in schools

  1. While I appreciate efforts to make schools safe, we must come to terms that reason we are confronted with these physical safety concerns is because for decades we have allowed very unsafe ideas to come in and take root in the schools. These suggestions are at best Band-aids. Leadership requires looking at the source of the problems, not the symptoms.

    People become what they learn. If told long enough that they are simply the product of chance, students under that teaching will eventually believe it. If told long enough that gender and sexuality is fluid, students under that teaching will eventually believe it. This list of lies being pumped into children in the state-controlled school system is long. Life cannot be lived successfully when it is run based on lies. The result is confusion and frustration.

    Why do we need metal detectors today, but we did not need them in the 50s, 60s, 70s and even 80s? Guns are still guns! What changed is the progression of pushing faulty ideas being pumped into students has finally gotten to a place where the consequences are coming out.

    Furthermore, as a parent I cannot make sense of sending any of my children to a school where I would have a level of concern high enough that I would even think of needing all that is proposed above. If there are no safe schools, then love your children enough to educated them at home and mix that in with interaction with families that work to instill true ideas in the minds of their children.

    This is not rocket science. Throwing good money after bad is not going to fix the problem. The light bulb has to want to turn. At this point there is little interest among those running schools to truly address the root of these horrific killings. Don’t risk your children’s minds under such wrong headed ideas. They will become what they are taught, just like all of us.

  2. The Texas killings like the Fla one was a result of coward police who had plenty
    of chance to take the perp out but didn’t. They had 12 mins before the mental deviant
    entered the school to kill him. They had AUTOMATIC ASSAULT WEAPONS, they
    were in the hallway when he went into the class room where they left him for over a
    hour to kill as he pleased while stopping and disarming any who tried to get in to save their children. It took a Border Patrol agent who’s children were inside to go in
    and do their job.. failures like these can’t be fixed by leftist gun grabs. It’s looking more and more like a government sponsored killing to push gun grab like Dallas..

  3. Thank you Mr. Thayer for reminding us about the Fair Haven school threats which resulted in Legislative action compromising the Constitutional Rights of Vermonters but doing NOTHING to punish perpetrators of such violent threats. Jack Sawyer was never held legally accountable but Vermont gun owners were made to pay the price. Democrats would always rather punish the law-abiding than go after miscreants. We have very tough Federal gun laws on the books that would do wonders in reducing the activities of violent criminals but until we have full-on enforcement, there is no point in restricting the rights of decent people. Prohibition does not work with liquor, other drugs or firearms. The party that says that we can’t do anything about deporting 20 million illegal aliens continues to fantasize about removing 400 million guns…

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