Ted Ropple: What a week for COVID vaccines and the war in Ukraine

This commentary is by Ted Ropple, of West Charleston. He is the author of the tedropple.com blog.

Last week I noticed that a few more folks are “waking up” and starting to realize perhaps everything the government has been telling them for the past few years hasn’t necessarily been the truth. More people are speaking up and asking questions, and that’s good to see.

It’s also fun to watch as more and more uncomfortable questions are put to our incompetent leaders, especially as the government-perpetrated lies and myths about the recent SARS-CoV-2 “pandemic” are being exposed. Whether it be about masks preventing the spread of the virus  (they don’t), or about the efficacy and safety of the vaccines our government has tried so hard to make mandatory for one and all, one can take some satisfaction in watching the talking heads squirm.

U.S. Secretary of Defense

The government-perpetrated lies and myths about the recent SARS-CoV-2 “pandemic” are being exposed. Whether it be about masks preventing the spread of the virus, or about the efficacy and safety of the vaccines our government has tried so hard to make mandatory for one and all, one can take some satisfaction in watching the talking heads squirm.

To ensure it’s again said out loud, the efficacy of the vaccines is poor at best. The safety records of these mRNA concoctions have been suppressed by our government officials, the drug manufacturers and the so-called media that is supposed to hold the people in charge to account. They cause much more harm than we’ve been told. This is being reported worldwide, except by the vaunted U.S. legacy media. Do your own research.

Not only do the vaccines not prevent the transmission of the virus, current statistics indicate that, since their adoption, more people dying of coronavirus have been vaccinated. Imagine that! It’s good to see that the adoption of the latest booster offering is proving to be low. More of the folks are realizing the inefficacy of these mRNA cocktails, combined with their adverse effects, and are saying “No, thanks.” Not only are adults spurning further vaccines, they’re keeping the needles out of their kids arms, which I think bodes well for our future.

So while the CDC promotes a booster every two months, it’s looking like the mandatory vaccine policy imposed upon our military will be lifted (to the great chagrin of the Ultra Woke Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin).

And meanwhile, the illegals continue to stream across the southern border, with no vaccines required of any kind. I don’t know if our government and country has reached “peak stupidity” yet, but we are certainly working hard to get there.

The other pile of incredible hypocrisy that again grabbed my attention is the relegation of the Heroic Ukrainian Struggle to the back pages, below the fold.

When this foolishness started earlier this year, I came out pretty quickly with an assessment why it was happening. I haven’t changed my mind a bit, and as the pageant plays out in Eastern Europe it is quite clear what this is all about. It boils down to a few basic points:

  1. Ukraine is a corrupt, failed state, made more so by the intercession of the Obama Administration in 2014 to overthrow a legally-elected government, installing the circus monkey comedian that is supposed to be in charge now.
  2. This “war” is nothing more than a money laundering operation for U.S. politicians and arms manufacturers. The U.S. declares aid, the money is divided up by the usual suspects in Ukraine (Zelensky & Co.) and U.S. (Biden & Co., along with most of Congress). The arms manufacturers get their share, as some weapons find their way to the conflict, and the U.S. military places orders to replace the equipment “donated.”
  3. Despite the narratives pushed by the Western press regarding this conflict, the Ukrainians are being ground up piecemeal, and the Russians will get exactly what they want — a buffer zone between NATO and Russia.
  4. The big losers here are the Ukrainian civilians, dying to enrich politicians, and the EU as a whole, as their leadership is so feckless to believe they can mandate anything to Putin. They cannot. But they can freeze, and it’s looking like this winter they will.

But this is all being tamped down, I suppose, for the same reasons as the pandemic — the story doesn’t hold and the narratives are falling apart. Just recently the Biden administration reportedly cannot account for $20 Billion in recent aid to Ukraine. Whoops. Not a good look, especially with the opposing party taking control of the House next month.

Reports of Ukrainian government officials buying luxury real estate outside of Ukraine probably doesn’t help, either. And why are U.S. and NATO weapons delivered to Ukraine as “aid” showing up in Africa now? Move along, nothing to see here.

Bold prediction: By this time next year, and perhaps much sooner, Zelensky is gone and the Russia-Ukraine conflict is settled. Ole’ Creepy Joe needs this story to go away.

This year has been something else, hasn’t it? My bet is that 2023 will be worse, as harsh economic realities set in. I hope I’m wrong and it turns out to be a year of unicorns and rainbows, but let’s all hang on and finish the ride, OK?

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5 thoughts on “Ted Ropple: What a week for COVID vaccines and the war in Ukraine

  1. Yeah, I bet that Vladimer Putin is very happy with the progress of his “special military operation”. In 2008 he invaded the Republic of Georgia and even now his army occupies two regions of that soverign nation. In 2014 he ILLEGALLY annexed Ukrainian Crimea. Sonce no one seemed to care about those two land grabs he figured he’d go for the whole thing. This time he was shocked to find that the Ukrainians weren’t okay with his invassion and neither was the rest of the free world. How many of his general officers have been killed? How many troops? The vaunted and previously feared Russian army has been pushed around like some third world countries militia. Wouldn’t it be ironic that after this is over Russia has been expelled from Ukraine, including the Crimean penninsula but he has lost access to Svestipol the former home port of the Russian Black sea fleet.

    As for corruption, no one is more corrupt than Putin and his gang. If Ukrainians are corrupt they learned everything they know from the time that their country was occupied by the USSR.

    • Do we really need to get in a pissing match about who is more corrupt?
      They’re ALL corrupt to some degree, it comes with the territory.
      At any rate, the old adage of “cui bono” will always tell you the score.
      Just ask the Biden crime syndicate.

    • I suspect that the current occupant of the White House, his handlers and his former boss- as well as the clinton’s could teach a few things about corruption to vladimir putin.
      Well, maybe not sleepy joe. he seems a tad too far gone.

      • Putin has more right to be in Ukraine then we do with our 15 biolabs and trying to put NATO on another Russian border. Why was the current corroptocrat put in the leader position, by bathhouse barry, and then silenced all opposition voices? Thats not the kind of Democratic state we should be spending 100’s of billions on. Why was Ukraine the biggest foreign donor to the hilda the beast campagin? Why was FTX money laundering funds to dem and rino corroptocrats? This is another hoax played on the American people by the Swamp. Get the US out of Ukraine Now…

  2. And for some reason we were supposed to care deeply about Ukraine, with Ukrainian flags popping up everywhere (aka woke virtue signalling). This sorta replaced the pics on the woke FB page with the family sporting their vax bandaids.

    Ukraine is now and has long been a miserable hateful crooked country. And as a country that was notorious for being even more antisemitic than Poland(a high bar to reach) I have no love for it. See Babi Yar for just a taste of the joy that Ukrainians took when they massacred Jews. This all has been overlooked in the mass hysteria over the Russian invasion- just desserts as far as I’m concerned.

    And had our MSM and social media not suppressed the NY Post’s expose of the Hunter Biden laptop story, perhaps none of this would have happened. Trump would be President and the Biden family not poised to continue benefiting off of illegal Ukraine funds.

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