Moore: Take it outdoors this spring in Vermont

By Bill Moore

Maple Sugar Season welcomed the vernal equinox. Spring is the peak time for the maple sugaring season. Vermont has many maple sugar farms, but no one does it quite like our Central Vermont maple sugar masters. “Sugar on snow” was the first sign of warmer-weather visitors trekking to our area.

The opportunities to enjoy the outdoors are virtually endless in Central Vermont.

Bruce Parker/TNR

Hiking Mt. Mansfield offers some of the best views in Vermont.

Check out the covered bridges. Although the region is rich with these relics of an earlier time, they are most prominent in Northfield Falls. There are four covered bridges in Northfield Falls, and unique to New England, two can be seen from one vantage point.

There are hiking trails throughout the region. From Camel’s Hump in Duxbury to White Rock Mountain in Middlesex, there are enough trails to challenge the most expert rambler. Think of the network at Millstone Trails in Barre or Skyline Trail in Plainfield. Head out and take a tramp through the country.

Perhaps you prefer to see the sights while touring on a bike. Central Vermont has some of the best biking terrain in the nation. Many of the trails offer varying degrees of difficulty. Get our there and enjoy the ride.

It may be a little early, but it will soon be time to get the camping gear out. Our great outdoors lends itself to some of the most pristine camping found in the U.S.

No matter what you like to do, take it outdoors this spring. There are hundreds of venues and places to explore throughout Central Vermont. The Central Vermont Chamber has recently published an updated Visitors’ Guide that can help you map out activities for your family and guests. Our guide is free and you can stop by our office anytime to get yours. If you prefer, check our website.

Spring is here, the warm weather could not be more inviting or welcomed. Get our there and enjoy it.

Bill Moore is president and CEO of the Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce.

Image courtesy of Bruce Parker/TNR

4 thoughts on “Moore: Take it outdoors this spring in Vermont

  1. One of the greatest resources we have that probably gets more use by out of stater’s and country (Canada) person’s is the Littlest Great Lake, Champlain. I’ve enjoyed sailing on it for 30+ years
    and regard my time out there as more mentally relaxing then a trip to the shrink probably cheaper in
    the long run as well. I do see lot’s of local fisherman/women out there enjoying it too.

  2. Vermont has plenty to do from top to bottom, in the outdoors in this state, we still have a few unmolested areas enjoy it while you can, times they are a changing !!

    But call your auto insurance company and get coverage on your wheels & tires because if you
    travel the ” pothole ” infested roads, you’ll need it…………they will eat your Prius up.

    One last note, gas prices have risen $.25- $.30 per gallon in the last few weeks, why ??????

    • ” risen $.25- $.30 per gallon in the last few weeks, why”
      The reason given:
      unplanned maintenance at oil refineries
      and don’t expect it to go down for a while as OPEC has started
      lowering production to get prices up..
      And don’t expect gov intervention as they love the higher
      income from gas tax.

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