Sununu lifts New Hampshire’s mask order

By Christian Wade | The Center Square

Gov. Chris Sununu has lifted a statewide mask mandate, citing New Hampshire’s declining COVID-19 infections and increasing numbers of vaccinated people.

The mandate, which was set in November, was lifted effective Friday but Sununu said the state “encourages folks to wear masks when they are unable to be socially distanced.”

“We have been very careful from the beginning of this pandemic to take items up individually and make informed decisions,” Sununu said Thursday. “We have never set arbitrary dates unsupported by the data and the science.”

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LIVE FREE OR DIE?: New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has ended a mandate that residents must wear masks at all times indoors and outdoors when a distance of 6 feet can’t be maintained.

Sununu said even though the state is lifting the mandate, it “won’t limit or prevent the ability of private businesses and local cities and towns from requiring masks.”

Public health officials have warned states against using their COVID-19 restrictions with several highly contagious mutations of the virus increasing infection rates nationally.

Sununu said the state’s 7-day average of daily deaths has dropped to 0.6, the lowest since October 2020, and hospitalizations “remain at a manageable level.” He noted that the state has vaccinated 70% of those 65 and older, one of the highest levels in the country.

But Dr. Benjamin Chan, the state’s epidemiologist, pointed out that the state’s decision to lift the mandate “does not diminish the importance of wearing a face mask.”

“The threat to health from COVID-19 is real,” he said Thursday. “Even as restrictions are reduced, we are still in a pandemic and levels of COVID-19 remain high across the state.”

To date, the Granite State has reported 90,525 COVID-19 cases and 1,264 deaths, according to the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services,

Masks and homemade face coverings act as a barrier for respiratory droplets that can be propelled into the air when an infected person coughs, shouts or sneezes.

Medical experts say face coverings are among the most effective personal protective measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The mask requirements have created disputes between officials who want to require face coverings and those, mostly conservatives, who say the measures are government overreach.

In New Hampshire, critics have staged protests outside Sununu’s Newfields home, which prompted him to make his inauguration speech virtual.

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4 thoughts on “Sununu lifts New Hampshire’s mask order

  1. Of course not many people saw this because the media ignored it. The study revealed that the virus itself is 1,000 times smaller than the thread count, in other words the space between the cloth mask threads. This is a government study posted on a government website. The fear narrative sells but common sense and real science doesn’t according to the media censors in our supposed free press whose job it is to educate the public and not to create their own story to sell the lie.

    Of course if the politicians read this and ignored it, what does that tell you about who is controlling your life? Breathe free the virus isn’t chasing you outside or in your car. It can’t see plexiglass in restaurants and it doesn’t follow you to the restroom.

  2. There’s plenty of “science” that documents how useless masks are in preventing the spread of COVID. The governors appear to only follow the “science” that supports their narratives and maintains control over their “subjects”. For some, it matters not if they have “R” or “D” behind their name (thinking of King Philip of VT in particular), the endgame is all the same: “control”. The amount of information available from reliable sources disputing the use of masks would fill the rest of this page with links, none of which would include site like CNN or MSNBC. Time to get back to some common sense and rational thought and end all this madness.

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