Steve MacDonald: Sununu isn’t running for president

The following commentary by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

On Monday, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu announced he would not seek the Republican nomination for President. I guess he looked at the polling and discovered that he’d reached his ceiling on electability (but won’t admit it). It’s a lesson he should have learned from not running for the US Senate.

From Joe Sweeney,

“Governor Chris Sununu shows Republicans how to win in purple states that are becoming harder to win due to petty games & craven personality fights – GOP candidates would be wise to learn from his style & approach if they want to appeal to a broader electorate and win.”

That’s a strange thing to say about a guy who bailed on a U.S. Senate seat because his numbers against the incumbent Democrat were too close to call. He then dipped his toe in the presidential prospects pool but couldn’t get much above one percent in national polls, and now he’s bowing out of that.

But locally, you say, he’s the guy from whom the GOP could learn a thing or two. No, not really. His victories have been getting slimmer, though — to be fair — he crushed Dirty Dan Feltes a few years back, so almost anyone could have done better and did. Democrat Tom Sherman got closer but still lost.

Sununu magic doesn’t translate to the legislature, whose Republican margins grow thinner yearly. I’m sure he’ll blame that on petty games and craven personality fights, but I think we can blame the declining coattails of the guy who pokes the party platform in the eye every chance he gets.


To win, Republicans need our message to appeal to new voters, and we can do this without sacrificing classic conservative principles of individual liberty, low taxes and local control. But we must abandon the issues that are solely made for social media headlines, such as banning books or issuing curriculum fiats to local school districts hundreds of miles away from state capitals. Republicans should re-embrace local control and let parents within their own communities decide what’s right.

Governor Groomer is doubling down on porn in schools, systemic racism against white kids, and using the Left’s narratives. Good boy, Chris. Hey, can you be a character witness in Democrat Chairman Buckley’s defamation trial?

What a ****!

This time around (governor’s race-wise), he’d be facing who knows which Democrat loser the left coughs up. So far, we’ve got Cindi Warmington and Joyce Craig. Warmington is an Executive Councilor, and Joyce Craig has overseen the systemic decline of the State’s largest city (Manchester). I think Warmington has the edge in the Dem primary, assuming Sununu is interested in doing more than just ensuring Donald Trump doesn’t win the nomination. His focus will be “Not that guy!,” which is a noble pursuit, or perhaps, it is just petty and craven. What do I know?

Image courtesy of Gov. Chris Sununu Facebook

3 thoughts on “Steve MacDonald: Sununu isn’t running for president

  1. Sununu is needed in New Hampshire to preserve small central government and

    No income tax
    No sales tax
    No tax on social security payments
    No tax on pension payments
    No tax on IRA withdrawals and federally forced distributions
    No tax on capital gains
    No death/inheritance tax
    Only 5% tax on dividends

  2. Watched a clip of Gov. Sununu interview with circle-back Jen Psaki on MSDNC. Two establishment puppets performing for the sheeple. The reason Gov Sununu is backing out is he doesn’t want to be the Jeb Bush of 2016. He also has a broiling financial coverup to contain in his State – he needs to mind that business over politics. As in 2016, the GOP clown car is filling up fast. Their stance is to defend Ukraine and their investments therein. The RNC has to run desperate cover of their scandalous shenanigans here and abroad, same as their DNC brotheren. They know what will happen if 45 gets behind that Resolute Desk again. He must be stopped at all costs, including lives and livelihoods. If we even reach the primaries at this rate is questionable.

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