Steve MacDonald: Converting to electricity is common sense? In what world?

The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

There is an editorial over at VTDigger from a pair of environmental stakeholders titled “Converting to Electricity is Common Sense.” The premise is that gasoline is never getting cheaper, and “Driving and heating homes and businesses are essential to Vermonters’ standard of living.” [So], “converting to electricity is common sense in need of government support.”

Andrew Hensel/The Center Square

A photo from May 18, 2022, in the Chicago suburbs showing the price of a gallon of gas.

Where to begin.

If the government got the hell out of the way, gasoline prices would be much lower. Energy, oil, and all fuels would be a fraction of their current cost. We know this to be true because that’s what happened during the Trump presidency and it could happen again.

But the authors, John McCormick and Louise Diamond say “sanctions on Russian oil are here to stay” — but before Biden, we had cheap gas and were not relying on Russian oil. Biden created that dependence through policy and then issued sanctions to cut off that supply, which looks a lot like more stepping stones on his path toward keeping his promise to end fossil fuel use in America.

The premise of your argument in favor of electricity is based on a lie.

But that’s hardly the only issue.

Converting it all to electricity isn’t like flipping on a light switch. You flick the switch and the light comes on because there is electricity on demand, the result of fossil fuel generation. The only green technology capable of replacing it is nuclear, and that’s not even on the table. And the not-so-green alternatives are incapable of meeting existing demand even if we covered the nation with them.

By embracing your common sense, the odds increase that flipping that switch does nothing (more often than not) on that grid to which you’d like to add thousands — sorry, millions — of electric vehicles. You know, to get rid of fossil fuel transportation.

[We’re facing] an exponential increase in demand with no supply and nothing acceptable in the green energy pipeline that could supply it for decades. It would make what the Left has done to increase the cost of gasoline look like amateur hour.

If, as you claim, driving or heating homes is essential to homes and businesses in Vermont (or anywhere else), the only sensible thing to do is to ignore John McCormick, Louise Diamond, and their Committee to Protect Next Generations.

The only thing they are protecting is a long list of lies.

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9 thoughts on “Steve MacDonald: Converting to electricity is common sense? In what world?

  1. As a side to Steve’s response to a VTDigger article: It’s clear to see why the VTDigger ended their comment section..
    They can’t handle the pushback from their insane ideas and nothing but sick hive thinking that goes on at that overbloated expensive rag of an outfit..

    I blame many of Vermont’s problems on VTDigger alone.
    It’s been a pleasure to watch TNR grow an audience so that now Vermonters can get some real news and information that was desperately needed..
    All there was before was brainwashing propaganda meant to manipulate the people into seeing it their way.

  2. Once, back in the 1950s and 60s, we had a government promise that electricity would be too cheap to meter. the rush to green energy is the same kind of lie. It will never happen and it will never work, and only fools believe it. — Not to mention the entire craze is based on a lie. If global warming was real, the scientists could produce a physical experiment to demonstrate it for peer review. They haven’t and can’t.

    • Back in the 60’s our builder and a GMP representative encouraged us ( read coerced ) to install an electric heating system. Win win for all right? No. Win for builder, it was less expensive for him. Win for GMP . Lose for us because it was outrageously expensive and it wasn’t an efficient heating system.

  3. Look–Stopping ALL pollution’s a GOOD thing, we just cannot do to all at ONCE, and only as technology IMPROVES over time..There are some who think Nikolai Tesla found a way to harness the energy all around us yet it was buried (w/him) being “unprofitable” to “utility” companies & who was sent from MIT to “examine” Tesla’s papers when he died? One John Trump (yes-his uncle)..We once ALL depended on horses, globally, for transportation & farm work, then we didn’t. Can we all “imagine” a non-polluting future? Of course! Just NOT going “cold turkey” & causing a global depression. Will it be quick & easy? Neither was a trip to the moon yet we DID it..Same here..But NOT overnight w/incompetents at the wheel…

  4. Running the nation on good feelings is not working out very well..
    It’s lead to starving babies in America today– for one thing.

  5. History proves that the government does terrible things to both the consumer and taxpayer when it picks winners and losers in the economy. Taxpayer funded subsidies open the doors of the federal treasury to corporate monopolies and greedy politicians. The citizen gets deprived of their hard earned tax dollars, the consumer gets lousy quality and higher priced goods in less quantity and variety. The entrepreneur who wants to sell you a better, lower priced and more efficient product gets pushed out of the market because they cannot compete with the subsidized company.

    Just let all the energy companies compete with no favoritism towards any one of them.

  6. Have any of these clowns ever paid an electric home heating bill? Even in normal conditions it is outrageously expensive!

  7. Perhaps their magic source of electricity will allow commercial aviation to go electric. And the military, of course. Lots of alternative energy sources in the deserts of the Middle East as we all know. And every continent where we might have to have a military presence.
    There are few things that the liberals/progressives don’t want to ban or to destroy. They can’t help themselves. They seem to have to destroy anything that will allow them to blame conservatives for the destruction. Without destroying things, the lib/progs have no way to look virtuous by casting the blame elsewhere. Simple.

  8. There is this imaginary world where it’s nothing but fairy tales,rainbows and lolly pops exist in the mind of Leftist’s,which bear no semblance with reality, some say leftism is a mental disease if it isn’t they haven’t delt with reality.

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