Statehouse Headliners: Lawmakers seek ‘unprecedented’ reprimand of president on immigration, fake news labeling, Charlottesville

By Guy Page

Fourteen lawmakers want the Vermont Legislature to send President Donald Trump a message that “strongly criticizes” him “for his unacceptable behavior as President of the United States.”

The 14 sponsors of House Resolution 24 acknowledge it is “unprecedented” for the Legislature to “strongly criticize” a sitting president.

Reps. Masland (Thetford), Belaski (Windsor), Briglin (Thetford), Donovan (Burlington), Dunn (Essex), Joseph (North Hero), Macaig (Williston), McCullough (Williston), Mrowicki (Putney), O’Sullivan (Burlington), Sharpe (Bristol), Squirrell (Underhill), Sullivan (Burlington), and Yantachka (Charlotte) asked the Legislature on April 19 to condemn Trump, because (in their words):

Executive Office of the President of the United States

Some Vermont lawmakers think now’s a good time to make an “unprecedented” move to reprimand President Donald Trump.

“He referred to Mexicans crossing the border as bringing crime and being rapists.”

Trump didn’t condemn Mexicans as an ethnic group, just the illegal behavior of some. According to the 2017 DEA Threat Assessment, Mexican drug cartels cultivate, produce, smuggle and distribute most of the heroin consumed in the United States. (Vermont gets much of its Mexican heroin via organized drug gangs in the Bronx.) Where organized drug crime and human smuggling exist, rape, prostitution human trafficking, and gun crime follow. Our Legislature could be fighting this problem. Early this year, the Rutland City legislative delegation sponsored a bill to help police fight drug-related prostitution and human trafficking. But that bill, H.733, has been ignored by the House Judiciary Committee.

The 14 also say that “Following the violent white supremacist and neo-Nazi-sponsored demonstration held in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017, President Trump’s immediate public comment blamed ‘many sides’ and lacked any specific condemnation of the far right organizations that sponsored the event … he attempted to establish a moral equivalency between the white supremacist groups that sponsored the rally and those who opposed it.” Others remember that President Trump downplayed ideology and condemned actual crimes regardless of which “side” committed them. Unlike the 14 and many in the press and elective office at the time, President Trump seemed most interested in protecting the constitutional, universal right to peaceful speech and assembly by punishing its abuses. And by the way  —  the Vermont Legislature continues to ignore ugly crowd violence within our own borders. Joint House Resolution 9 condemns the March 2, Middlebury College violent mob attack on controversial speaker Charles Murray and his host professor. The professor was sent to the hospital. The resolution sent to the House Education Committee  —  just like H733  —  has been ignored.

The 14 lawmakers also claim that, “although as President he denied that his proposed travel bans from predominately Muslim nations were in fact Muslim bans, they gave every appearance of attempting to achieve that objective.” Yet only six of the world’s 50 Muslim-dominant countries were targeted. All six (Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Iran, Sudan) had extensive terrorist networks and unstable or anti-American governments.

The 14 also say that “President Trump has consistently labeled stories from mainstream media as fake news, and even announced fake news awards, effectively questioning the role of a free press and First Amendment rights.” Just like you, me, and the 14 sponsors, President Trump is a free citizen of the United States. He can speak his mind about press antagonism, provided he does not use his elected power to impede its freedom. One could wish the same from California, where the state Legislature may soon ban advertising books and services espousing controversial “gay conversion.” Rather than object to our president’s free speech, perhaps the Vermont Legislature should caution its big sister on the Left, West Coast against not just “effectively questioning” but actually silencing “a free press and First Amendment rights.”

The 14 also decry “the Trump Administration’s policies that ignore science and undermine environmental protection.” If they’re talking about the Paris Climate Accords, perhaps the president doesn’t like how they restrict the United States  —  a net reducer in carbon emissions  —  while giving a pass to India and China, who make no secret of their plans to burn even more coal to power their increased growth in manufacturing and western-style consumerism.

Finally, the 14 say President Trump has undermined “the worldwide prestige of both his Office and the stature of the United States.” Yet his presidency has seen the defeat of ISIS, an apparent diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea, and a swift, effective, and acclaimed response to Syrian gas attacks.

Donald Trump is an easy target for our largely Blue State legislature. He’s not a perfect person or leader. And there’s nothing wrong with a Legislature admonishing a president. But the Vermont Legislature would do better to get its facts straight and tend its own social justice garden.

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Images courtesy of Michael Bielawski/TNR and Executive Office of the President of the United States

18 thoughts on “Statehouse Headliners: Lawmakers seek ‘unprecedented’ reprimand of president on immigration, fake news labeling, Charlottesville

  1. These 14 snowflakes think that intestinal fortitude is something made up by science fiction writers. They’d like to turn the stars and stripes into a paper clip on a lapel.

  2. May we never have a natural disaster and need help from the government! I know that I wouldn’t forget their nasty remarks!

  3. Yes, fourteen of our astute legislators , where in the He77 do we get these people ??

    My God the state is in trouble with Debt , Drugs and over taxed citizens , when is VT
    going to wake up !!

    Harsh words from the President ……..” Boo Hoo ” !!, get a back bone you bunch of
    whine azz’s …………… hope that didn’t offend you .

    Try working on the states Issues , I believe we have enough to keep you busy on
    our issues …………..

    Let our Senators in DC do there job, even that’s a stretch ….

  4. Probably the same wackos who are owned by the teachers union and their promised votes and cash

  5. This is what we get when self-indulgent children are elected to the Legislature by clueless voters unwilling to exercise critical thought when voting.

    • Robert,
      The Dems and Progs have BOUGHT these votes with socialistic, wasteful government programs, that are for the tax CONSUMING FOLKS, but are paid for by the tax PRODUCING/PAYING FOLKS.


  6. It would be nice if the lawmakers would take care of the states business and then go home.

    • How right you are! They should not throw stones when they can not get this state together. It is time they do the work they were sent to do along with the governor and instead of going after headlines to puff up their egos!

  7. 14 Vermont legislators want to condem Trump????????? He’ll be quaking in his boots. Wonder what funny name he’ll attach to them if he even bathers.

  8. Fourteen Vermont idiots. Fourteen Vermont legislators who are so full of hate; so blind to the facts; so hostile to our country; so full of themselves; so willing to destroy our country. Fourteen Vermont idiots.

  9. We need a resolution declaring all 14 sponsors of HR 24 to be domestic enemies for violating their oath of office.

  10. These individuals are violators…criminals against the Constitution of Vermont and the US. They are passing a “threat of thoughts ” law currently here in my beautiful state.
    Please HELP US…
    Don’t let Minority Report Phil Scott and his Socialism Agenda seeking holders of Our House ruin this Fighting to stay Free Republic

  11. Look at the idiots that “protested” as stated herein:
    The 14 sponsors of House Resolution 24 acknowledge it is “unprecedented” for the Legislature to “strongly criticize” a sitting president. Reps. Masland (Thetford), Belaski (Windsor), Briglin (Thetford), Donovan (Burlington), Dunn (Essex), Joseph (North Hero), Macaig (Williston), McCullough (Williston), Mrowicki (Putney), O’Sullivan (Burlington), Sharpe (Bristol), Squirrell (Underhill), Sullivan (Burlington), and Yantachka (Charlotte) asked the Legislature to “strongly criticize” a sitting president”.

    “He referred to Mexicans crossing the border as bringing crime and being rapists.”

    What world are they from? Eight are from he Burlington area, speaks well doesn’t it? The remainder have their heads in a cavity where the sun doesn’t shine, it’s the facts, they never heard of the MS-13 gangs, killings, Court trials (freeing them in sanctuary areas), totally undocumented. Why are legislators so isolated from the real world. I’m a concealed weapon carrier, police or legislators won’t protect me.

    VT will not be immune to the coming carnage given they are controlling our .honest, gun free desirable people to those that desire harm. Legislator attitude, control law abiding gun owners, let criminals have gun freedom as VT is becoming a “Gun Free Zone”. .

    Trump knows the real world, these legislators know nothing, but a “feel good” mentality. Trump 2020, 2024, 2028. Maybe the Libs will be so senile by then. FDR ran for more than 2 terms, executive order. A hopeful suggestion.

    Hope they have “Gun Free Zone” on their properties.

  12. I’ll guarantee you that every one of the 14 voted for the gun control bills. They are really out of touch with reality. Start doing your job. We need to vote all these fools out before they completely embarrass and destroy this once great State..

  13. Damn, is this what they were elected for? The state is in ruin and they are concerned with “Lawmakers seek ‘unprecedented’ reprimand of president on immigration, fake news labeling, Charlottesville”

    These people need reprimanded and sent home to do no more harm. They are totally delusional, mental basket cases. Yup, gun control, their expertise, pea shooters can be dangerous too, if fitted with a poisoned from a So. American tree frog. Butter knives, wow, the list goes on. Certainly will fullfill their time in office and get all that free (invoice at will) expense money and taxpayer subsidies.

    Tax people more for the educational system is included in their concerns. Damn I didn’t know VT was so bad until they arrived.

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