Statehouse Headliners: New House bills would ban distracted driving and annual vehicle inspection

By Guy Page

The following bills recently were introduced into the Vermont House of Representatives.

Not all of these bills will become law. Some bills, including H277, adding five cents to the gas tax, are not expected to be discussed this year. To follow a bill’s progress, or lack of it, click on the bill number to search on the Vermont Legislature website.

The following bills would:

H.277 Add five cents to gas tax to fund electric vehicle infrastructure and purchase. Rep. Lalonde.
H.276 Automatically expunge underage drinking, marijuana, motor vehicle violations. Reps. Lalonde, Hashim.
H.275 Update Farm-to-Plate Investment Program. Agriculture & Forestry Committee bill.
H.274 Allow farmer who raised the animal to slaughter the animal. Rep. Young.
H.273 Deposit part of estate and property transfer taxes into Clean Water Fund. Rep. Brennan.
H.272 Allow enrollment of aggregated parcels of forestland for use value appraisal. Rep. Ralph.
H.271 Require extensive public notice before using pesticides in public right-of-way. Rep. Cina.
H.270 Prohibit new wastewater discharge in waters overloaded with e-coli. Rep. Cina.
H.269 Include one-time plastic containers in bottle redemption law. Rep. Cina.
H.268 Ban sale of most neonicotinoid pesticides. Rep. Cina.
H.267 Ban spreading sewage sludge on land. Rep. Cina.
H.266 Prohibit new wastewater discharge permits unless State has a plan to not let water quality degrade. Rep. Cina.
H.265 Require Agency of Agriculture to distribute hemp seed for cultivation. Rep. Ralph.
H.264 Require State to monitor every public beach for cyanobacteria every other day. Rep. Cina.
H.263 Require wastewater treatment of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl. Rep. Cina.
H.262 Require restaurants, other public places, display most recent water quality test, including noncompliance findings. Rep. Cina.
H.261 Require public notice of spreading sewage sludge on land. Rep. Cina.
H.260 Require cardiac education/prevention in schools, and mandatory removal from game of any athlete who faints. Rep. Till.
H.259 Fund shared social worker position within Montpelier and Barre Police Departments. Rep. Anthony.
H.258 Establish amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) registry. Rep. Cina.
H.257 Require labeling of physical dimensions of roll-off dumpsters. Rep. Emmons.
H.256 Transportation Agency refrain from using pesticides on invasive species in highway right-of-way. Rep. Cina.
H.255 Prohibit non-charging vehicles from parking in EV charging space. Rep. Till.
H.254 Provide adequate shelter, ventilation, exercise for livestock, safe use of leash, rope, chain. Rep. Bartholomew.
H.253 Require fertility preservation health insurance for cancer patients. Rep. Till.
H.252 Stop property appraisals of use value for one year. Rep. Kimbell.
H.251 Expunge misdemeanor marijuana records, decriminalize possession two oz. or less of pot. Rep. Grad.
H.250 Enact tax & regulate legal marijuana (sim. To S54). Reps. LJ Sullivan, Bates.
H.249 Wave sales tax, registration for vehicles purchased by Reach Up participants. Rep. Colston.
H.248 Move school tax property valuation from FMV to adjusted basis. Rep. Kimbell.
H.247 Create board to nominate Adjutant and Inspector General candidates to Legislature. Rep. Troiano.
H.246 Transfer from Education Fund into General Fund the unspent revenue from tax increment financing districts. Rep. Chesnut-Tangerman.
H.245 Study creation of a State Bank. Rep. Chesnut-Tangerman.
H.244 Award community grants to counties with highest unemployment rates, prioritizing renewable energy and efficiency. Rep. Browning.
H.243 Tax fossil fuels for energy efficiency programs, when price of fuel is low. Rep. Browning.
H.242 Make energy efficiency charges voluntary. Rep. Brennan.
H.241 Establish Municipal Self-Governance Program. Authorize 10 municipalities to pass any ordinance not contrary to US, VT constitutions, certain state laws. Rep. Burke.
H.240 Exclude class 4 town roads from Vermont Better Roads Program. Rep. Ralph.
H.239 Prohibit distracted driving. Rep. Lalonde.
H.238 Eliminate religious exemption for school immunizations. Rep. Lalonde.
H.237 An act relating to continuation of group health insurance coverage for dependents after the death of the covered member
H.236 Add two non-partisan appointees to Legislative Apportionment Board. Rep. Sibilia.
H.235 Permit on-farm slaughter. Rep. Fegard.
H.234 Release land from Act 250 jurisdiction if land use has changed. Rep. McCullough.
H.233 Prohibit cell-cultured (lab-grown) meat to be labeled or sold as meat in Vermont. Rep. H. Smith.
H.232 Prohibit nuisance lawsuits against lawful farm activities. Rep. H. Smith.
H.231 Raise estate tax exclusion to $5,750,000 by 2022. Rep. Beck.
H.230 Require electric and telecommunications companies to prioritize repair work for people in Choices for Care program. Rep. Sibilia.
H.229 Make Health Dept. responsible for rental housing safety, create rental housing code website, hire two full-time enforcement workers. Rep. Stevens.
H.228 Exempt people moving to Vermont from paying automobile sales and use tax. Rep. Sibilia.
H.227 Exempt all veterans from property tax. Rep. Sibilia.
H.226 Exempt all property from land use change tax when part of property is conserved.  Rep. McCullough.
H.225 Study regional Medicare for All health insurance. Rep. Yacavone.
H.224 Expedite evictions in owner-occupied rental properties. Rep. Fagan.
H.223 Require tenant of substance abuse recovery home to vacate if in violation of agreement. Rep. O’Sullivan.
H.222 Require youths 18 and older charged with serious violent felonies to be tried in criminal court. Rep. Anthony.
H.221 Require health insurers to notify policyholders of rate increases, expand Office of the Health Care Advocate. Rep. Lippert.
H.220 Permit AG to enforce employee misclassification under workers’ comp, unemployment laws. Rep. O’Sullivan.
H.219 Provide Medicaid coverage for doula (childbirth coach) services. Rep. Gonzalez.
H.218 Prohibit unsafe practices re: lead poisoning in targeted housing, workplaces. Rep. Rosenquist.
H.217 Eliminate annual vehicle safety inspection, except for buses. May have annual on-board diagnostic inspection. Rep. Hill.

Statehouse Headliners is intended primarily to educate, not advocate. It is e-mailed to an ever-growing list of interested Vermonters, public officials and media. Guy Page is affiliated with the Vermont Energy Partnership; the Vermont Alliance for Ethical Healthcare; and Physicians, Families and Friends for a Better Vermont.

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5 thoughts on “Statehouse Headliners: New House bills would ban distracted driving and annual vehicle inspection

  1. I fully agree with H227 being a Vet. Own property and Townshend assesses me for POTENTIAL VALUES, over and above what I own to increase my taxes. Grievances produce no relief and spent time and money doing so. The town doesn’t do Fair Market Value assessments which I produced. The old site VT Watchdog wrote about my cases (2X).

    I placed my life on the line for this country flew and worked on KC-135 Refeulers and B-52 (with nukes) during the Cold War with Russia. I protected their lives and way of life. Yet am refused any property tax relief. Taxes go to the greedy school system (80+%). They have no problem tax selling my land if I have a problem. Owned the property since 1953.

    Bunch of greedy Flatlanders, mostly from MA. Brattleboro is the hub of MA implants, they Townshend gets the spill off. Of course like the MontLibs, Townshend has the MA-Libs and they don’t give a sh—t.
    Money to us (anyway possible) and to hell with you. The snottiest bunch I’ve ever experienced and they need controlling. This H227 bill will show respect and control.

    I hope the originator Rep. Sibilia reads this and others in that position. I’d be glad to testify as to the need. I’m not speaking just for myself, but all Veterans.

  2. 17 states require vehicle insp, other states need emission insp. ref:
    With the requirements of VT, it’s far out of line and common sense. It made many insp stations out of that business, too expensive.

    If a “junk”-not need insp vehicle drives into VT? How does that improve safety? Safety is only in the eyes of MontLibs to enforce more control. States that do not insp have seen the light and reality. Are they going to enforce insp on farm equipment that have wheels? In order to do so they will have to be registered and the owner (corportation) will have to have ins. Are insp testing going to the farms? Won’t if they have to smell manure which could hide lights. Interesting what MontLibs require of others to do their bidding. Ah the old good days.

  3. The other day I was asked why I felt so strongly that the legislative session was far too long and should be limitrd to two weeks. Well, there are 61 valid reasons listed above. With a VERY few exceptions, it’s all busy work designed to justify five months of naval comtiplating in Montpelier. Don’t know where Rep. Cina comes from, but she or he seems to have a real hangup on water.

    • Go to the Legislative website and you’ll discover there are 400 bills, not the 61 listed above. These uber-liberal, out-of-staters are going to the mat to make a name for themselves by tossing everything against the wall to see what sticks. The majority of them have no interest in improving the state – they’re using it as a stepping stone to higher office. They could care less about the destruction they leave in their wake.

  4. Thanks for the info.

    I’d like to see the inspection process be streamlined to a simple safety check. Tires, Brakes, front end parts and lights.

    I suppose it makes sense that if somebody already paid tax on their car they shouldn’t pay tax to register it in Vermont when they move here.

    The rest of this stuff needs to go away.

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